How do you make people’s words not affect you?

How do you make people’s words not affect you?

In this article, we will try to answer a frequently asked question, which is:How do I make people’s words not affect me?” And How to make people’s words do not affect youSince it is the nature of human beings to interact with the words of people, and to exchange conversations, whether through positive or negative conversations.

Some people may be affected by people’s words, especially if they are hurtful or negative about them, so we will learn through this article how a person can not be affected by people’s words, and what are the ways to get rid of the obsessive fear of people’s words.

How to make people's words do not affect you

Many people are always afraid of people’s words, as everyone always wants to be loved by others and have a special and important position for them, but with time it may become exaggerated by a large percentage, so people’s opinions should not become the only concern in our lives.

Where you must work on preoccupation and thinking of yourself away until it is transformed into a permanent and endless anxiety. Therefore, you must monitor the soul in everything remotely from putting it at the mercy of others and their empty words.

Exaggerated preoccupation with people’s opinions can spoil your day, for the sake of just a smile or a look, and then this thing will become an obsessive-compulsive disorder that does not leave you, in addition to the anxiety that controls you throughout the day.

Therefore, in our article today, we will talk about how to get rid of thinking about people’s lives, being preoccupied with their words, and taking their opinions and empty words. Continue reading to know the full details in the coming lines.

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How do you make people’s words not affect you?

Now we will start talking about the most important steps or tips that you should follow if you are wondering how to ignore people’s words or how not to be affected by negative words and make their words not affect you at all.

1- Others don’t care what you think

You should not think that people think about you or what you think, as it is not necessary for the other party to be preoccupied with you in the event that he expresses his opinion about something, and you can see this matter from the dark side, for example, if others fall into a problem, have you thought about how to solve The problem of the other person, or this problem took a small amount of thought in your brain, where most of the time you give a temporary opinion, as in the end he will not pay attention to your personal problems and will be preoccupied with his personal life after you leave.

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2- Don’t let others know your personal information too much

You should always keep your personal affairs in mystery and away from other people’s tongues and their daily talk. This is one of the most important methods of ignoring people’s words, as you should work to stop talking about personal secrets to one of your friends, as he may not keep your personal secrets and spread them among others.

3- Accept weakness and failure

In the event that he felt that people’s words had affected you greatly, then you are now in the danger stage, where you must stop what you do according to people’s words, but rather you must transfer to another work that you love and make progress in making achievements that you have failed in previously, as you do not stop, no matter how difficult the difficulties and challenges are. You face and learn from the difficulties you face, as it is known that at first people will ridicule you and the actions you take, but if you do not pay attention to them, you will find victory looming for you on the horizon.

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4- You must monitor the thoughts that are going through your mind

In the beginning, you must monitor your thoughts well, as you must always think positive thoughts and stay away from negative thoughts that are illogical, so you must always assume that you will be exposed to the worst and how to solve them in a positive and effective way, and you must immediately stop thinking negative thoughts and excessive thinking that leads to frustration.

5- The opinions of others are not important

In fact, the opinions of others about you are unimportant and not good for you. It is possible for the other party to see this thing as correct according to their practical experiences. As for you, this opinion and solution is absolutely incorrect. You should always pay attention to what pleases you and not what pleases others, as it is natural for it to be You have your own nature that is different from others and how they think about dealing with the daily matters that go through them. You are the only one who can estimate what is going on with you and solve the issue, whatever it is, in the right way, without the help of the opinions of others.

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6- Exposure to criticism for the purpose of exploitation and hatred

There are many personalities in our society today who want to control others and their way of thinking in order to reach final control over the person out of hatred and exploitation for their personal interests, as they always put forward their negative ideas and opinions that have not and will not benefit from anything at all except turning you into the wrong path and feeling depressed and frustrated. You avoid these people as soon as possible.

7- You are the one who pays the price of listening to what people say

You must think well before you listen and implement people’s opinions because in the end you are the one who will pay the price and not the person who presents his opinion to you, whether the opinion is in the way of subtraction or in the way of pressure, as you must know that the final decision must be issued from your absolute thinking and not submit to Any step in which others have presented opinions before you study them properly in order to avoid making mistakes. This is one of the most important things that you should pay attention to when you reach a stage where you say you are tired of people’s words, as it is one of the most important methods to ignore people’s words.

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8- Staying away from pleasing everyone

You should always know that pleasing people is an objective that you do not realize, so do not please everyone at the expense of your dignity and personal authenticity, as it is possible for your image to shake in front of them and then become an easy prey and a game in their hands that they push it away and bring it closer whenever they want and want, as in the end you must work to satisfy yourself only.

9- You will not reach perfection

You cannot reach perfection, and this is one of my most important tips that makes people’s words not affect you, as there is not a single person on this planet who possesses the qualities of perfection in himself, as it is known that perfection is only for God Almighty, so do not pretend and move away from your personal nature And behaving with the hypocrisy of some people in the gathering, rather you should be a normal person, act according to your human nature, then people will love you and you will love them.

Here we have come to the end of our article for today by talking about how to stay away from hearing people’s words so that it does not preoccupy thinking and does not lead to personal shaking and turning into a world of frustration and depression, by making people’s words not affect you, so you must apply the previous tips to enjoy life Happy away from people’s negative opinions.

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