Feasibility study of the productive families project –

Feasibility study of the productive families project –

Feasibility study of the productive families projectThe productive families sector plays a prominent role in the economy and growth of countries, through which national workers are employed to achieve the elimination of high rates of unemployment, especially among women. Comprehensive development goals, and in this article we try to study the feasibility of the productive families project from all dimensions.

The idea of ​​​​studying the feasibility of the productive families project

Productive families are those families that contribute by providing many profitable services, so that they are trained in crafts and handicrafts, with the institutions funding them providing guidance, direction and funding from all dimensions of the project as well as the project’s marketing process, all in order to raise the standard of living and contribute to building society. It is necessary to have an idea about the feasibility study of the project, and we explain this as follows:

  • The project feasibility study includes the projects of families produced by housewives, even though they do not have sufficient experience in the field of project management.
  • Taking into consideration the products in which there is a surplus so that it is removed from the project study, as well as the products that do not exist in the popular markets, so as not to stagnate and thus not achieve the project objectives.
  • The volume of demand and supply must also be studied, along with the costs of the overall goods and equipment of the project.
  • Note that high-cost production projects should not be discussed, especially for beginners.
  • Addressing the use of the latest technologies that make the project successful in the future and competitive in the commercial markets.
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The necessary steps for the success of the productive families project

To ensure the success of the project when it is launched in the markets and shops, it is necessary to follow mandatory steps that contribute to increasing the demand for the product, and this leads to the expansion of the supply process and thus achieving the project’s goal. The following is an explanation of the most important steps necessary for the success of the productive families project:

  • Human resource planning: This step includes distributing tasks among the productive family members, and this step is essential in building and developing the project.
  • Product Pricing: Before undertaking the production of a commodity, the costs necessary to produce the commodity that are put into the market must be calculated, taking into account that they do not exceed the competitive prices in the market.
  • Marketing strategy: The overall success depends on managing the project efficiently with the introduction of the marketing component to it. If the product is of high quality and the price is appropriate, without marketing, it will not succeed.
  • Modern techniques of the productive families project: studying modern machines and advanced tools that speed up the production process and save time and great effort.

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Advantages of a feasibility study for the productive families project

The productive families and home projects sector plays a major role in contributing to the economic development process, as well as reducing the proportion of migration from villages to cities to find job opportunities. We explain in these points the advantages of the feasibility study of the productive families project:

  • Reducing unemployment rates, especially among women, as such projects provide job opportunities for producers of goods in the shop.
  • Ideas crowded to open the productive families project, where several successful projects could be worked on.
  • Easy to provide project needs.
  • Get abundant profits for housewives and shop owners.
  • An ideal solution to the problem of women and girls who do not want to leave the house due to circumstances.
  • As well as the ability to manage time easily and achieve a balance between work and duties that fall on the owner of the project, whether a man or a woman.
  • As well as the existence of a safe environment to work away from the risks associated with work, especially factories and work machines.
  • The most important thing is to provide an appropriate financial return that allows for all the family’s needs, at least the basic ones.
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Marketing of the productive families project

The marketing process is indispensable in any project, as it does not consume a lot of money, and it can be carried out upon completion of all stages of the project, and before the display process in the markets and shops, the optimum pricing of products is determined after the packaging process in the local markets, as well as the project can be marketed By following:

  • Marketing on all social media platforms.
  • Granting part of the discounts on products, especially for customers who consume large quantities on an ongoing basis.
  • As well as access to the institution incubating the project to provide financial support for the marketing process by creating a page funded by a specialist in this field.

Tips for the success of the feasibility study of the productive families project

Following guiding tips by specialists and professionals of commercial projects, which have a major role in dealing with project management correctly and with minimal losses. The following are tips for the success of the successful feasibility study of the productive families project:

  • The availability of the project headquarters as a storefront contributes to attracting customers.
  • Availability of the element of expertise and training of workers to carry out the project professionally.
  • As well as the existence of the capital of the project.
  • It is good if the project develops and grows to seek to develop other projects or open several branches in different places.
  • There should be strong marketing and advertising for the project.
  • The design of the décor and the storefront is an important factor in attracting customers to the project.
  • As well as identifying competitors working in the field of the same project, taking experience and expertise.
  • The population density in the area in which it is located plays a major role in the success of the project.
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Registration in the productive families project

Among the most important programs that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has sought to provide in order to provide comprehensive support to needy families, mainly through the Social Development Bank, which finances these projects in large numbers. The following is an explanation of the registration process in the Productive Families Project:

  • In the beginning, you must access and register on the national platform for productive families by clicking on the following link from here, as well as obtaining a document for self-employment.
  • It is necessary to fulfill all the conditions required by the Ministry, which are as follows:
    • Where the applicant is a Saudi national.
    • It is also necessary to issue a certificate for the productive family along with specifying the project’s activity.
    • The age of the applicant must be between 18 – 65 years old.
    • The beneficiary does not have a commercial registry.
    • It is also required that the applicant’s monthly income does not exceed 10,000 riyals.
    • A proof of residence attested by the bank is required
  • The applicant must provide some documents and documents related to proof of housing, with detailed information about the project to be established and accurately stating its costs without errors.
  • To submit all inquiries and questions related to the registration process, you can directly contact the Productive Families Platform at 920033309
  • Waiting to review the submitted application The project owner is also notified of obtaining an interest-free loan.
  • Taking into account the determination of the eligibility periods for the monthly and annual repayment of the loan amount.
  • Take practical steps on the ground related to the project.

Feasibility study of the productive families project. We have fully explained the productive families project, with clarification of the registration mechanism that was established by the Social Development Bank, in order to obtain financial support for productive families.

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