How do you choose the right name for your online store?

How do you choose the right name for your online store?

Have you ever tried to find a better name for a brand that has already proven itself? You can easily tell that this little game is more difficult than you think, even after the first try. likewise; A game we often have to play in e-commerce: choosing a name for our online store.

Finding a new domain name and brand name for your online store where you will be hosting different products and brands is a really big responsibility. Makes two critical decisions at the same time that can determine the fate of your business; You have probably taken the most decisive step towards making it a successful brand that will be on people’s minds and hearts, and strong in terms of SEO. the name of your online store; It can be the key that will make her stand out by making her stand out in the crowd.

As a Go Start Business, in this article we offer you some strategic tips that you may want to consider when choosing a name for your online store.

It must be different and original

If you are not familiar with the names used by your competitors or if you are looking for an innovative approach, you may want to start with market research. Because it reflects the characteristics of your sector and the products you sell; But you should aim to find a name that doesn’t look like your competition. Different, original and creative approaches can make you stand out more and create a stronger perception of your customers at the first moment. For a battery brand that considers “longevity” the most important feature, Diehard could be a good example.

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Here are some techniques you can try in this context:

  • You can create a new word or derive a new word from an existing one by distorting it and using suffixes. For example, brands like Skype, eBay, and Google are among the important ones we can remember now, even if they weren’t meaningful words before.
  • You can work on different combinations of short words. (Two short words that are easy to remember when they rhyme.)

It should be “appropriate”

A short, simple, easy-to-remember, and “stylish” online store name can give your business a huge competitive edge that may not be noticed at first. However, if you do not want to face difficulties in the trademark patenting phase, it is recommended that you pay attention to the fact that your trademark does not invoke other trademarks. The same names for different products or services are a bit risky, but we recommend that you be careful to choose generic names that might mean “inappropriate” in another language.

You should check it out on Google

Before deciding on the name of your online store, by entering Google; It is a great benefit to check if the names on your list are there. The same applies to domain names: you can read our article on choosing the right domain name on the subject.

We recommend examining how frequently potential brand names in your listing appear in Google rankings. For example, a very generic name that represents a product’s entire inventory may not appear first in searches. Popular social networks such as Twitter and Facebook may also be among the platforms that you may want to consider in such a study.

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If you haven’t made up your mind yet, choosing a name shouldn’t put you off

As the name is important, it may also take up a lot of your time in the decision-making process. We know there are many e-commerce entrepreneurs out there who spend weeks thinking about the process. With Go Start Business eCommerce Packages, you don’t need a domain name when starting an eCommerce, you can prepare your store with a temporary domain name while you prepare product entries and your store.

You should not take legal risks

finally; When choosing a name for your online store, it is useful to be careful so as not to run any risks that may be in violation of the law or lead to a lawsuit being filed against you. By obtaining your trademark patent, you can secure your online store name legally. We highly recommend that you consult an attorney for complete peace of mind on legal matters.

Being a virtual store brand preferred by your target audience; First of all, it depends on having an original brand name that will make you stand out from your competitors. Find your brand name and let Go Start Business provide you with the technology and infrastructure solutions that can make a difference. Meet now with Go Start Business unique smart e-commerce packages, take a step forward in e-commerce…

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