How much is Aramco’s dividend per share – platform

How much is Aramco’s dividend per share – platform

How much is Aramco’s dividend per share?Aramco is one of the most famous companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and its reputation is spread in various countries around the world, and its importance stems from the fact that it works in an important field, which is oil, gas and all petrochemical products, and this matter made it one of the most interested companies even major European countries Aramco is distinguished by the strength of its own shares, as it achieves high profits, and through our topic, we will know how much Aramco’s dividends per share.

Information about Aramco

Aramco is one of the most famous companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is characterized by the multiplicity of services and products that it provides to its customers. Through our topic for today, we will discuss information about Aramco through the following lines:

  • Aramco has its own accounts on social networking sites, through which the most important news related to the company, the value of the shares owned by the company and the amount for trading are displayed.
  • It must also be said that Aramco has been converted into a joint stock company, and this step has helped it in the field of stock trading.
  • The financial value of Aramco amounts to 1.2 trillion US dollars, and this company has been established since 1933 AD, but its beginning was in the name of the American National Oil Company.
  • The company then worked in the field of extracting oil from wells, and this matter started from the Saudi Dammam well, after which the company was nationalized by the King of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and became his property in 1980.
  • In 2015, the company’s management was separated from the Ministry of Oil, and it became independent by itself, and this matter helped it gain independence.
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How much is Aramco’s dividend per share?

Aramco owns shares in large numbers, and this is normal for a global company working in the field of oil and petrochemical industries, and this matter has made the value of its shares rise every period, and through our topic we will know how much Aramco’s dividends per share:

  • Aramco distributes profits outside the value of shares to all those who have invested in them, and determines the date allocated for this distribution by the senior management of the company.
  • Aramco distributes profits based on the Saudi riyal, as it is a company belonging to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and these amounts are distributed based on the stock and stock price.
  • Note that the profits owned by the company these days may reach 70.3 billion Saudi riyals (18.8 billion US dollars) by the end of the year.
  • The company also decides, through its financial department, to grant each person who owns ten shares an eleventh share for free, as a form of its own dividend distribution.
  • Based on the various financial reports, the total cash dividends for the fiscal year 2022 may reach an estimated amount of 281 billion Saudi riyals (75 billion US dollars).
  • We mentioned these details in our topic, how much Aramco will distribute dividends per share. Aramco determines

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When is Aramco’s 2023 dividend distribution?

Aramco or any other company that has shares distributes the profits of the shares it has every period of time, and this date is determined by the company’s senior management, and through our topic for today we will know the answer to the question of when will the dividends of Aramco 2023 be distributed:

  • Aramco sets a date for the distribution of dividends related to shares to all its shareholders, and during each period of time these dividends are distributed.
  • The last time the previous dividends for shares were distributed in 2022 was on the eighteenth of June, and the value of the dividends distributed amounted to nearly fifty billion Saudi riyals.
  • The number of shares on which the company distributed profits has reached two hundred shares, and each share has a value of 0.3518 Saudi riyals. The company once again distributed profits at the end of last August.
  • Based on the comparisons of the competent authorities in the field of finance, business, and stock prices, it was noticed that the profit price of Aramco decreased in the second part of the year 2022, and the company explained that the reason is due to the decline in the price of oil internationally, and that profits from petroleum refining and its chemical derivatives have become very low.
  • The date for determining the profits for the third quarter of this year was announced in November, according to statements made by the company responsible for this matter.
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Positions occupied by Aramco

A large company the size of Aramco was bound to be present on the podiums of the companies through which the company is rewarded for the great role it plays in the field of industries, and through our topic we will know the positions occupied by Aramco

  • In 2004 AD, Aramco ranked first in the world in oil production, with an amount of 3.15 billion barrels.
  • Also, in the same year, the company obtained the first ranking in the world in the percentage of reserves of crude oil by 259.7 billion barrels.
  • As for crude oil production, the company ranked first with 10.5 million barrels per day.
  • While the company ranks first in the world in crude oil and natural gas liquids.
  • The company has also discovered many areas that produce natural oil and gas in separate places in the Arabian Gulf, not only in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and we mentioned this information to you during our topic, how much is Aramco’s dividend distribution per share.

Aramco dividend schedule 2023

Aramco, from time to time, distributes profits that result from the rise in the price of shares in the global stock market, and each period owns a certain value of profits, and through our topic for today, we will discuss Aramco’s 2023 dividend distribution schedule through the following paragraph:

distribution period Dividends (SAR) the condition Distribution eligibility date Payment Date
The fourth quarter of the year 2022 0.0738 (SR) Normal March 18, 2022 March 31, 2022
First quarter 2022 0.3518 (SR) Normal May 21, 2022 June 18, 2022
The second quarter of the year 2022 0.3518 (SR) Normal 11/ of August/ 2023 August 31, 2022
The third quarter of the year 2022 0.3518 (SR) Normal November 09, 2022 November 30, 2022
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Aramco free shares distribution

Aramco distributes free shares to its investors at the end of each year, and shares are distributed at the rate of one free share for every ten shares, and through this gesture Aramco is constantly trying to increase its capital, and it has so far reached 60 billion Saudi riyals, then the increase amounted to 75 billion Saudi riyals.

Note that the aforementioned amount is only the increase in the capital and not the capital itself, and no date has been set for the distribution of Aramco free shares until this moment.

Here we have come with you to the end of our article for today, which is titled How much is Aramco’s dividend per share, and we have learned through it some information related to Aramco and the share distribution system.

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