How do I calculate the dividends of Aramco shares – our trading platform?

How do I calculate the dividends of Aramco shares – our trading platform?

How do I calculate Aramco dividends? The largest integrated company in the field of oil and gas around the world, as it contributes with its productive supplies of energy and chemicals to improving the economic, industrial and living standards around the world. Citizenship, safety, responsibility, excellence and integrity. In this article, we explain how to calculate Aramco’s dividends.

Saudi Aramco shares

Aramco is one of the largest international companies in terms of revenue. It is a company specialized in the field of oil, natural gas, petrochemicals and all related businesses. In terms of market value, it is the first and takes the lead in that. It also supervises and manages more than 100 oil and gas fields in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia.

  • Therefore, Aramco shares were listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange in 2019.
  • At that time, the value of Aramco shares rose to 35.2 Saudi riyals
  • This caused a large financial return on assets amounting to 1.88 trillion US dollars.
  • On the second day of trading, it rose and crossed the 2 trillion mark.

Aramco dividend schedule 2023

Aramco’s 2023 earnings schedule constitutes a great demand for individual and institutional shareholders, who are looking forward to announcing quarterly data and results of the company’s business, in order to know the details of the due date and the mechanism for distributing profits, noting that Aramco, through its official website, noted, however, that the date of entitlement to the regular dividend during the period The next quarter coincides with the date during which or after the securities are traded, so that dividends are paid for the performance of the quarter related to those distributions, and we review the following Aramco distribution schedule:

for a duration Dividends are in Saudi Riyals Type Eligibility date Payment Date
First quarter 2020 0.3518 Normal May 21, 2020 June 18, 2020
Second quarter 2020 0.3518 Normal August 11, 2020 August 31, 2020
Third quarter 2020 0.3518 Normal November 9, 2020 November 30, 2020
Fourth quarter 2020 0.3518 Normal March 22, 2023 March 31, 2023
First quarter 2023 0.3518 Normal May 10, 2023 June 2, 2023
Second quarter 2023 0.3518 Normal August 15, 2023 September 1, 2023
Third quarter 2023 0.3518 Normal November 4, 2023 November 22, 2023
Fourth quarter 2023 0.3518 Normal March 22, 2023 March 31, 2023
First quarter 2023 0.3198 Normal May 23, 2023 June 8, 2023
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Second quarter 2023 0.3198 Normal August 21, 2023 September 7, 2023

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Aramco’s dividend distribution date, fourth quarter 2023

Saudi Aramco announced earlier that it achieved a rapid growth in profits for the second quarter of 2023 by about 90%, at an estimated rate of 181.6 billion riyals, and in contrast, the second quarter of 2023 reached 95.47, and thus Aramco’s profits increased by 22.7%, while It was in the previous quarter 148 million riyals.

  • Contrary to analysts’ expectations, Aramco’s second-quarter profit was better than average.
  • Aramco also follows the method of distributing dividends to shareholders at a rate of 1.28 riyals, noting that the company distributed 1.44 riyals in the first half, so the company stands before the shareholders with a great responsibility and has the responsibility to cover its obligations to the investors.
  • There is no doubt that a leading company in the field of oil and gas has no equal to have a surplus of profits and operating expenses to continue the capital projects.
  • In the event that the same level of approach continues with an increase in the percentage of profits until the end of the current year, to reach 1.44 riyals of profit per share in the second half, this means that more financial flows in 2023, and through it the expansion of spending on capital projects.
  • This gives a strong signal to achieve its strategic vision in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The following table shows when Aramco will distribute profits for the fourth quarter of 2023.
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Payment Date Distribution eligibility date the condition Dividends (SAR) distribution period
June 18, 2023 May 21, 2023 Normal 0.3518 Saudi riyals The first quarter of 2023
August 31, 2023 August 11, 2023 Normal 0.3518 Saudi riyals The second quarter of 2023
November 30, 2023 November 9, 2023 Normal 0.3518 Saudi riyals Third quarter of 2023
March 31, 2023 March 18, 2023 Normal 0.0738 Saudi riyals Fourth quarter of 2023

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How do I calculate Aramco’s dividends?

After Aramco announced the profits of the second quarter of this year, the anticipation seemed tangibly clear to many in knowing the percentage of shareholdings from the company’s gains, as well as knowing the bonus shares granted by the company, noting that Aramco has witnessed a significant increase in the percentage of net profits, which reached 90%, and perhaps the real reasons that played a role in achieving those gains are the rise in global oil prices and fluctuations in energy markets. We explain the mechanism for calculating Aramco’s dividends below:

  • The number of shares is multiplied by 0.35 halalas, in the event that you have 500 shares, and we multiply it by 0.35 so that the profits are 157 riyals.
  • As for how to calculate the return on capital for any company, it is as follows:
    • Where we divide the annual profits by the capital and then multiply the result by 100.
    • For example, if a company has a capital of 1.5 million riyals and has achieved annual profits of 300 thousand riyals.
    • Also, 300,000 divided by 1,500,000 = 0.2, then 0.2 times 100 = 20.
    • Therefore, the return on capital is 20%.

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Deposit free Aramco shares

The General Assembly of the company has authorized the method of distributing Aramco’s free shares, and in the event that there are fractional shares, by increasing the capital, the fractions are collected in one portfolio for the shareholders who are entitled to them, and then sold at the market price before the distribution process, each according to his share, noting that this step takes place within a period of time Not exceeding 30 days from the start of determining the shares to which the shareholder is entitled, as one share for every 10 shares owned by him within the company.

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Aramco share price forecast after trading

Many expectations by specialists indicate that the stock will return to reap more gains, due to its possession of support elements, the most prominent of which are indicators of increased demand for oil amid declining supplies, and to clarify the expectations of Aramco’s share price as follows:

  • And after this bullish trend for the stock in the long term, as it reached the level of 41 riyals ($10.93).
  • This was followed by a rise in profit-taking in a sideways direction, and it reached near the level of 37 riyals ($9.86).
  • The stock is also expected to rise in a range between 38.80 and 41.98 riyals ($10.34 and $11.18).
  • While in the event of a decline, the stock will not be significantly affected, and therefore it will not fall below 36 riyals ($9.59).
  • The company will also offer more international bonds for sale in order to obtain the necessary funds for the investment process in SABIC, as well as the distribution of profits with the sudden drop in the share price in the market.
  • Thus, it is certain to expect a recovery in Aramco’s share price, in the event that crude oil maintains its current fixed price in the market.
  • Note that Aramco’s share symbol in Saudi Tadawul is 2222, and it is fixed from the moment it was listed on the stock market for trading. It is also a symbol in Al-Rajhi Tadawul and a share symbol in Al-Ahly Tadawul, in addition to that it is Aramco’s share symbol in the Saudi stock market.

How do I calculate the dividends of Aramco shares? We have discussed in detail the mechanism for calculating the profits that many investors are looking for, and those who have shares within the Aramco global company, with an explanation of the Aramco dividend distribution schedule for 2023, especially the fourth quarter of 2023.

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