Feasibility study of the operation and maintenance project and the project’s success factors – platform

Feasibility study of the operation and maintenance project and the project’s success factors – platform

Feasibility study for an operation and maintenance projectMaintenance is a continuous process even if the machine stops working, as it is exposed to factors that affect it, such as corrosion and rust, during its operational life. Therefore, the importance of such projects, whether in homes or institutions of different types and services, to follow up on the work required by these assets continuously and correctly. Entering this field brings many benefits, and in this article we explain the feasibility study of an operation and maintenance project.

Feasibility study for an operation and maintenance project

The idea of ​​​​a maintenance and operation project depends on establishing an office to provide all services related to the maintenance and operation of household faults for plumbing and electricity, as it needs to provide labor with technical expertise in repairing and maintaining faults in homes, hotels and all institutions, where there is a continuous need for periodic maintenance, and we explain the following a feasibility study for an operation and maintenance project:

  • Before embarking on the implementation of the maintenance project, it is necessary to study the feasibility of an integrated operation and maintenance company project.
  • This contributes to clarifying the project requirements and identifying the pros and cons of the project.
  • As well as the ability to make sound decisions after studying the project more carefully.
  • The success of this project depends greatly on experience, honesty and credibility.
  • It also provides customer service to answer calls and receive all customer requests throughout the day, as well as receiving complaints and inquiries.

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Operation and maintenance project services

A successful project is capable of meeting all the needs of individuals and institutions in the field in which it excels. The more the project expands in its services, it obtains a greater balance of success and distinction, and thus the increase in revenues and the increase in the percentage of profits. We explain the following the most prominent services of an operation and maintenance project:

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Feasibility study for an operation and maintenance project
  • In terms of repair and maintenance services for broken devices in the project buildings in the event that the customer brought them to the project site.
  • It also transfers broken devices from customer sites to the company in the event that they cannot be repaired in a short time, noting that the transfer is at an additional cost.
  • The ability to install and operate new and used equipment for customers. The service may be simple at minimal cost, but it is very profitable and feasible.
  • Many electrical machines and equipment need to visit customers at their sites, identify faults and repair them on site.

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Characteristics of the operation and maintenance project

The project provides its services on an ongoing basis, especially with the high demand for dealing with electrical appliances and equipment that need from time to time for a periodic maintenance process, so moving towards this option is a step on the right track with the need for long experience, which can be obtained from behind the courses training or working in one of the workshops, and the following are the most prominent features of the operation and maintenance company project:

 Feasibility study for an operation and maintenance project

  • Where reliable maintenance and operation is relied upon, which leads to saving a lot of effort and time.
  • Availability of a full team of trained people with experience in repairing all faults and maintaining them accurately, without looking for technical people without trust.
  • Respond quickly and this is useful for companies, hotels, factories and other large workplaces who often need immediate service.

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Location and area of ​​operation and maintenance project

The idea may be very popular and popular, and it will achieve many successes if it is implemented among clients who need such services, so it is necessary to choose the appropriate location, especially with its presence in a residential area that contains many residential and institutional buildings and projects, and we mention in what Following is the location and area of ​​operation and maintenance project

  • As for the area required by this project, it depends on the size of the services provided by the project.
  • In the event that you want to service and repair any kind of equipment, whether it is just refrigeration and air conditioning, or just electronics.
  • The project needs to have an area of ​​at least 20 square meters.
  • While in the project was indefinite and includes a lot of areas to repair different types of devices.
  • There must be a store with an area of ​​not less than 100 square meters.
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Tools needed for operation and maintenance project

Tools are important for the operation of the project, and they must be available in all kinds, and in the event that the matter falters due to the high costs of the tools and perhaps resorting to the use of used tools is the right option, especially with the start of the project, and below we mention the tools necessary for an operation and maintenance project:

  • Maintenance and repair of refrigeration equipment requires pliers.
  • As well as the Freon charging scale.
  • vacuum pump.
  • Also, a vacuum detector.
  • There are other equipment that is not necessary for the maintenance and repair of electrical appliances, and it depends on the services that the project will provide.

Labor required for an operation and maintenance project

In the event that the services are limited and confined to a specific aspect without expanding the maintenance operations, which require expertise and skill, only one employee can suffice and he may be the owner of the project, in the event of expansion towards repairing all devices and electronics and the matter requires an increase in the number of workers, and below we explain Labor required for an operation and maintenance project:

 Feasibility study for an operation and maintenance project
  • Two technicians must be available to maintain and repair refrigerators and air conditioners.
  • Also, 2 workers for the maintenance and repair of electronic devices.
  • It is certain that a person is available to be responsible for receiving and delivering devices, collecting money, issuing invoices or payment receipts to customers, answering all inquiries and booking an appointment in advance.
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Operation and maintenance project marketing

Marketing is an essential element in all projects to reach a wide segment of citizens, especially if the project is far from residential areas, but with its presence in a vital area and continuous work pressure on a daily basis, it does not require marketing, and if resorting to this option, it will be as follows:

  • By distributing advertisements and pasting advertisement posters at the entrances of residential buildings.
  • Also, promotion through WhatsApp messages can have a positive effect on increasing customers.

Success factors Operation and maintenance project

The project is considered to have achieved the success factor when there is a great demand for the services provided by the project, and the wide popularity, as well as knowing the percentage of profits and measuring them according to the studied plan that was developed for it. The project through the availability of success factors that we describe as follows:

  • Periodic follow-up by the contractor on the employees to ensure that the tasks are executed correctly.
  • Choosing a suitable office location close to the target group.
  • Highly trained employees must be appointed in the field of customer service and respond to all inquiries and complaints without the slightest complaint.
  • It is essential to hire highly skilled and experienced workers to handle all types of maintenance, as it is an essential factor for the success of the project.
  • Pay attention to the external appearance of the employees.
  • The most important thing is the general cleanliness of the office.
  • Also, providing services at reasonable prices.

Feasibility study of an operation and maintenance project. It is certain that the success of a project is linked to the availability of success factors. If implemented, the matter will be very profitable, as well as a project feasibility study with all its necessary elements and requirements, which we have explained in this article.

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