How can Moroccans immigrate to Portugal 2023

How can Moroccans immigrate to Portugal 2023

Migration operations to Portugal have recently spread in many countries of the world, especially Morocco. With the increase in the arrival of immigrant boats from Morocco towards the Portuguese coasts, there have recently been talks about opening cooperation between the two countries in the field of immigration, so how is that? And what are the ways Immigration to Portugal for Moroccans? Who benefits from this?

Here is your guide in this important article Immigration to Portugal from Morocco How can Moroccans immigrate to Portugal legally? Is it possible to immigrate to Portugal and obtain a work contract there? Follow the explanation to know the details.

How can Moroccans immigrate to Portugal 2023

Many Moroccans ask about how to migrate to Portugal for the year 2023, as many Moroccans are looking for an easy and simple way to migrate to Portugal, in addition to knowing all the rules related to immigration to Portugal, as Portugal is famous for many distinctive features.

These features made the country a suitable destination for Moroccans to immigrate to. One of the most important factors in Portugal is the appropriate warm climate and living services served by the country, in addition to the fact that Portugal was and has been classified as the most suitable place for the settlement of expatriates.

As for the immigration system adopted in Portugal, it is very similar to the system of European countries, according to the Schengen Agreement, which allows citizens of the Union to move within any part of the agreement, meaning any country entering the Schengen Agreement whose citizens can visit other member states where it is possible to move To any country for the purpose of tourism, study or work.

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Portugal is also characterized by residency services, social health care, and education. All these features made Moroccans consider Portugal a suitable place for immigration for the year 2023.

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Moroccan immigration to Portugal 2023

Portugal’s need for manpower and foreign labor prompted the Portuguese Minister of the Interior to negotiate with the Moroccan authorities in order to establish a legal immigration network for Moroccans. The Minister of the Interior, Eduardo Cabrita, presented this proposal during the meeting held through a video call, but the proposal is still under study between the two countries without No other comments mentioned.

The two countries had concluded some agreements that agreed in principle in both countries, which stipulate the return of irregular Moroccan immigrants who arrived in Portugal, where Morocco had expressed its approval of this proposal, as it guarantees the principle of cooperation in order to replace illegal immigration by establishing a legal immigration network .

Eight months after this period of eight months had passed since the agreement between Portugal and Morocco regarding the illegal immigration of Moroccans to Portugal, Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Souda agreed to reform the immigration law in order to facilitate the process of bringing non-European foreigners to work in Portugal.

The Immigration Law provided for a 120-day temporary visa, with the possibility of renewing and extending it to 60 days, for foreign workers in Portugal. The Portuguese Parliament approved and voted on the previous law on immigration.

Some media sources reported statements by the Minister of Tourism in Portugal that Portugal needs approximately 50,000 foreign employees and workers in order to achieve economic prosperity and recovery after the spread of the epidemic in Portugal, which negatively affected the country.

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Also, Moroccan immigrants in Portugal were few in numbers compared to the present, as according to the latest statistics on the numbers of the Moroccan community in Portugal, the number of immigrants reached 4000 Moroccans in 2012, but with the deterioration of conditions in various countries of the world and the decline in the standard of living, the number of Moroccan immigrants increased significantly in Portugal Where their number reached nearly 10,000 people, although Portugal was not previously a destination for Moroccan immigrants, due to the low wages of workers in it compared to the wages earned by workers in other European countries, where the wages in Portugal reached 822 euros, compared to working for 40 hours in the week.

After Portugal noticed these increasing flows of Moroccan immigrants and its serious need for foreign labor, Portugal concluded agreements with Morocco with the aim of establishing working groups aimed at facilitating legal immigration and providing facilities as well in labor affairs in order to correct the situation between the two countries.

To confirm this, the agreements signed between the Minister of Economy, Employment and Skills provide for the facilitation of the movement of students, youth and workers, in addition to that Morocco and Portugal five months ago signed an agreement to reside Moroccan workers in Portugal. This is due to the fact that Morocco has a large number of people, most of whom need to work for that. Most of them immigrate in search of work in France, Spain, Poland and many other European countries.

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The Portuguese Minister of Interior made other statements regarding immigration to Portugal for the year 2023

Interior Minister Kabrita made some statements stating that Portugal needs many manpower in various fields such as construction and work in the agricultural sector, but Moroccan immigrants must be brought in through a legal immigration network.

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What are the reasons that led to stopping the deportation of Moroccan immigrants?

The Portuguese newspaper PUBLICO reported the release of the nine Moroccan immigrants who immigrated to Portugal through illegal immigration, as they were released due to the expiration of the detention period, but they were not deported to Morocco due to the lack of scheduled flights due to the spread of the Corona virus, in addition to the process of deporting immigrants finding Technical difficulties from both countries due to the lack of regular flights, in addition to the presence of some illegal immigration operations to Portugal. This prompted the Portuguese Minister of Interior to conclude an agreement between the two countries in order to establish a legal immigration network for Moroccan immigrants.

And here we have come to the end of our article today, my friends, after we presented the most important details and information about Moroccan immigration to Portugal.

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