Feasibility study of the virtual reality games project –

Feasibility study of the virtual reality games project –

Feasibility study of the virtual reality games project, video and computer games have become a great place for many young people of this era because of the fun and suspense, as each of these players wished they were one of the members of this game and were inside it and with the technological development video games evolved to make a dream come true Many want to be inside games through what is known as the virtual world, which gives the opportunity for unparalleled excitement. In this context, we are dealing with the feasibility study of the virtual reality games project.

What is virtual reality

In the world of computers and technology, there are all the things that were previously almost impossible to achieve to become a reality in this world and can easily happen to become in your hands and increase the suspense. In this context, we address what is virtual reality:

  • The virtual world is defined as the experience of living in a world that does not exist.
  • It is a computer generated world that brings you into a world known as the 3D world.
  • And when you need to enter that world, you have to wear special glasses known as virtual reality.
  • Where some scenes are shown and you feel like you are a part of them and live your moments in them.

virtual reality chair project

There are some projects through which the youth category can be targeted in particular, which makes the idea of ​​the project very profitable. The more you can attract these young people, the higher the profit rate. In this context, we address the virtual reality chair project:

  • It is considered such projects that fall under modern technology, so it is one of the most successful projects that can achieve great profits.
  • Feasibility study of the virtual reality games project, where the idea of ​​the project comes in the form of an advanced chair with 3D glasses and a display screen.
  • It is attached to the head with the two lenses so that the player can live the adventure in all its meanings.
  • It introduces the player into a virtual world, the fragrance of the computer, to make this imaginary world for the player a real world.
  • To start interacting with her and simulating everything he saw in front of him as if he was part of this game.
  • This chair can be used in malls and entertainment places to earn you a lot of profits when you increase its experience.
  • The virtual chair is of high quality.
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Virtual reality chair price in Egypt

Technological products are characterized by being high in price due to the method of manufacture, materials used and the mechanism used to work within them, all of which directly affect their prices. In this context, we address the price of a virtual reality chair in Egypt:

  • Electronic video games have proven a lot of success and acceptance among young people and others since their appearance.
  • As it received a great popularity and a distinct demand from people to begin to spread little by little.
  • Technology workers also expect such games to achieve great profits in the future to dominate the market for technological products.
  • Scientists expect that the percentage of profits will reach about 31.8% by 2027, which is considered a large percentage for this field.
  • The equivalent of 45.2 billion US dollars.
  • Where the price of a virtual reality chair ranges from 7 to 13 thousand pounds.

The most exciting virtual reality games

The games that attract young people to it are varied and different. They need to be attractive and filled with a lot of movement inside, which makes them attract players in order to live the adventure. In this context, we address the most exciting virtual reality games:

blood and truth

  • It is considered one of the most exciting games as it is played by your character in which you play.
  • By holding a gun and shooting as if you are living in the real world, which gives the feeling as if you are holding a real weapon.
  • In it, the player plays the role of a warrior who fights against the underworld.
  • This game is very adventurous and fun.
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Shadow legend

  • The events within the game date back to the Middle Ages.
  • It is a collection of wars that make you live the world of war and try to move between explosions and bombs.
  • You feel unfamiliar fun.

Wolfenstein: a cyber pilot

  • This game immerses you in the Nazi wars as a French soldier.
  • You live inside the game similar to the wars that you see on the ground with a lot of explosions, which gives a feeling of fun and excitement.

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General tips for project success

Any project that is undertaken must take into account some of the basic points through which to maintain the success of the project and protect it from failure by acting intelligently, which helps in the development of work. In this context, we address general tips for the success of the project:

  • You may present some offers from time to time on the extensions of the virtual world, which will increase your customers and visitors to the place.
  • The need to pay attention to hygiene, as well as to pay attention to the smell of the place through some perfumed materials.
  • Feasibility study of the virtual reality games project. Carrying out a feasibility study helps you determine the appropriate location for the project so that it will be popular with young people of different ages.
  • Develop a business plan before starting and rely on a strong media campaign to market your project.
  • Choose an appropriate name for the project.
  • You have to follow the labor market in order to keep up with all the new technologies.
  • Make the prices inside the place reasonable so as to suit everyone.
  • Some accessories, headphones and equipment of this world can be attached and sold in your workplace by creating a dedicated corner for them.

Disadvantages of virtual reality

For each of the projects that one thinks of, he must bear in mind many factors that can lead to the failure of what he is doing. With the progress in all the means around us, the world has changed in this context, we address the negatives of virtual reality:

  • Technologies of this world are so expensive that not many people can use it.
  • Excessive use of games, especially in this reality, may lead to a state of addiction that leads to isolation from those around him and away from others.
  • The occurrence of some physical problems when using games a lot, such as visual impairment now in the neck or back and spine.
  • It may also give an opportunity, in case the new generation is not monitored, to watch some foreign films that contradict our customs, traditions and religious teachings.
  • Many young people neglect their studies and private lives with a constant feeling of laziness as a result of lack of movement and activity.
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Best virtual reality glasses for gaming

Glasses in the virtual world, whether it is for games or watching movies, are essential. They are a key element in what is known as the virtual world, through which you can live the atmosphere of adventure and excitement in this context.

Meta Quest 2 . Sunglasses

  • Its resolution is 1832 x 1920 for each eye, and Quest 2 is also very clear and gives its user accuracy when watching games.
  • It is one of the most popular glasses in the world in terms of the virtual world.

HTC Vive Pro 2 . Glasses

  • It has a resolution of 2448 x 2448 and is one of the best gaming glasses.
  • One of its downsides is that it needs high-definition materials, models, games, and hardware to enjoy its benefits.

HP Reverb G2 Eyeglasses

  • It is one of the best virtual world gaming glasses.
  • It is distinguished by its modern shape and style.

HTC Vive Cosmos Elite Eyeglasses

  • It has the ability to switch the IPD located on the lower side of the headset, which changes the way the game is handled and increases the excitement inside.

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Finally, in this article, we have provided everything related to the feasibility study of the virtual reality games project, as well as the negatives of virtual reality as well as general tips for the success of the project.

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