Google Basic Update May 2020

Google Basic Update May 2020

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Have you noticed a change in Google search results over the past few days? This is due to the new Google update to the basic search algorithms that it launched during the month of May, specifically starting from May 4, and it was called the “Update.”Google Basic Update May 2020Which had previously been announced by Google through its account on Twitter.

Announcing the update on Twitter

This update affects millions of sites around the world and not in a specific country, as it sometimes happens, so millions of sites witnessed a decline in visits during the month of May, and thus profits decreased.

So I was constantly monitoring my sites and my clients’ sites to check if any of them were damaged by the update.

What we know so far about Google Update 2020

What I know so far about this update is that it started on May 5, which is a huge update that is not limited to a specific country, language or category of sites, and not as Google used to make updates targeting specific disciplines such as Previous Google Update Which was launched in January 2020 and was targeting financial sites such as Forex, also Google did not announce this update and launched it suddenly and not as it usually does with large basic updates, it was announcing it several weeks and perhaps months ago. According to Search Engine Journal, their current analysis indicates that there is a specific list that was significantly affected by Google’s May 2020 major update. This list includes:

  • Local Search Results Local Search
  • Health related websites
  • the whole world
  • Multiple languages ​​at the same time
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The areas most affected by the May 2020 update

  • Nutrition and recipes
  • Fitness
  • news
  • Drugs, alcohol and rehabilitation
  • Scientific and medical news
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Music and entertainment
  • natural medicine
  • Date

You should know that the main purpose of Google’s updates is to influence sites by applying significant changes in new search results ranking factors. Because each new update includes new changes in the ranking factors. According to research SEMrush did about the fluctuations in search results due to the update, it found that the areas most affected by the Google updates are travel, real estate, health, animals, and society. I noticed that the change that occurred in these results includes search results through computers and mobile devices. Although there are many webmasters complaining about the brutality of the update in the Facebook forums and groups, by examining our sites I found that they were positively affected by the new update.

Google Basic Update May 2020

Avoid the basic Google update May 2020

Google’s guidelines on how to handle essential updates remain unchanged. But Google is aware that basic updates to its algorithms may significantly affect sites; However, there is nothing specific for the site to do to avoid the consequences of the update except to review the quality of the content.

Google’s main mission is to “improve the information provided to the user anywhere in the world and make it as useful as possible.” Since its first founding, Google has focused heavily on developing search quality improvement algorithms.

If you notice negative results after a Google update, it is not necessarily that your site has a problem that has reduced traffic or ranking. It may just be that another site offers something better than yours.

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The May 2020 Core Update from Google is designed to improve its algorithm analysis of content and reward those who provide valuable, high-quality materials. Basic updates in general, have the ability to move pages that were previously lower in order to outperform their competitors after the update.

The only way to deal with Google updates is to try to improve your site’s content. And if your site is getting positive effects from the basic Google update, there is a reason why Google will pay to reward your site; Keep up the good work!

What to do if your site is affected by the algorithm update?

After reviewing the site’s stats, and you think that you have been negatively affected by the May 2020 core algorithm update, we recommend that you approach the situation as follows:

If your keywords or pages have fallen to a worse rank, you must know the search words that have regressed and caused a decrease in site visits and collect them in an Excel file, this decline in ranking because Google decided that one of your competitor’s website pages provides better information for this topic. Now all you have to do about declining keywords is to compare and develop the content provided by your competitors with the content of your site and work on improving it.

Google has also published a list of 20 questions you can ask yourself about improving your site’s content. But the post was in English, so we will translate it for you as soon as possible.

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