Google Pigeon algorithm update (comprehensive guide)

Google Pigeon algorithm update (comprehensive guide)

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Google is always trying to improve its algorithms updates to improve search results and provide the best possible for the user.

This time, Google launched a new algorithm that takes care of local search results and called it the Google Dove algorithm as a way to improve local results for users.

At the beginning of the launch of the pigeon algorithm update, there was a lot of speculation about the impact of this update on the emergence of local companies in Google, the algorithm was not known at the time because it was the first time to announce it, which caused more confusion for the owners of local businesses.

If you own a website and target customers in a specific country, you must know what the Google Pigeon update is, because this update was launched by Google and many do not know anything about it. In short, it links search results to Google Maps.

This update came after a number of updates released by Google, such as the Google Panda update and the Google penguin update.

In this article, we will learn everything that is important about the Google Pigeon algorithm and how it affects the appearance of sites in search results. See the entire article to take advantage of this algorithm.

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Google Pigeon Google Pigeon


The first algorithm update was released Google Pigeon Google Pigeon In 2014 to increase its focus on improving local results, the algorithm was designed to combine local results with Google’s general results to provide more useful results for users. Once the algorithm was implemented, local search results began to change significantly.

As we mentioned, the goal of the update is to rearrange the search results related to commercial places, for example, when searching for the word “translation company,” Google will improve the appearance of results related to translation companies located in Egypt more than international sites.

At first it was an update Google Pigeon It has effects only in America, but with the beginning of 2015 it was activated in all countries of the world.

The update of the Pigeon algorithm was unlike the Penguin and Panda algorithm because it does not care about the quality of the content or the importance of the site, but it is interested in making fundamental changes in the algorithm of local search results. Also, the Dove algorithm does not penalize sites or reverse their appearance in Google, but it may do so in local search results.

Why is the update called Google Dove?

Google launched this update and did not call it a name, so the site Search Engine Land called it Google Pigeon, which means Google Pigeon. This name was chosen in line with the naming system of Google updates such as: Google Penguin, Google Panda.

Features of Google Dove Algorithm Google Pigeon

The main reason behind the algorithm was to combine local results with general results, and as a result some sites declined due to being replaced by local search results close to the searcher’s address. This merger was a message to local business owners to include their activities on the Internet in order to benefit from this update. It was considered the biggest change in search results on mobile devices.

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The second change that all Google search engine users noticed after the launch of Google Dove is the reduction of local results from seven to three results only. If you do not notice this change, look at this picture.

Local search results before the launch of the update
Local search results before the launch of the update

To see the difference more, look at this image, which is the current layout that we see in the SERPs for local results:

Local results in Google
Local results in Google

Google dove effect on search results

It has been noted that the sites that have benefited from this update are the sites of business directories such as in America and foreign countries and in Arab countries such as Egypt and many directories sites, because the sites of local directories have a huge database for most companies and their fields, and because they Gain a large number of backlinks from the added sites.

Configure your site for Google Dove algorithm

You should focus heavily on getting your site to appear in local search results. Optimizing your site to compete for keywords is the best way to ensure that you appear in local results. There are some factors that help improve visibility within the first three business activities in Google, which are:

  • Quality of backlinksMake sure that your site has high-quality backlinks, because the quality of backlinks improves Google’s confidence in the site and thus improves the ranking.
  • local contentImproving the presence of a different set of content within your site such as text, images and videos related to a specific site (a specific city or country), because of course it will strengthen your chance of getting a better ranking.
  • Report spam: If you see an unwanted or unworthy result in search results, report it to Google. If a site is of low quality, they usually give it a lower ranking – giving you room for your progress.
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It is important to follow Google updates in order to take your precautions to avoid the penalties of updating Google algorithms.

The Google Pigeon update will affect sites that provide local products or services and you must fill in all the information on your site page about the company, for example: the exact company address, company name, working hours, contact methods such as adding a phone number.

And all the data that will be added by the local site directories will be used by search engines as a reference and thus will bring more customers.

Frequently asked questions about Google Dove

⭐️ What is the importance of updating Google Dove in SEO?

The Google Pigeon update increases the ranking of local sites in search results. The main purpose of the algorithm is to provide the best local search result to the user and it also helps local businesses to appear.

⭐️ What search results does the Pigeon algorithm affect?

The Google Dove update affects both Google Map search results and Google web search results.

⭐️ When is the Google Pigeon update released?

Google released the Pigeon update specifically on Thursday, July 24, 2014, and it was targeting the United States only. Then it evolved to serve the whole world.

⭐️ Does Google Dove update affect websites all over the world?

Initially, Google launched the update to target only English language search results. After that it was applied to all other languages ​​and countries.

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