Here are the best gold shops in Jeddah

Here are the best gold shops in Jeddah

Brought to you by “” in this article The best gold shops in Jeddah, the best used gold shops in Jeddah, the best gold buying shops in Jeddah in addition to the cheapest gold shops in Jeddah, and also the most famous gold shops in Jeddah, Instagram. Where jewelry, especially gold, is one of the favorite things for women, especially on special occasions.

Therefore, with the spread of many shops selling gold in Jeddah, whether in the Yamama market or the Hira market or in Jeddah Al-Balad and several places to sell gold in Jeddah, we have collected for you a list that includes the best shops for selling gold that are characterized by high-quality gold industry and very beautiful pieces and at the same time their prices are very excellent, So follow along with us to learn about these shops and markets and the cheapest place to buy gold in Jeddah.

The best gold shops in Jeddah

In our article today, we will learn about the best shops that sell gold in the city of Jeddah, which is considered one of the best places to buy gold in Jeddah.

The best gold shops in Jeddah

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is characterized by luxuries such as gold and petroleum, and it is one of the luxuries in life, as it is one of the largest jewelry manufacturers in the Middle East, to which most of the expatriates and visitors flock to, even those who perform Umrah and Hajj rituals. They buy while they are in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We will display a list of the best stores in Jeddah as follows:

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Fitaihi Jewelry

It is one of the best, most important and most famous brands in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the field of jewelry. In addition to selling gold, it works in selling diamonds and precious stones. It is characterized by high quality and luxury. It is located on the road to Madinah Al-Munawwarah – Al-Baghdadiyah Al-Gharbia.

Damas stores

It is a shop for selling gold in Jeddah with a long history and feet in the field of gold. It is also the most famous and characterized by accuracy in design. Its gold industry is made with high expertise. It is recommended to visit Damas stores located within the Jeddah International Market, next to the Meridian, shop number 53.

Ghassan jewelry to sell gold in Jeddah

Among what we mentioned of the famous gold shops in Jeddah and at the level of the Gulf in general, and Ghassan’s jewelry is characterized by its beauty and sophistication, as it is recommended by many in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Mouawad Jewelry

It is a well-known store with a high level of craftsmanship and accuracy in design, which made the artist Najwa Karam advertise for her latest models and designs. Moawad jewelry belongs to a Lebanese businessman. Moawad jewelry is located in Jeddah, at the intersection of Tahlia Street and Andalus Street.

Sona Jewellery

Also, Sona Jewelry is considered one of the most famous places to sell gold in Jeddah, which is characterized by high-end, modern and traditional jewelry. It is also characterized by high quality in 22-carat design. It is also available for you in Sona Jewelry to return and repair what you buy from its stores located in Jeddah 29 near Akash Mosque opposite Al-Falah Al-Raha Building

L’azurde Jewelry

L’azurde jewelry is one of the fine jewelry in Jeddah, with a good, luxurious craftsmanship. It is also characterized by modernity and sophistication. It is recommended for its beautiful industries. L’azurde jewelry is located in the Red Sea Mall, located at the intersection of Abdulaziz and Prince Faisal Streets.

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Jade jewelry

It is famous for selling modern gold and diamond designs in Saudi Arabia, especially in Jeddah. Jade Jewelry also provides delivery services to all parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Jade Jewelry has many designs that are suitable for gifts and weddings.

Jewelery Shop

It is recommended to everyone who has acquired his jewelry, as he is famous in Jeddah, and his jewelry is elegant, and he is distinguished by jewelry suitable for wedding parties.

Sharmalina jewelry

Beauty is in its contemporary designs for modern fashion, and its jewelry is distinguished by simplicity, as well as it is elegant and creative in the precious stones that it hides.

Azal gold and jewelry

The latest and most beautiful in the field of jewelry and ring designs, as well as creativity in bracelets, earrings and anklets, to suit all tastes.

Suleiman Al-Othaim Jewelery

A well-known store selling jewelry, as it has many rare and distinctive designs that attract customers. Sulaiman Al-Othaim Jewelry is located in the Al-Malaz neighborhood within Sixtieth Street in the Saudi capital. Contact with Sulaiman Al-Othaim Store is available via the number 0114777450

Al-Yamamah gold market

Al Yamama Market is considered one of the most famous gold markets in Jeddah that sells at wholesale prices, which was previously called the Al Kandara Gold Market and was established in 1975 in the city of Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Manufacturers and designers in the field of original jewelry on the level of Asia and the Middle East, where jewelry is manufactured in large quantities to be sold wholesale to merchants all over the Middle East.

The Al-Yamamah market is also one of the good places in Jeddah to buy gold, because you will find what you want in terms of jewelry and all kinds of high-end designs. The Al-Yamamah market is located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – the city of Jeddah – Al-Sahifah area – on the King Fahd branch road.

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Al-Balad Gold Market in Jeddah

It is one of the oldest gold markets in Jeddah and witnesses continuous crowding. You will also find in it a large and wide assortment of good jewelry at reasonable prices. The Al-Balad Gold Market is located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the city of Jeddah – Al-Balad district in Jeddah.

Malabar Gold and Diamonds

It is one of the major merchants in the field of retailing jewelry in Jeddah and all over the world. It has about 250 branches spread all over the world in the retail sale of jewelry.

Jeddah International Market

It is one of the oldest and oldest markets, as it is 41 years old and over, and it has worked to serve the royal family in Saudi Arabia over the past years until it has become one of the basics and its important parts in Saudi society. Jeddah International Market is located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia within the city of Jeddah, Al-Rawdah district, on Al-Nahda Street.

Where to sell gold bars in Jeddah

Where to sell gold bars in Jeddah

We will also learn about the most important places for selling gold bars in Jeddah, which are:

  • Ruby Jewelry: located within the International Hira Market 8442 on Al-Minah Al-Munawwarah Road in Alabama Naeem with the other number 3616- in the unit with the number 226
  • Al-Ammari gold and jewelry stores: located within a street called Abu Al-Alaa Al-Maari – Al-Bawadi – Jeddah – the gold market in Jeddah – located within an area called Al-Sahifah.
  • Abu Sultan for selling gold and jewelry: located in the Al-Midan Al-Darajeh area – in Mahmoud Saeed Market on King Fahd Road in Al-Faisaliah neighborhood.

And here we have come to the end of the article, in which we mentioned some of the most famous stores in Jeddah selling gold, diamonds and precious stones, and thank you for your follow-up.

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