How many times have the profits of Dana Gas been distributed – our trading platform?

How many times have the profits of Dana Gas been distributed – our trading platform?

How many times have the profits of Dana Gas been distributed? Dana Gas formed a vital regional center in the Middle East, as it was established in 2005 with the participation of hundreds of regional companies and individuals. The original goal of the company was to supply gas to the north of the United Arab Emirates from Iran, and the matter did not stop there. The company has been in rapid development with the expansion of natural gas production activities, land and sea transportation operations, and in this article we explain how many times the profits of Dana Gas were distributed.

How many times have Dana Gas profits been distributed?

The management of Dana Gas decided to distribute interim cash dividends to shareholders, with a value of 315 million dirhams, equivalent to 4.5 fils per share. Those profits will be paid to shareholders on October 21, 2023, and in an interim manner, the distributions increased by about 5%, while the annual return for dividend distribution reached 7%. .

  • It is clear that the continuation of the dividend distribution with the increase is a strong indication of the company’s excellence in its executive and financial performance.
  • Especially since the first half witnessed an increase in cash flows, and perhaps the most prominent factor in that increase is the rise in energy prices, in addition to that, stability in production rates, while maintaining cost control.
  • All this and more led to an increase in the interim cash dividends provided to the company’s shareholders.
  • On the other hand, the company announced the financial results for the first half of the year 2023, and the report stated that achieving net profits amounted to 407 million dirhams, equivalent to 111 million dollars, during the first six months of the year.
  • And compared to the net profits for the first half of the year 2023, the increase is estimated at 82% in 2022.
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How do I know my shares in Dana Gas?

It won the title of the largest regional company in the natural gas sector in the Middle East and North Africa region. Other than that, the company enjoys its solid position, especially after entering the world of pioneering investments, to achieve more growth and higher profit rates, and with the presence of a leadership team with high skills and experience in implementing practices The process in terms of governance, transparency, sustainability, as well as environmental security.

  • It is also possible to know the transfer and trading of shares through a broker or the Abu Dhabi Securities Market.
  • Find out all the brokers registered in the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange by clicking on the following link: from here.
  • The shareholder must have the allotment notice and a copy of the passport.
  • In the event of changing personal information, whether the address, contact number, fax, etc., through the following methods:
    • Tel: +2 (0) 971 7777627
    • Tel: + (0) 2 612 8852

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How to sell Dana Gas shares from Saudi Arabia

Dana Gas shares are witnessing a rise to their highest levels in more than 13 years. This financial report came after the Board of Directors discussed the invitation to the General Assembly to approve the distribution of interim cash dividends during the current year. The rise in global oil prices contributed to a positive impact on the financial position of Dana Gas Company. Which made it step towards achieving its major goals in expanding its strategies, which it intends to implement in Egypt and Iraq.

  • As for the method of selling Dana Gas shares from Saudi Arabia, that is by opening an account in Al-Rajhi Bank in trading and selling Gulf shares.
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Dana Gas subscription price

The subscription campaign for Dana Gas shares was opened, in order to attract an amount of 2.06 billion dirhams, representing 34.33% of the total capital value of the company. ).

  • Moreover, only the shares of Dana Gas were offered, with a nominal value of 1 dirham per share and one fils.
  • Investors must then pay the full amount upon subscription, along with refunding the subscription surplus
  • After completing the process of allocating shares, it is worth noting that the founders of the company have subscribed to 65.67 percent of the company’s target capital value of 6 billion dirhams.

Dana Gas share forecast

Initial expectations towards the rapid growth of the company, and the company is working to gradually double its production to reach the required percentage of production rates, especially with the expansion of its activities, the most prominent of which is the sale of petroleum liquids separated from gas and other products that are very related to it, and we review the most important results that the company was able to achieve during The first six months of 2023 achieve:

  • The company witnessed an increase in the percentage of the company’s net profit to 589 million dirhams (161 million dollars), compared to 360 million dirhams (98 million dollars) during the past years.
  • The total value of the company’s revenues also grew during the first nine months of 2023, as the percentage reached 24% annually, reaching 1,521 million dirhams ($415 million).
  • In addition, there was an increase in EBITDA by 34%, reaching AED 880 million ($240 million).
  • Instead, increasing production capacity by 11%, specifically in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq
  • More importantly, the distribution of cash dividends of 4.5 fils per share for the first half of 2023 during the month of October.

The future of Dana Gas

The main activity of the company is to carry out many operations related to natural gas in terms of exploration, drilling, as well as the production process, storage, marketing and refining, with liquefaction, distribution and finally selling. The financial results of Dana Gas showed its transformation to profitability in 2023 compared to the coming years, It witnessed large losses amounting to 1.38 billion dirhams, and that was in 2020.

  • Many factors contributed to this profitable shift, perhaps the most prominent of which is the rise in oil prices along with the performance improvement of the operational process, with the increase in other revenues, which included $608 million.
  • Also, the company has stabilized its cash liquidity at the end of September 30 of 2023 at 784 million dirhams.
  • The company also distributed cash dividends to shareholders during the month of October, with a value of 4.5 fils per share for the first half of 2023.
  • The average selling prices achieved for the company’s products during the first nine months amounted to 85 dollars per barrel of condensate, as well as 43 dollars per barrel of oil equivalent of liquefied petroleum gas.
  • Dana’s branches in the Kurdistan region of Iraq also witnessed an increase in Dana Gas production by 1%, with the beginning of the last quarter of 2023.
  • In addition, the company recorded an increase in the production capacity, especially for the Khor Mor plant, which is responsible for gas processing, by 50 million standard cubic feet per day, reaching 500 million standard cubic feet per day, with the completion of the successful completion of the bottleneck removal project at Khor Mor station.
  • Accordingly, expectations are strong with regard to achieving profits for Dana Gas through all its branches in the Arab world.
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How many times have Dana Gas profits been distributed? In this article, we presented the detailed information related to Dana Gas, where we presented the future of Dana Gas according to the expectations of economic experts, as well as the most prominent results that the company witnessed during the first months of 2023.

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