How do I know the wallet number of the National Bank 1444, in steps with the conditions –

How do I know the wallet number of the National Bank 1444, in steps with the conditions –

How do I know the National Bank wallet number?Banks are constantly developing their services in line with the technology that appears in this field, in order to facilitate their customers and provide all means that help them to accomplish their affairs easily and very easily and save them time and effort, and one of the most advanced things that banks have added to their services is the wallet Through which all bills are paid and what is needed is purchased, and through our topic for today we will answer the question of how do I know the wallet number of the National Bank.

How do I know the National Bank wallet number?

The wallet in the National Bank, which the bank recently launched as part of the various services it provides to customers, is one of the modern means that facilitate buying and selling operations, and we will now answer the question of how do I know the wallet number of the National Bank:

  • The person first enters the website of Al-Rajhi Bank.
  • Then it is important to enter the section dedicated to the subscription data.
  • You must wait for the personal wallet number to be displayed.
  • It is also possible to know the number by downloading the Al-Ahly Online application, then entering the application and then clicking on the transfer service.
  • All that needs to be done now is to specify the transfer order to NCB Capital.

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Where did you find the wallet number in Al-Ahly?

The wallet system, which was established by the General Administration of the National Bank of Kuwait, has made it easier for its customers, and this matter appears clearly through the wide demand for the wallet by customers, and through our topic we will answer a question from where the wallet number was found in Al-Ahly:

  • In the beginning, access is made to the National Bank website by clicking on the link from here.
  • After that, you will enter the last subscription page, and the number will appear to you with ease.
  • There is another way, which is to enter the application of the National Bank online by clicking here
  • Then the word transfer is chosen, and then click on the transfer service to AlAhli Capital.

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Steps to open a wallet in the National Bank

Recently, the wallet is considered one of the necessary services for all people who have financial transactions with the National Bank, due to its role in facilitating transactions for them, especially during the purchase process. Through our topic, we will discuss the steps to open a wallet in the National Bank:

  • At first, you will be logged into the bank’s website by clicking here.
  • After that, the customer must click on the “Continue” option until the desired wallet is opened.
  • Before starting the rest of the steps, the customer is required to review the items that have been set by Al Ahli Bank and click on Agree in order to agree to them.
  • After the approval, all the data of the ATM card will now be recorded and the method that the customer wants to use to open the account will be chosen.
  • The bank is now sending a message to the customer’s personal mobile phone containing the service activation code.
  • The customer records the code sent to him in the field designated for him.
  • The customer must answer some of the questions asked, and then record the official data such as: mobile phone number and personal email, in order to verify the validity of the password.
  • The bank will now send the activation code to the mobile phone in an SMS.
  • The customer writes the password 2 times in order to confirm and verify that it has been registered correctly.
  • The customer goes to the bank’s website and completes the procedures for opening the wallet, noting that there are a number of types of wallets, and the customer chooses any type that suits him.
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Steps to download the e-wallet on the mobile phone

The National Bank has provided a number of ways and means through which customers can obtain the wallet, and the most important of these methods is the electronic application that is downloaded to the mobile phone, and through our topic we will learn about the steps to download the electronic wallet on the mobile phone:

  • At first, the person goes to one of the bank’s branches and applies to subscribe to the service, and this happens for free.
  • Then the customer downloads the electronic application on the customer’s mobile phone via the Internet.
  • After completing the required steps, the login process is now completed by registering all the personal data required for the registration process.
  • The bank then registers the activation code that was sent via SMS to the customer’s phone in the field registered to him on the website.
  • The user has to set a new password, and then the wallet is charged with the amount of money specified by the customer.
  • The customer can then enjoy all the features of the wallet that the wallet provides to him.

Steps to change the wallet password

The personal data related to the wallet must be very confidential and no one should know this data except its owner, and through our topic for today we will learn about the steps to change the password of the wallet through the following points:

  • In the beginning, the customer has to go to his personal wallet through this link
  • Then go to the forgot password service, and register the required data, which are: user name, national identity number, residence number, and investment bank account number.
  • You should now click on Get Temporary Security Code.
  • The bank sends a text message containing the personal phone number through which the registration process took place and includes the customer’s personal security code.
  • Record the security code and then the personal password, then re-type the password again in order to verify it, and then press Confirm.
  • The customer will notice that he has been taken to a new page that requires the customer to reset the new password to be used in the registration process.
  • The customer must now re-register the new password again for confirmation.
  • Finally, the new phone number is registered so that the customer can access the site.
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Conditions required to obtain AlAhli Tadawul service

The National Bank, and among its security policies, imposes some conditions in front of its clients in order to arrange the data and preserve their confidentiality, and through our topic for today, we will learn about the conditions required to obtain the AlAhli Tadawul service:

  • The bank requires the customer to establish a current account with Al Ahli Bank.
  • The customer must also submit the identity number or residence of the person himself.
  • It is necessary to have an investment account in the National Capital Bank, and a portfolio should be available with the National Bank as well.

Here we have come with you to the conclusion of our article for today, which bears the title How do I know the National Bank wallet number?Through it, we got acquainted with all the information related to the portfolio of the National Bank of Saudi Arabia.

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