Feasibility study of the wax manufacturing project with costs and all requirements –

Feasibility study of the wax manufacturing project with costs and all requirements –

Feasibility study of the wax manufacturing project, The feasibility study allows any project to analyze the idea of ​​the project while identifying the influencing factors before embarking on its completion or development. Therefore, the process is necessary for all projects, regardless of their size, as it prevents entrepreneurs from wasting time and money on unprofitable projects or that do not provide the slightest benefit to society, as well as making sure Ensure that the objectives of the project are in line with the general strategic plan, and we present in this article a feasibility study for the wax manufacturing project.

Feasibility study of the wax manufacturing project

This project is one of the innovative and successful projects due to the demand and the large amount of demand for candles, especially as they impart a romantic atmosphere and a sense of calm and comfort, and there is a great need for them on many occasions, so the candle industry project aims to cover the increasing demand for candles and achieve fruitful profits, so the project Candles need to be highly planned and organized, such as developing a tight marketing plan to achieve a certain number of profits, leading to the establishment of a large project capable of producing a huge amount of candles.

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candle manufacturing project requirements

According to the results emanating from the study of a project, the owner of the project must take the appropriate decision related to continuing the project or putting it aside, and research the possibility of implementing other projects, especially in the event that there are requirements that constitute an obstacle to the continuation of the project, and we mention the most important requirements of the home wax manufacturing project:

 Feasibility study of the wax manufacturing project
  • Understanding the method of making candles: It is the first step to understanding the manufacturing method by determining the type of wax to be made, whether from paraffin, beeswax, or palm wax, with attention to the aromatic scents added to the wax and others.
  • Studying the market and consumers: in terms of prices, quality used, designs and marketing methods, as well as identifying the continuous requirements of consumers and working to meet their requirements in your products.
  • Creating a business plan for the project: especially since the project needs important information, such as studying the target market, studying market prices, expected costs, etc., and a successful business plan enables you to achieve the desired profits and provide products that are compatible with consumer tastes.
  • Brand design: You must choose a unique brand, and work on designing it in a way that suits the project, as it makes you distinguished from competitors, and leaves a positive impression on customers.
  • Project licenses: It is required to create a commercial register, which contains basic information about the type of project that you are engaged in, along with the presence of the tax and insurance card.
  • Specialization in the products offered: In the beginning, it is better to specialize in one type of industry, then gradually, especially with the availability of multiple types of aromatic and votive waxes, soybeans, novelty, and many others.
  • Required space: The project needs to allocate an area of ​​not less than 65 meters from the house, as it does not require very large areas and can be easily implemented from the house, with spaces available for storing raw materials so that they are not exposed to damage.
  • Equipping the candle manufacturing plant: The candle making plant is equipped with all the necessary equipment, such as the availability of electricity, water, sewage and natural ventilation, with the selection of decoration commensurate with the project, wall paint and floor ceramic installation, and we do not forget to take into account the placement of a chimney to get rid of the smoke resulting from the smelting operations.
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Candle making supplies

Candle making is one of the professions that requires the availability of skill and art, especially since it has been inherited through several centuries, and it has turned into a popular hobby that is commonly practiced by lovers of this art, and some have taken up this profession in order to obtain additional income and achieve more profits, as it needs The candle industry is divided into requirements, and therefore we explain the requirements of the candle manufacturing project:

 Feasibility study of the wax manufacturing project
  • A private room must be provided for work if the project is home.
  • Managing buying and selling operations, carrying out electronic marketing campaigns, and managing social media pages.
  • Electricity, water and ventilation fans must be provided.
  • Also provide important and basic fire extinguishers to ensure health and safety factors.
  • The project needs to provide a natural gas burner suitable for melting pots of different sizes.
  • With the availability of different sizes of aluminum molds to pour wax inside.
  • In addition, there are decorative and shape-making tools represented by paintbrushes and knives of different sizes, in addition to decoration tools.
  • As well as packaging equipment, such as paper and transparent bags, with the need to provide gift bags, and ribbons to tie cardboard gifts.
  • The project needs to provide a manual iron machine to carry out the tasks of manufacturing candles according to sizes commensurate with market requirements.
  • Wooden crates are required to store the ready-made wax in order to protect it from damage.
  • It is certain that the basic raw materials for the wax industry are available such as paraffin wax, citric acid, crystalline wax, aromatic materials, and color pigments.
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Marketing for the candle manufacturing project

The best marketing strategies are those that combine traditional marketing methods with electronic marketing methods, which makes it easier for marketers to implement a comprehensive marketing plan aimed at reaching a large segment of people through all available channels. We explain the following marketing for the candle manufacturing project:

  • The project needs to provide sales representatives, who are the people who distribute samples to products and gift shops.
  • It also requires doing various advertisements and advertisements on social networking sites.
  • Offers and discounts must be made for wholesalers.
  • It was also keen to provide various discounts and offers, especially on special occasions, to attract more segments of customers.

Candle making project costs

The investment project requires managing operating costs and expenses, in order to control the procurement process, as well as identify the necessary technologies, and the ability to save money by calculating the amount of money required to perform the tasks and duties necessary to complete the project, and we explain the following the costs of the wax manufacturing project:

  • Utilities such as electricity and water are charged.
  • Consider the costs of equipment such as furniture, tables, utensils, and containers.
  • Also the costs of industry requirements such as basic raw materials.
  • Perhaps the presence of trims and ceramics costs.
  • A strong lighting network must be available.
  • And don’t forget the gas costs and the manufacturing machine.
  • Employment wages if labor is available.
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expected total cost
  • As variable costs: ranging from 1,245 to 1,575 USD per month.
  • Fixed costs: ranging from approximately 5,943 to 7,181 US dollars.

Profits of the wax manufacturing project

The profits of the home candle manufacturing project vary, and may reach thousands of dollars, and this depends on the extent of the project’s ability to succeed while following an organized marketing plan, which is the basis for the success of the project, and through which a wide customer base is reached, and it is certain that obtaining a percentage of the profits requires long patience While continuing to reach the desired goal, knowing that the project is at its inception, the investor will not be able to achieve profits due to costs.

Feasibility study of the candle manufacturing project. We discussed a detailed feasibility study for the candle manufacturing project and the expected costs of the project, while identifying the percentage of profits, and the most important requirements and supplies that must be available for the success of the profitable investment project.

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