Feasibility study of the municipal egg production project –

Feasibility study of the municipal egg production project –

Costs of the municipal egg production project

Doing any project that requires you to study it fully from all sides so that you can identify all the costs and expenses that you will need during this project. In this context, we address the costs of the municipal egg production project:

  • The cost of bringing 100 chickens will be 5000 pounds.
  • Making the place suitable for placing chickens in terms of lighting and the forage in which the food will be placed will require an amount of 400 pounds.
  • The cost of the feed that will help the chickens to lay eggs in addition to straw and sawdust costs 2000 pounds.
  • You will need a treatment worth 500 pounds.
  • Cartons to store eggs and to be able to transport them to places of sale cost 450 pounds.

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The advantages of the municipal eggs project

Some of the projects that are being implemented are among the creative projects that can grow and increase. With good attention to all the pillars and basics of the project, you will not find a way to fail and you will begin to prove your successes with your project. In this context, we address the advantages of the municipal eggs project:

  • The project is considered one of the suitable projects for women.
  • If you start the project with laying hens, you will make money from the production of municipal eggs.
  • This project is considered one of the basics that people depend on for their food, as eggs cannot be dispensed with in basic meals, especially breakfast.
  • It does not require a large capital, as the project can be carried out with a small capital.
  • After six months of your project, you can start making profits from it.
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Disadvantages of poultry farming

Young people in various countries of the world are constantly looking for a way to work, but unemployment is prevented from that, so they start thinking about one of the projects that may improve their income level. In this context, we address the shortcomings of the poultry project:

  • At the beginning of the project, you do not need a large capital, but the need for money increases with the increase in the number of chicks, which raises the percentage of cost that it needs due to the increased consumption of birds.
  • The possibility of diseases spreading among chickens due to the rapid transmission of infection among them, which leads to the death of large numbers of chickens and exposure to loss.
  • The need for machines will start to increase with the increase in the number of chicks because the manual work will be stressful for the owner of the project.
  • Such projects need the experience of the project owner to be able to take care of poultry without being exposed to any diseases or the possibility of losing them due to the lack of knowledge factor to deal with them.

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Conditions necessary for the success of the laying hens project

Every project that is undertaken cannot be left without a process of permanent follow-up and scrutiny. Any project needs good planning and knowledge of the experiences of others to avoid their mistakes. In this context, we address the conditions necessary for the success of the laying hens project:

  • The necessity of collecting sufficient information about the project from all sides in order to avoid any problems that may arise in the future.
  • Conducting a good feasibility study contributes to the success of your project, as the study will address all aspects of the project from various aspects.
  • A good feasibility study also helps you to know all the tools that you will need in addition to the required costs.
  • Such projects require patience and constant follow-up, as their results do not come quickly, as they need a certain period of time until the first signs of profit begin to appear.
  • One of the advantages that specializes in this project is that people cannot dispense with eggs. Through good follow-up, good quantities of eggs can be produced with specifications that distinguish them from others.
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The best types of white hens

Not all types of municipal chickens are good. There are some breeds that need great care, but their production is distinct from other chickens. In the context of this article, we address the best types of white chickens:

  • Hybrid laying hens, which are one of the species that produce large numbers of eggs, up to 280 eggs per year.
  • There are also Fayoumi chickens that can live as long as possible, as they have the ability to resist disease and are able to adapt to the weather around them, in addition to laying about 215 eggs per year.
  • Sussex chickens produce approximately 250 eggs per year and are distinguished by their delicious white meat.
  • Leghorn chickens are also one of the most well-known species that produce eggs and are found in different regions of the Arab world.

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Method of marketing municipal eggs

The idea of ​​the chicken project is that the municipal eggs are collected in order to sell them so that the owner of the project can start measuring the percentage of his profits and the project will return to him the required income. In this context, we address the method of marketing municipal eggs:

  • From the beginning of the project, if the publicity campaign for the project is successful, the project will continue to be successful.
  • After the chickens start producing eggs, you can start marketing through advertisements through social networking sites or distributing posters in the areas where egg traders are.
  • It is possible to appoint a person responsible for marketing the eggs.
  • Individuals cannot do without eggs. In agreement with large supermarkets, you can sell fresh egg cartons in those areas, especially those that are densely populated.
  • When you start making profits, you can open a special store to put the product in it in areas with a large population.
  • Strengthen your relationships with those around you from merchants and shop owners, which helps you in creating good commercial relations with them, which contributes to the easier distribution of eggs.
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  • In conclusion, we have presented in this article everything related to the feasibility study of the municipal egg production project, as well as the disadvantages of the poultry breeding project as well as the costs of the municipal egg production project.

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