Feasibility study of the wedding dresses atelier project, factors and secrets of the success of the project –

Feasibility study of the wedding dresses atelier project, factors and secrets of the success of the project –

Feasibility study of the wedding dresses atelier project. The Atelier is the place where wedding dresses are sold and rented, from one of the most popular commercial projects at the present time, as it achieves a high percentage of sales and profits in specific periods such as wedding occasions and holidays, but the matter is not the idea that we think of, it takes effort in setting goals and planning For the project, and standing on the obstacles that are supposed to be faced, so we explain in this article the feasibility study of the wedding dresses atelier project.

Feasibility study of the wedding dresses atelier project

Project owners are looking for success, and the most important thing is to ensure the success of their ideas when implemented, and here the importance of studying the feasibility of the project, whatever it is, and when it comes to the dress atelier project, the feasibility of the wedding dresses atelier project must be studied as follows:

  • Determine the objectives of the project, whether the project is for sale or for rent, and what are the most important products based on it, with the ability to meet them.
  • Studying the market and knowing the existing and targeted projects, while identifying the strengths and passions of each competitor to benefit from it.
  • Marketing study and knowing the needs of beneficiaries and the services that will be provided, and identifying customer segments and their satisfaction with the products or services of competing projects.
  • Operational study, where the study of the most important processes, tools and materials needed to operate the project and how the elements relate to each other.
  • The legal form of the company or project, the necessary licensing and the registration of the intended commercial activities.
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Determine the location and area of ​​the wedding dresses atelier project

The site is one of the most important things through which the project owner guarantees its success, especially since many sites have already caused the failure of many projects due to their distance from the target group, and at these points we explain the details of determining the location and area of ​​the project:

  • Perhaps the best place to establish this project is in the midst of other Ateliers, especially since brides shop in areas that are rich in these vital sites and stay away from areas where there are no shops.
  • It is good for the store to be on the main street and adjacent to other ateliers, to increase the opportunity to obtain more customers and thus increase the percentage of sales and profits.
  • With regard to the area, it is preferable that the area be not less than 100 meters, and the larger the area, the greater the project will be accommodated in terms of the number of competitors, and thus the increase in sales opportunities.

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Processing of a wedding dresses atelier project

The project is for women, so the facade of the project must be designed in an elegant, attractive and attractive way for women, especially brides, and away from traditional shops. It takes a decorator company or a specialized interior designer who is able to create an atmosphere of creativity and distinction. The rest of the details of preparing the wedding dresses atelier project are explained below. follows:

  • Where the basic equipment, which includes porcelain floors
  • Glass showcases
  • Suspended ceiling
  • place lighting
  • Mirrors
  • Display mannequin
  • Display stands
  • Indoor fitting room
  • the wall
  • Dresses in various popular models in the local and international markets.

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How to buy suitable wedding dresses at the best prices

It is not necessary to buy cheap dresses to make a profit, and perhaps buy expensive wedding dresses and through them make big profits with them, but it is related to what is offered in the market and its requirements. We explain below how to buy suitable wedding dresses at the best prices:

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  • In the event that the project is in a simple area, the appropriate option is to choose cheap and reasonable dresses.
  • While if the project is in a rich area, obtaining dresses from international fashion houses will be a more successful option.
  • However, at the beginning of the establishment of the project, the wedding dress atelier should target the general population and most of the middle class.
  • As for obtaining dresses from several options, such as the purchase process from importers and merchants through field research or through websites.
  • And perhaps through personal relationships and questions, through which the most popular and desirable models will be obtained.

The necessary labor for the wedding dresses atelier project

The matter depends on the size of the project. If the shop is small in size, it is sufficient to employ one saleswoman. In the event that it is medium in size, 3 saleswomen can be employed, but if it is large in size, it is possible to employ nearly seven saleswomen, with the necessity of having an element of experience. Add In addition, the project needs to hire an accountant.

Factors and secrets of the success of the wedding dresses atelier project

The project achieves profit when it achieves the goals set for it, as well as in the event of obtaining a percentage of sales and demand for the products offered, with the ability to obtain a bright name among competitors, and perhaps the most important factors and secrets of the success of the wedding dresses atelier project:

  • The possibility of providing wedding dresses to suit all tastes, including selling and renting them at a large percentage.
  • Also employ experienced saleswomen with persuasive skills and customer satisfaction.
  • With the need to pay attention to the decoration, the store nameplate and the name of the store, it should be modern, small and easy to keep.
  • Taking into account knowledge of the market requirements and presenting everything that is modern and keeping pace with the market and its requirements.
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Website for ordering wedding dresses from Turkey

It is easy to browse dresses by famous designers, with the possibility of purchasing through agents and delivering them to the project at any time at all, especially with the demand for Turkish models with great greed, and we explain the following the website for ordering wedding dresses from Turkey:

It is one of the most famous wedding dress selling sites on the Internet, it is called the girls’ dream site, with the task of facilitating the selection of a wedding dress while displaying the largest group of the most famous designers.

One of the websites that displays Turkish fashion, and also has an Instagram, is lace dresses to sell wedding dresses by the finest designers of wedding dresses and Islamic accessories in Istanbul for women of all ages, and most notably, it provides advice on the latest fashion trends for women and fashion in the world.

  • Ali Express website

He is famous for selling Turkish wedding dresses for veiled women, and he is praised by many who dealt with him, especially in the event of scheduled delivery at the required time, while presenting him with the best brands, and therefore it is the ideal choice for importing wedding dresses from Turkey

On his page, he displays Turkish wedding dresses for sale from Turkey, and it is also one of the most famous and best sites that sell wholesale wedding dresses in Turkey, as well as Turkish wedding and evening dresses.

One of the most popular websites for wedding dresses for sale is Instagram, which many girls love and desire, especially since it is the first choice when searching for the dress of their dreams.

The site offers Turkish wedding dresses for sale, and it is also a distinguished site that displays wedding dresses in the finest style distinguished by girls, while presenting the most famous brands of wedding dresses, noting that it is the best for wedding dresses from Turkey online.

Feasibility study of the wedding dresses atelier project. The success of the project is based mainly on presenting all its requirements, the ability to implement all the goals that were set for it accurately and carefully, while facing emergencies without hindering the project.

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