How do I get rid of childhood trauma? 9 steps to recover from the traumatic effects of childhood

How do I get rid of childhood trauma? 9 steps to recover from the traumatic effects of childhood

Welcome, dear visitors, to this explanation through which How to get rid of childhood trauma This is one of 9 steps to recover from the painful effects of childhood, as many ask: How do I know that I have childhood trauma? What are the symptoms of childhood trauma? How can childhood trauma be treated?

Therefore, dear reader, through this article, we will learn what childhood trauma is and its impact on the adult, and we will learn, in return, how to break free from childhood trauma through 9 steps to get rid of childhood psychological and physical trauma.

How do I get over childhood trauma (9 steps to recover from painful childhood effects)

The misfortunes and bad experiences that a person goes through in his path result in feelings that remain stuck in his mind and body unless they are remedied. To be offended is very necessary for you as a conscious person in order to be able to overcome the traumas that you went through during the childhood period.

One of the most important things needed to get rid of emotional trauma is to recognize these feelings and imagine the amount of damage that they caused, and then live with them, with the certainty that they do not represent me. By following this method, we are able to overcome any negative effect that may remain stuck inside us, but this rarely happens.

Causes of childhood trauma

The reason for this imbalance is that we most of the time try to bury these emotions instead of coexisting with them and trying to treat them, because meeting others and crying is not considered desirable on a social level, so this thing is not done immediately, and because this step is very complicated because we are at a young age, so we We try to hide these emotions, and the grief we go through in adulthood for example when being bullied for how we look.

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You can imagine the extent of this harm that could result from this bullying of a child from psychological trauma and depression. These bad feelings, if not remedied, will continue to have a very significant impact on health and relationships, whether on an emotional or practical level.

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9 steps to get rid of childhood trauma

And now we will start with you how to get rid of childhood trauma in 9 steps, through which you can recover from the effects of childhood trauma. Here is the first step:

1- Try to relax well

In order to successfully achieve this and get rid of childhood trauma, you should remain focused inside of you, try to find an empty place where no one is present, sit in a position that is appropriate for you, take a deep breath after you close your eyes.

You have to tighten your muscles and then leave them in a state of relaxation, try to generate a feeling inside you as if you are stuck to the ground and visualize a large amount of energy penetrating into your body and then go to the next step.

2- You have to call the situation

Try to think about the situation that made you upset and caused you oppression, where you should start from the least harmful to you to the most. Your feelings become in the same situation as they were during the event, go to the next step, and this is one of the most important and very useful methods in getting rid of childhood psychological trauma.

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3- Try to feel it

You have to continue taking a deep breath with a necessary period in order to relax, and try to pay attention to any response that may occur from pain or distress, you have to find all these feelings and try to explain them to yourself in boring detail, and after the process of describing them and paying attention to the reactions that appeared from within you go to the step that followed.

4- Name it

You have to combine your feelings and your senses. Do you have a disturbing feeling or a feeling of tightness in the chest? Does anger penetrate inside you? It is very important to try to distinguish between the symptoms and the sensations that you feel and give them a name, and after completing that, go to the next step.

5-You must accept the things you feel

One of the very necessary things during the treatment period is to try to accept what you feel without taking into account the amount of suffering and distress it causes you. Whatever your feeling, try to live with it as a natural thing.

6- You must express your feelings

You have to remove the feelings that are inside you, and do not work to change their reality or bury them inside you. The pain that they cause you will disappear in the next and will be a very important factor in the healing process. Let your body accept anything it requires. If you feel like crying, cry, or if you feel like crying. You need to scream scream, expressing the feeling inside you is the way to get rid of it.

7-Know what your feelings are telling you

Do you have a sense of connection between your current feelings and an experience you had in the past? Did you manage to find out the reason behind this shock? If you do not have an answer, try asking yourself if these emotions want to tell you something. If you still have a problem knowing the answer to these questions, you should write for a period of up to ten minutes, so that you know what your feelings tell you.

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8- Share it

If you have a sense of comfort when you share what is inside you with another person, do not hesitate to share it with him, in the event that there is no one, write about your thoughts, imagine the things that happened during the trauma, and write your reaction at that moment and what you imagine at the time Present? Expressing negative feelings and feelings is one of the best ways to get rid of them.

9- Let it go

Try to visualize the energy that was present in your body due to the impact of these shocks, let it go or get rid of a letter you wrote to someone at the time, or throw it in the water.

All things will inevitably encounter many obstacles at the beginning, as during the period of getting rid of the traumas that occurred with you in the past, there will be a disturbing and uncomfortable feeling inside you at the beginning of the treatment, but this treatment is worth it, when you find yourself getting rid of the bad emotions that these traumas caused you It will turn into good feelings inside you that will give you the ability to start a new page in your life.

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