Full feasibility study of the Aqua Park project –

Full feasibility study of the Aqua Park project –

The feasibility study of the Aqua Park project, which is a safe haven for children and adults, especially in the days of extreme heat, and it is a vast green areas in the middle of water and water games, which add moisture to the hot weather, as well as provide shopping opportunities and taste many refreshments and delicious foods, and the Aqua Park project needs a study A good and court by a team that has the capacity and long experience in the establishment of such huge projects that consume high costs, and in this article we present a feasibility study for the Aqua Park project.

Feasibility study of the Aqua Park project

Aqua Park This project relies mainly on waterways and waterfalls, which are suitable for adults and children, where joy and fun enter their hearts, as well as strong enthusiasm, especially if the games are stimulating and require boldness and courage, knowing that they are subject to laws by the competent authorities, as well as engineers specializing in the field Designing recreational and service projects that achieve abundant returns, and we explain the feasibility study of the Aqua Park project in these lines:

  • Where the location and area are studied, preferably in a place away from narrow streets, as well as on a diverse geographical extension.
  • The games for all ages include water games and electric and electronic games.
  • It provides space for cafes, restrooms and restaurants.
  • In the event of expansion, a nursery of less than five years is required.
  • The costs of designing the Aqua Park from the inside are also studied, whether gardens and water spaces, service facilities, as well as rest areas.
  • Also, a comprehensive study of workers’ wages, electricity, water and lighting expenses for all utilities.
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The location and area of ​​the Aqua Park project

The Aqua Park project requires a variety of water and recreational games, and many places that provide services related to the project, and in general, the project consumes a huge area, and the following is an explanation of the location and area of ​​Aqua Park:

  • Experienced owners recommend buying between 8 and 15 acres of land.
  • The average number of indoor parks is 8-10 acres, with an average size of approximately 25,000 square feet.
  • For outdoor gardens, it requires 13-15acres
  • The indoor and outdoor facility also needs 9-12 acres, with an average building area of ​​23,000 square feet.

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The cost of the Aqua Park project

Many young people dream of establishing such projects, but the huge expenses needed by the project stand in the way of achieving this dream, and financing for the project can be obtained through financing banks that were established to serve young people, as well as through good loans and charitable institutions, knowing that the cost can be determined after Study the feasibility of the project and according to the available capabilities, and in principle, the project costs $ 30,000,000, and then the rate of return is $ 20, and this is an appropriate rate for the project’s capital.

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Equipping the Aqua Park project

It must be taken into account that the main objective of establishing such projects with respect to customers is to add a real atmosphere of fun and great fun, so that the highest degree of happiness and entertainment, and the games that are present in the project are divided into several sections, and the following is an explanation of the preparation of the Aqua Park project:

  • Recreational games, which are divided into games for children only, that is, related to those over the age of ten, were trains, horses, car games and other games.
  • As well as games for all age groups that add fun to the whole family, and this is the goal of the project to achieve fun for all family members.
  • The amusement park should also be designed on a large area.
  • There are also discovery games that contain science and robotics in addition to science fiction.
  • Spaces with many animals and natural wonders.
  • As well as the presence of cartoon characters, fiction and legends.
  • The project contains multiple tours, including beautiful films and shows.
  • And taking into account the placement of the walls surrounding the city to isolate it from the outside, with the establishment of a main gate for entry and exit.
  • Fences must also be made tight and accurate to prevent the entry of individuals.
  • There is also a special booth to sell tickets for recreational games and access to all the interesting places within the project.
  • It is good to design the idea of ​​establishing a store that sells juices, food and pastries, and this reaps a lot of profits.
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Aqua Park project processing companies

There are many local and international companies that are able to fully equip the project according to the available capabilities, and this makes it easier for the investor to search for a long time on places that sell the games needed by the project and all the supplies. The following is an explanation of the companies for the preparation of the Aqua Park project:

  • Longmatic: It is one of the manufacturers of all water park equipment, as well as the design of theme parks that need strong and high-quality equipment, while providing the most advanced technologies, and keen to provide its services to new and old customers.
  • Al-Salam companies and factories for children’s toys and water games: The company specializes in manufacturing swimming pools and open and closed slides, taking into account international specifications, such as being stainless, resistant to all variables from weather factors, and completely safe, especially for children.
  • MADELNME Company: It has extensive experience in the field of providing entertainment projects that require materials and games for large and small amusement parks.

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Marketing of the Aqua Park project

The marketing process is a key factor in achieving profit and attracting the largest number of customers. In order to achieve this, the direct marketing process must be taken into consideration, as well as e-marketing. The following is an explanation of the Aqua Park project’s marketing mechanism:

  • By printing advertisements, then distributing them to children in the city or surrounding areas.
  • He also made attractive banners and hung them on a wall designed in an attractive way to attract the attention of citizens.
  • On top of that it puts reasonable prices and has free offers.
  • Also, exploiting social networking sites through funded ads that reach more people in return for paying a small amount.
  • A web page can be created with the continuous download of images of fun games and project sections, and possibly interesting videos.
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Aqua Park Project Employment

Studying the feasibility of the project in all its dimensions, taking into account the possibilities that can be provided, this facilitates the identification of all the requirements of the project, especially the number of workers who must be employed and the successful management of the project. The following is an explanation for the workers of the Aqua Park project in principle:

  • It is necessary to provide an employee or a security guard to work at the gate,
  • As well as a person to work in the ticket booth to sell different types of games according to the available games.
  • In addition, there are two people at most to operate the machines and follow the roles, making sure that they have special experience in case of any emergency.
  • Also the project needs supervision and project management by a competent person.
  • As well as in the processing of calculations and payment of wages to employees at the end of the month.

Feasibility study of the Aqua Park project – In this article, we presented a comprehensive study for the establishment of the Aqua Park project, as well as calculating the cost, and equipping the shop with all equipment, knowing that this project earns a lot of money.

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