How do I know the customer’s Al-Rajhi number through 3 simple steps – platform

How do I know the customer’s Al-Rajhi number through 3 simple steps – platform

How do I know the customer number Al-Rajhi? Al-Rajhi Bank establishes an account number for the customer only, in order to carry out all his banking operations, such as withdrawals, deposits, etc., and it is one of the systems agreed upon internationally in order to specify international accounts, across local borders, to facilitate the completion of transactions while limiting errors, and every bank It provides more options for the beneficiary in order to know the customer number correctly, and we try to answer the most frequently asked question, how do I know the customer number of Al-Rajhi.

The difference between the IBAN number and the account number

The IBAN number is the international bank account number, which is used when carrying out international bank transfers. It is also used in sending and receiving international bank transfers. There is a big difference between the IBAN number and the account number, so in these lines we try to find the difference between the IBAN number and the account number:

  • The account number obtained by the customer in the event of submitting a request to open an account with the bank.
  • As for the IBAN number, the customer is provided with an official request to the bank, and it is found on the bank card for bank transfer transactions in a field specified for it.
  • The account number for the customer also consists of 16 or 18 digits, so that it is used in conducting local banking operations and cash transfers, between the internal bank branches, whether in the customer’s place of residence, or with other local banks located in the customer’s country.
  • While the IBAN account number consists of 22 to 24 numbers, letters and characters, starting with two letters, which are the code of the country in which the customer resides, and it is used to carry out international banking operations and bank transfers with foreign banks.
  • The IBAN contains the customer’s account number, which is the last 16 digits of the customer’s IBAN.
  • Google Adsense also imposed on website owners to collect profits by entering the IBAN number in Google accounts instead of the account number.
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How do I know the Al-Rajhi customer number from the application?

When taking the step of creating a bank account for the customer in Al Rajhi Bank, a number of numbers are obtained, which are special for completing banking operations, and among these numbers are the customer number, account number, and IBAN number, noting that the customer number is the same as the account number, so that the subscriber gets it after opening the account And how do I know the Al-Rajhi customer number from the application? The following steps must be followed:

  • It must be easily downloaded through electronic stores, depending on the phone system, as it can be downloaded for phones running Android from here, as well as for phones running IOS from here.
  • The application icon is also accessed from the phone interface.
  • Then log into the user account.
  • Choose accounts.
  • You must choose to enter the account details of the user, from which he finds the account number.
  • Note that the IBAN number is obtained by clicking on its icon in the application.

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How do I know the customer’s number through phone banking?

The importance of the banking phone is highlighted by its ability to conduct banking operations without going to the bank’s branches and waiting for a long time to obtain the service, especially in the case of withdrawals, deposits and external transfers. The customer’s number can be obtained through the banking phone number if the following steps are followed:

  • It is best to call the bank’s phone number 920003344.
  • Then choose the Arabic language.
  • Also write down the secret code.
  • Then review the available services.
  • Then choose to identify the account number.
  • Finally, after confirming the request, the user receives an SMS with the account number.
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Identifying the customer’s number through direct for individuals

One of the most important electronic services that the bank seeks to develop to become accessible to all users, and direct to individuals provides multiple and many services via the Internet, such as electronic bill payment service, or electronic payment of debts and bills of government companies such as electricity and water, etc., and below we explain Identifying the customer number through direct for individuals:

  • You must enter the Mubasher Al-Rajhi page from here.
  • Then write the username.
  • Also enter the password.
  • Click on the Login option.
  • Then write the phone number.
  • The temporary password sent via text message to the entered mobile number must be entered.
  • Click on Next.
  • You must enter the accounts page in order to know all the information related to the account, including the account number or the customer number.

How do I know the customer number through the ATM?

Through an automated teller machine, it is possible to access bank accounts in order to withdraw cash, as well as monitor account balances, with the opportunity to deposit cash or checks, and transfer money between bank accounts, and goods and services can be purchased through them, and the following is an explanation Recognizing the customer number through the ATM:

  • You must go to the nearest ATM.
  • Then insert the debit card in the space provided for it.
  • As, write down the pin.
  • Click on other options to display a group of options to the user.
  • Click on Print Account Statement.
  • The operation must be confirmed.
  • Then receive the card and wait until the account statement comes out of the machine and the customer number appears through it.

How to activate the customer number in Al-Rajhi

The importance of the customer number is based on providing the customer with the distinguished and unique account number from Al Rajhi Bank, and through it, financial transfers are carried out from Al Rajhi account to another account in the Kingdom, in several ways such as banks or charging the balance from Saudi Telecom networks, and we explain the following How to activate the customer number in Al-Rajhi:

  • In the beginning, a call is made to the unified banking phone number, Al Rajhi Bank 920003344.
  • Then make sure to call from the mobile number registered in the Al-Rajhi account.
  • The customer number and the secret code for the phone banking service must also be entered in the Al Rajhi Bank account.
  • You must click on the number 2 to select the transfer service and bill payment.
  • Click on number 1 to choose transfers.
  • No. 4 is chosen for the service of adding the beneficiary in the Al-Rajhi account.
  • You must click on the number 2 to activate the beneficiary added to the Al-Rajhi account.
  • Also specify the customer number to be activated and activate it in the Al-Rajhi account.
  • You must enter the temporary password sent by the bank to the customer’s mobile phone registered in Absher.
  • Finally, the activation of the customer number in Al-Rajhi is completed successfully.
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How to change Al-Rajhi customer number

The customer has the right to own the Al-Rajhi customer number when opening an account in Al-Rajhi Banking electronically, and by going directly to the nearest branch of the bank, and after successfully registering the operation, the customer number cannot be changed, but it is allowed to change the mobile number registered with the customer number through the ATM And go to the nearest branch of Al-Rajhi Bank in order to confirm that the change process has been successfully carried out and documented.

How do I know the Al Rajhi customer number? We mentioned all the details of the customer number and the difference between it and the IBAN number, noting that the account number is the same as the customer number and there is no difference between them.

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