Feasibility study of the poultry shop project 2023 in detail with costs – platform

Feasibility study of the poultry shop project 2023 in detail with costs – platform

Feasibility study of the poultry shop project in detailProjects are important to study well and plan before taking any step in them, because if the project is stormed without good planning and study, it will be doomed to fail, so the person who wants to start a project must know all the reasons related to this project. And through our topic for today, we will present a feasibility study for a poultry shop project in detail through the paragraphs of the topic.

Feasibility study of the poultry shop project in detail

There are many important steps that anyone who wants to open a project must take in order to ensure the success of his project, and through our topic for today, we will discuss the feasibility study of a poultry shop project in detail:

Determine the location of the project

  • The first step that the owner of the project must choose is the appropriate place for his project. He must choose a suitable place that is crowded with the movement of people, and from the vital areas that overlook the public road, in addition to the place having a good space.
  • The person must take into account when choosing the place that there are no people selling products similar to those that the person intends to sell.
  • Also, at the beginning of the project, the owner must ration the number of workers in order to clearly see the success of the project or not. The number of workers does not exceed three or four, so that there is a worker to receive customers and account, and a worker for cleaning and work on demand.
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Requirements and required materials

  • The main element in the project for selling poultry is a machine for cleaning chickens, and its price may reach seven thousand pounds
  • It is also important that there be the main tools through which chickens are slaughtered and cleaned, such as knives and scales, and they range within three thousand pounds.
  • The project also includes the purchase of empty tanks, but their closure is controlled in order to put chickens in them, and their price may reach two thousand pounds.
  • There are some common but important tools, such as: foam plates and plastic bags, the price of which may reach 1,000 pounds.
  • The owner of the project must also take into account the presence of a basin in order to clean the chickens with it, and constantly available water and cleaning tools, all of which may reach a thousand pounds.
  • Also, the presence of an air extractor to expel unpleasant odors is an important matter in the project, in addition to providing a number of chairs for the customer to wait on.

Services to be provided by the shop

  • It is obvious that the poultry shop sells all types and weights of chickens, whether they are municipal or white.
  • The services of selling chicken by the piece and selling it without bones or the so-called pulled chicken must also be available.
  • It is possible for the shop to provide home slaughtering service, in addition to selling chicken offal by weight such as liver, giblets, heads and legs.
  • Selling different types of birds: such as roosters, ducks, and rabbits.
  • It is possible that the project will offer a home delivery service.

The return expected to be obtained from the shop

  • The local chicken, which weighs up to two kilograms, is usually sold to eighty pounds, and this number is multiplied by the number of chickens that the owner of the project is expected to sell, which is thirty, so the result becomes = 2400 pounds per day.
  • As for selling a white chicken that weighs up to two kilos, its price may be sixty pounds, and if we multiply it by thirty, the output becomes 1800 pounds per day.
  • It is also possible for a kilo of healthy breasts or hips to be sold for thirty-five pounds, with an average of 10 kilos = 350 pounds per day.
  • As for the amount that the owner of the project may earn from selling a kilo of Albani at a price of sixty pounds, it may reach 1200 pounds.
  • As a result of all previous calculations, the income per day = 2400 + 1800 + 350 + 1200 + 200 = 5950 pounds
  • Income per month = Income per day * 30 = 178,500 pounds.
  • This is a rough study of market prices but it is known that the price of chicken changes from day to day.
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Calculating costs in a feasibility study for a poultry shop project

Any project, especially at its inception, needs its own costs in order to acquire the most important things that this project needs in order to provide its service to customers in the best way. Through our topic, we will learn about costing in a feasibility study for a poultry shop project.

  • On the list of important costs for any project is the wages that the workers will receive, and in a project such as selling poultry, the worker may be given one thousand two hundred pounds, and if they are four workers, the total amount will be four thousand and eight hundred pounds.
  • While the price of the electricity bill may reach four hundred pounds.
  • Also, water consumption is not insignificant, as the water bill reaches four hundred pounds.
  • We should not overlook the monthly rent for the shop, estimated at about two thousand pounds.
  • There are some miscellaneous and emergency expenses that may reach 1000 pounds.

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How to promote a poultry shop

One of the important reasons for the success of any project is the way the project is marketed and people know it from everywhere, which is important when undertaking a new project, and through our topic we will learn how to promote the poultry shop through the following points:

  • It is good for the entrepreneur to make an agreement with people working in the field of advertising in order to promote the shop.
  • Or it is possible to use social media by creating a page for the shop and introducing people to it through funded ads.
  • Also, the name that is given to the project has a role in people knowing the project.
  • Also, the owner of the project should take into account the placement of a large banner in order to inform people that there is a project in this place.
  • It is good for the project to make offers from time to time in order to introduce people more to the store.
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Advantages of making a poultry shop project

Any project that is opened has advantages and disadvantages, and this matter is determined by the people who work in this field, and from the various studies on the project, and through our topic for today, we will learn about the advantages of working on a poultry shop project

  • The project does not require a large amount of capital.
  • After opening the project and ensuring its success, it is possible to expand it.
  • The project is profitable if used properly.

Conditions for a poultry shop license

One of the important things that pertain to the person wishing to open a project is that this project obtains a license from the official government agencies, and the matter is done through several steps and conditions set by the concerned authorities, and through our topic we will learn about the conditions for a poultry shop license:

  • Maintaining the cleanliness of the place is one of the most important conditions for obtaining a license.
  • Also, the prices should not be overstated.
  • In addition to the project owner disposing of the waste as soon as possible and not accumulating it.
  • The place must be continuously cleaned to maintain the reputation of the store.

Here we have come with you to the conclusion of our article for today, which bears the title Feasibility study of the poultry shop project in detailThrough it, we got acquainted with all the details of the project.

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