Google Search Console webmaster tools

Google Search Console webmaster tools

Google Search Console is one of the most popular tools that Google provides to enable website owners to keep track of their site’s performance in search engines.

Since many of these people need to explain Webmaster Tools, I wrote this article to fully explain Google Search Console and how to link it to their WordPress sites and track performance and analytics in the most accurate numbers.

What are webmaster tools?

Google Webmaster Tools or otherwise known as Google Search Console – Google Search Console – is one of the free tools that Google provides to owners of websites and e-stores, as it gives them information about the sites and people who visit them.

In order to help monitor indexing and its results after appearing in Google search results, it also provides several quick tasks that are useful in knowing the analytics and performance of your site, which are as follows:

  1. The ability to add a sitemap.
  2. Find out what search words your site appears on when you search for them in Google.
  3. Delete content from Google so that it does not appear in search results.
  4. Find out and fix malicious problems for pages as well.
  5. Detection of searches that affect the site and help to raise the percentage of impressions and increase visits.
  6. Knowing your site’s link network with other sites.
  7. Track your site’s statistics in terms of (impressions – number of clicks – click rate – ranking in the search engine).
  8. Alert in case of errors discovered by Google and their impact on archiving.
  9. Giving reports about your website statistics.
  10. Help improve content according to new search terms by researchers, and then request that this page be re-indexed again.
  11. Ensure that your website is compatible with the mobile version – phone – and whether it is working properly or not.

Webmaster Tools Dashboard Tools Google Search Console?

The webmaster tool – Google Search Console – contains a distinct set of tools that help improve sites and monitor their performance, and these tools are as follows:

1- The URL Inspection Tool

The webmaster tool – Google Search Console – offers the ability to check the URL and provides the ability to see the indexing – archiving – address in Google, by placing the link at the top of the Google Search Console page and after doing the scan, Google will give you a comprehensive check on the status of this link.

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This tool also has several other uses, for example:

  • The ability to update the indexing of old pages and submit them again to search engines.
  • Indexing a new section of your site or recently updated pages.
  • Possibility to request a robots.txt file update.
  • Provides the ability to move from HTTP to HTTPS protocol.

2- Performance

All website owners in this part of the tool can see the performance indicators of your site during a period of time that you specify, starting from the last 28 days until the last 16 months, and the indicators are shown in terms of:

  • Impressions.
  • Number of clicks – Clicks.
  • Click Rate – CTR.
  • Ranking in the search engine – Average Position.

3- See your search queries

The webmaster tool allows you to see the search queries for your site, and see the most important words in which your site appears in Google, the most important pages and the countries in which it appears:

4- Indexing

In the Index section of the Webmaster Tool, we will find the following:

  • Coverage.
  • Sitemap – Sitemaps – Sitemaps.
  • Removals.

First: Coverage

Coverage in the Webmaster Tool is the part of your site that is responsible for showing all pages of your site that have been indexed in search engines and which pages are excluded from indexing, and provides a report that includes errors that cause archiving and crawling failures, as well as broken links that are causing problems with the site.

Second: Site Map – Sitemaps – Sitemaps

This part of the webmaster tool is responsible for submitting your sitemaps to Google, in order to make it easier for search spiders to track your site pages correctly:

Third: Removals

This part of the tool gives you the ability to remove pages that you want to prevent from being archived and appearing in search engines for several reasons such as containing (duplicate content, poor content, outdated content that is no longer relevant to your site).

5- User Experience

It is considered one of the important tools in the webmaster tool, as it is divided into:

  • Page experience.
  • Core Web Vitals.
  • Mobile Usability.
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First: Page experience

The Page experience section provides a complete summary of your site’s page-by-page (URL) experience, and reports to help you see which pages provide the best visitor experience and rank higher.

Second: Core Web Vitals

The Core Web Vitals indicators were added by Google in May 2020, in order to know the measurement of the user experience on the site, and these indicators are divided into two parts (by phone – desktop).

Third: Mobile Usability

This part of the user experience of the Webmaster Tool provides page discovery reports that are compatible with the mobile version of your website, and also shows any problems related to the mobile phone for you to fix, and these are the most important problems that you may encounter:

6- Enhancements

In the Enhancements section of the Webmaster Tool, there are the most important points that you can take care of in your website to improve your site, and these elements are as follows:

  • Breadcrumbs breadcrumbs.
  • Sitelinks Search Box.
  • Review Snippets.

7- Security & Manual Actions

The Security & Manual Actions section of Google Search Console is one of the most important tools within the Webmaster Tool and includes the following:

  • Manual Actions.

In this part of the security section, if notifications appear, it is evidence that the site violates Google’s guidelines, and if this happens to your site, you must submit a request to review and review your site again.

  • Security Issues.

We find that the Security Issues section of the Security section indicates that the site has been exposed to a malware or hack.

8- Legacy Tools & Reports

We find in this section of the Webmaster Tool all the reports for:

  • International Targeting.
  • Messages.
  • Web Tools.

9- links

This part of Google Search Console is responsible for generating reports of links that are relevant to your site, and helps you find out which links are harmful to your site; This helps you to disavow them in order to avoid any malicious links that could affect your site’s search engine optimization.

10- Settings

This part is responsible for verifying domain ownership, users and permissions to control the site, change the site address, and measure the crawl rate of your website.

How to add a site to Google Search Console Webmaster Tools?

You can add a site to Google Webmaster Tools – Google Search Console – through the following steps:

  • First you have to go to Google Search Console by clicking over here.
  • After that, you will go to the webmaster tools window to start adding your site, you have to enter the website address, and there are two ways to enter the address:
    1. Write the domain name.
    2. Write a URL prefix.
  • The address prefix is ​​written correctly, as there are two forms of address, HTTP or HTTPS.
  • In the event that you do not know the correct form of the address prefix, you can go to your WordPress site control panel, then to settings and select General until the correct form of the address appears as shown in the image.
  • You then verify the ownership of the site; Until you prove that you own the site or that you have permission to work on it by placing the code that the webmaster tool gives you on the home page of the website, such as what is in the following image:
  • And you can put the code on the home page by one of these two methods:
    1. Copy the code first, then go to your WordPress dashboard, then go to (appearance << template editor), then choose to edit the header.php file and add the code directly above the >head/< tag, as shown in the following image:
  1. Download add on Insert Headers and Footers To your site, then activate it, then go to settings and then choose Insert Headers and Footers, after that we put the code, which is shown in the following image:
  • After placing the code on the site, go to the webmaster tool again until you confirm the ownership, which is shown in the following image:
  • After that, the webmaster tool connects with your site through the HTML tag (code) that was added on your site and it shows you the phrase (Your site has been successfully added to Google Search Console) as shown in the following image:
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With this, we have finished explaining the webmaster tool and its tools, in addition to how to add your site to the webmaster tool – Google Search Console – with the steps and images shown for each step, you just have to follow them and your site will be added successfully.

You can watch the following video to see how to successfully add your site to Google Search Console:

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