For those who want to open a bakery project –

For those who want to open a bakery project –

For those who want to open a bakery businessSmall business ideas constitute the vast majority of commercial activities in various countries of the world, and it is an effective option to overcome the scarcity of job opportunities available to the huge number of graduates and the unemployed. To achieve success, which needs the necessary knowledge and effort, and in this article we expand on the details for anyone who wants to open a bakery project.

For those who want to open a bakery business

Your own project means your own financial income, and its presence as an additional income that improves the quality of life, as well as gives flexibility to work while achieving independence and freedom in making decisions while raising a sense of responsibility. The most prominent reason for this is the increase in demand for these products, which requires an increase in supply, and a comprehensive feasibility study for the project is required, and we will explain the most prominent of them in these lines.

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The geographical location of those who want to open a bakery project

The first step that must be waited before taking the implementation step is to choose the geographical location, which is a strong factor in the success or failure of the project, so taking this step seriously contributes to generating a large income, and the following is an explanation of the most prominent details related to the project:

  • The shop should be in a lively location in a populated area, and perhaps it would have been better if it was the only bakery in the surrounding area.
  • Also, the store should be on the main street so that passers-by can easily recognize it, and it should be away from the interior so that the project does not fail.
  • Dividing the store in a way that facilitates movement and movement, as there is a section for preparation and manufacturing so that it is far from everyone’s mirror, and the other section is visible to people to be able to buy and sell.
  • The area of ​​the store should not be less than 30 m.
  • It is good if the store space is rectangular.
  • Noting that licenses must be taken and work legally, in order to avoid legal prosecution, closing the shop and paying a fine for the violation.
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bakery project

Processing the project is by providing all the necessary requirements to run the commercial project, whether it is capital or raw resources, as well as specific human skills, and so that the project owner can form an integrated team of the necessary manpower, to help manage the project as planned and more, we mention the details The bakery project is as follows:

  • The floors of the shop shall be of high quality durable ceramic.
  • It is optimal if the merit is painted in a light color.
  • The water sources must also be drained.
  • The presence of the lighting and lighting element in all corners of the store.
  • Surveillance cameras are also installed inside and outside the store, and this requires the presence of 3 cameras.
  • The door of the shop is made of transparent glass.
  • In addition, there are fire extinguishers, especially since flammable gas is dealt with in the bakery, and it is one of the tools stressed by government agencies in order to preserve the safety of workers and customers.

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bakery project employment

The human element plays a pivotal role in the operation of the project, as it needs strong efforts to increase production, especially since the consumption of baked goods is large on a daily basis, and with the combined labor of labor, the percentage of need for baked goods is achieved. Therefore, we present the number of basic workers in the event they initially opened the project:

  • The presence of two workers who sell baked goods to customers.
  • It also provides a worker who gives the coupons of the products to the customers.
  • Cleaner and tidy of the place.
  • The bakery industry requires at least four workers to knead, flatten, and then bake.
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bakery project equipment

Projects need equipment and tools for the operation process, in addition to the human element, with the availability of experience and skill in speed and sleight of hand to increase production on a daily basis, and they are selected on the basis of the available capabilities and may be the appropriate solution for many used equipment in the event of inability to obtain expensive devices, or The process of purchasing in installments, which is what many do, and the most important of these equipment are the following:

  • Provides a mixer for flour.
  • As tanks for fermentation.
  • The presence of a large oven for the baking process.
  • As units sifting flour.
  • Also units for rolling out the dough.
  • The presence of gas cylinders.
  • Also requires metal tables.
  • Also metal trays for baking and display inside or outside the store.
  • Add to that the presence of a scale in electronic form.
  • A desk and a small cupboard for keeping money and managing the project, usually headed by the entrepreneur, or the accountant.

Raw material for bakery project

Instead of having the equipment and devices to run the project, it is necessary to purchase the raw materials that are used in the baking industry with high quality, and to obtain a good flavor and taste, and the validity of all these materials must be ensured before embarking on the kneading process, and the most important of these raw materials are what we present as follows:

  • waters.
  • It also provides white and brown flour, to meet the wishes of all customers.
  • yeast.
  • as milky.
  • Sesame seeds.
  • It also provides white and brown sugar for the manufacture of all products.
  • the milk.
  • the salt.
  • Ghee and butter.
  • Ajwa.
  • throwback.
  • oil.
  • Also cream.
  • bags for packing.
  • Elephant or plastic dishes.
  • Also films for packaging.
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The cost of setting up a bakery project

The bakery project requires a lot of raw materials, as well as labor, and the presence of kneading, leveling and baking equipment, these tools are brought in the first stage of the opening of the project, knowing that there are fixed products such as equipment, and other variable raw materials, and despite those costs that the purchase process They are much larger, in a short time, the value of those costs can be obtained, which we explain below:

  • Where the fixed capital, which includes the value of all machinery and equipment, is about thirty thousand pounds.
  • Instead, the costs of labor and raw materials are ten thousand pounds.
  • Noting that there are indirect costs borne by the project owner in the case of the lease, with the exception of electricity bills and others.

bakery project products

In the old days, the bakery only served white and brown bread, but with the other need for the presence of pastries and pies, and the inability to manufacture them at home, the bakery project expanded to be inclusive of all baked goods and tablets, and the demand for them is great, and the product can be marketed to increase demand and sell the largest amount of baked goods, as follows An explanation of the most important baked goods that can be in the bakery:

  • Where is the disc containing the dates or malban.
  • Gentlemen disc.
  • simit.
  • Also pancakes with honey.
  • White or brown toast bread.
  • Shami bread.
  • Also plain bread.
  • Fino bread.
  • Also various sweets.
  • Add to that, sweet and savory pancakes.
  • Sharqish.
  • rusk.
  • As the baton is salable.
  • Big and small pizza.
  • Also pheno tablets.

For those who want to open a bakery project, in this article we discussed the detailed discussion of a bakery project, in terms of machinery and equipment to be provided, as well as raw materials, as well as the most important products that can be offered to all customers.

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