Feasibility study of the solar energy project for homes –

Feasibility study of the solar energy project for homes –

Feasibility study of the solar energy project for homes, there are many natural resources in the universe that can be exploited in order to reduce environmental pollutants. In which the sun can be used are the processes of lighting homes, generating electricity, and mitigating materials that cause polluting emissions to the environment. In this context, we discuss the feasibility study of the solar energy project for homes.

Feasibility study of a solar energy project

There are many projects that can be worked on by utilizing the energy that is freely available in nature without the need to search for other sources to work in this field. We discuss the feasibility study of the solar energy project:

  • The solar energy project is one of the most important projects that the whole world seeks to rely on and reduce the use of oil and gas because of the pollution it causes in nature.
  • This is due to the fact that solar energy is clean and safe and does not cause any damage or expose the environment to the risk of pollution.
  • There are also many people who are looking for solar panels so that they can use them in their homes by placing them on the roofs of homes.
  • The project does not have to take place in specific places. The project can be located in open spaces or near a commercial city.
  • Also, there are some places that lack electricity and the solar energy project in those areas will be successful.

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Solar home project cost

Many homeowners turn to making solar energy supplies by placing special panels for this energy on the roofs of houses, which leads to benefit from them. In this context, we address the cost of the solar energy project for homes:

  • Solar energy helps to obtain electricity inside homes easily and without the need to pay huge amounts of money in order to achieve this.
  • The cost of generating 1 watt of electricity from solar energy costs you approximately $1.82.
  • As is well known, this number is decreasing continuously with the continuous development in the field of solar energy.
  • When doing a simple equation, it can be said that a house that consumes, for example, 200 kilowatts of electricity per month, needs 2730 dollars.
  • This means that you will need 8 square meters of solar panels, taking into account the calculation of the prices of solar panels.

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solar energy project

It is one of the most important projects, as many countries seek to try to implement it in their countries, which saves them a lot of economic pressures and burdens on them and contributes to solving the problem of environmental pollution. In this context, we address a solar energy project:

  • The solar energy project is one of the scientific projects that invest in the energy of the sun in order to generate electricity and reduce the use of oil and gas, which reduces smoke emissions and protects the environment.
  • The idea of ​​the panels is based on converting light energy into electrical energy.
  • This can only be done by investing in the hottest and brightest places of the sun in order to benefit the most from its rays, so it is preferable to be in the wide open areas.

The cost of solar energy for homes in Egypt

One is always looking for different ways that enable him to obtain electricity at the cheapest prices and without the cost being burdensome or expensive, so he will not find better than natural energy. In this context, we discuss the cost of solar energy for homes in Egypt:

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Solar panels prices

  • There are two types of solar panels for homes, and each type has a specific energy produced.
  • The first is a solar power plant with a capacity of 5 kilowatt hours and can produce about 750 kilowatts per month, and the cost of this station is about 85,000 pounds.
  • As for the second, it is 10 kilowatts per hour, which produces about 1,600 kilowatts/month, at a cost of approximately 140,000 pounds.

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Solar batteries prices in Egypt in terms of capacity

  • The cost of the battery for solar panels is $ 50, so if you want to take advantage of solar energy, you will need two batteries of 200 amps.

Household need of solar energy

  • The percentage of per capita consumption of electricity with all the electrical appliances he has is from 200 kilowatts to 350 kilowatts, so he will have the required amount for the electricity he consumed is 96 piasters.
  • You will find that the electric bill increases with the number of electrical appliances and the type of energy they produce.
  • But it seems different with solar energy, as there are some solar power stations that produce 5 kilowatt hours per hour to reach 750 kilowatts per month at an amount of 85,000 pounds.

Advantages of solar panels

Everything in this life around us has its pros and cons. It is very natural that we find great benefit in some of the things around us, and it may also bring us a lot of irreparable harm. In this context, we address the advantages of solar panels:

  • Solar panels are environmentally friendly as they are free of gases that can emit pollutants that harm nature.
  • Solar energy is renewable and permanent.
  • Solar panels do not need continuous maintenance, unlike other power plants that need to be monitored periodically.
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Solar energy project requirements

When undertaking any project or thinking about it, a feasibility study is conducted so that the project owner can determine the materials he needs and estimate the appropriate cost for the project and everything related to carrying out his project to reach success. In this context, we address the requirements of the solar energy project:

  • The sun is the main element on which this project will be based.
  • The project will need solar panels, which come in two types.
  • There are mono panels called Mono. This type of panels works with great energy, even if it is in cold regions.
  • There are also panels called crystals that work in places that are characterized by high temperatures.
  • The idea of ​​a solar panel project needs batteries in order to store the sun’s energy to be used with ease.
  • There are a variety of different groups of these batteries, and each one of them has different characteristics from the others.
  • There are open lead batteries, which are one of the most widely used batteries in such projects.
  • Waterproof batteries, which are lead batteries, are similar to their predecessors, but they do not need to change the fluid in them.
  • What is known as cadmium nickel has different shapes, but it carries a defect that makes it less good than its predecessors, which is that it discharges energy from itself.
  • Lithium batteries are fast charging and are common in cars as well as mobile phones.

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Finally, in this article, we presented everything related to the feasibility study of the solar energy project for homes, as well as the advantages of solar panels as well as the cost of solar energy for homes in Egypt.

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