Feasibility study of the Roumi cheese project –

Feasibility study of the Roumi cheese project –

Feasibility study of the Rumi cheese project. Food projects are characterized by a great demand for it, so it is one of the profitable projects, as the percentage of need for it is high and exceeds an imaginary number, especially if the product is of great quality and compatible with the customer’s tendencies, knowing that Rumi cheese is loved by young people. And adults, and such projects are inexpensive and do not require high capabilities such as huge machines and equipment, and in this article the feasibility of the Roman cheese project is studied.

Features of the Roumi cheese project

There is no doubt that owning a private project is one of the great ambitions in life, especially if the project is a pioneer of its kind, knowing that the basis for the success of any project depends on its ability to exploit the gaps and investment opportunities in the markets, and then translate ideas into goods and services leaders to meet Consumer desires and at the same time achieving a profitable return, and the following is an explanation of the most important features of the Romy cheese project:

  • It fills the needs of the market, as it is one of the commodities that are in great demand.
  • It is also a service project that serves all segments of society.
  • It does not need the costly marketing process, because young people and adults turn to it without advertising.
  • And the matter is not limited to homes, as there is a great demand for it by restaurants and hotels.

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Feasibility study of the Romaine cheese project

The main goal and factor of the cheese industry is to pump the market with national products of high quality, as well as sell them in various stores to compete with other types of cheese, and do not forget to achieve financial and moral gains. The following is an explanation of the feasibility study of the Roman cheese project:

  • In the beginning are prepared vats specialized in the manufacture of cheese.
  • Also, buy a number of stainless steel tables.
  • With the provision of presses.
  • Also allocate a room for the analysis lab.
  • Having buy an electric heater.
  • Pumps are also provided.
  • Buy an electric kettle.
  • An electronic scale is required.
  • With the provision of the following supplies: buffalo milk, cow milk, guides, puffed.
  • The provision of electricity is an essential factor.
  • With the provision of sanitation and water factors.
  • tin paper.
  • Also plastic packages.
  • Food preservation containers.
  • refrigerator.
  • Also a milk analyzer.
  • As a sieve to help sort out the remaining whey.
  • As well as the purchase of a number of barrels to keep the milk and whey.
  • Filters must be provided.
  • Also buy flaps.
  • and provide gauze
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The cost of the roumi cheese project

The consumer’s continuous need for what the project offers is one of the good indicators of reaching the stage of success, and this means repeating the purchase process by a single consumer many times, as well as his continuous desire for the product without interruption. The cost of the Romani cheese project:

  • If the expected life of the plant is within five years.
  • The duration of the monthly production cycle is at the rate of one cycle per month, ie according to 12 production cycles per year.
  • Accordingly, the value of the expected total investments is estimated at about 1444186 pounds, at a fixed assets rate of 385,700 pounds.
  • Also, if the expected loan value of the application is equal to 70%, the annual interest is estimated at 10%, and it can also be repaid over 48 months and a grace period of 12 months.
  • As for the equity, it is estimated at 30%.
  • Where the annual sales volume will then exceed 13,839,000 pounds per year.
  • While the net profit may reach 1001767 pounds per year.
  • The average payback period is 0.27 years.
  • The internal rate of return is estimated at 151%.

The labor required to implement the Roman cheese project

Markets change rapidly, so it may happen that the demand for a product decreases as a result of changing tastes or the trend of consumer needs towards another product, in addition to that, competitors enter strongly in the market, so in this case the ability to develop the product with improvements must be made to face the competitor strongly to maintain The share of profit in the market, and with regard to the labor required to implement the cheese project, we explain it as follows:

  • Where is the equipment technician.
  • Administrative manager.
  • Dairy products supervisor.
  • Also a mechanical engineer.
  • drivers.
  • distributors.
  • As sales representatives.
  • marketers.
  • Also, there should be a specialized workforce to supervise and manage the equipment.
  • Financial Accountant.
  • Also a production manager.
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Stages of making roumi cheese

Roumy cheese manufacture passes through several stages in the factory that produces it, and these stages must be followed all together so as not to damage the cheese and cause heavy losses, especially if it is not preserved well. The following are the stages of making Roumy cheese:

  • As a first stage, it is done to ensure the safety and health of the quality.
  • As well as working to provide the following products: solids, fat, protein.
  • Also, the pH and amount of fat must be determined according to the type of cheese to be made.
  • So that the acidity of milk is raised through the use of lactic acid bacteria and it is widely available.
  • Noting that the stage of settlement contributes to the formation and manufacture of cheese while giving it the flavor specific to each type.
  • Cheese milk by using its own towel or gauze.
  • The temperature of the place ranges between 29 to 32 degrees Celsius.
  • Note, however, that it requires placing a glass leg when coagulating to ensure that the cheese is properly curdled.

Marketing for the Romaine cheese project

The reality says that most successful projects solve an existing problem, so the success of any product or service is related to the consumer’s need for this service or product, so it is necessary to have a good awareness of the needs of the market and touch the problem that society suffers from lack of availability, as well as the need for a successful marketing process, which we explain below follows:

  • You should hire salespeople to do the sales on a regular basis.
  • There is also contracting with supermarket owners, and owners of large and small stores, because this product is in great demand in all places.
  • As well as printing a number of brochures for distribution in different industrial areas.
  • Also, it is necessary to make funded advertisements through social media platforms.
  • Famous magazines can be exploited and the product and its recipes published on the page.
  • With the need to put phone numbers, write the address, and mention the nature of the commercial activity.
  • Also providing a cart to transport goods to consumers quickly without being late for appointments.
  • Business cards are also distributed to consumers and pedestrians on public roads.
  • Create an official page on social media platforms and make a funded advertisement.
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The success factors of the Roman cheese project

The success of the project depends on several basic factors, and these factors must be available at all times, to ensure the continuity of the product’s supply, especially in the case of a large order quantity, then the consumer becomes primarily dependent on this product. The following are the factors for the success of the project:

  • The appropriate space for the project must be available.
  • As well as displaying prices in a way that does not harm the consumer or the seller.
  • Taking into account the conformity of the product to health specifications.
  • Working to provide a large amount of the product to ensure that customers are not lost.
  • Store the product in a way to prevent damage.

Feasibility study of the turkey cheese project. In this article, we explained the mechanism for the success of the turkey cheese project, knowing that it is one of the successful projects and needs a large supply quantity due to the increased demand for it.

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