How much is Aramco’s share profit percentage? – Our trading platform

How much is Aramco’s share profit percentage? – Our trading platform

How much is Aramco’s share dividend? Cautious anticipation prevails among many before announcing the date of Aramco’s dividend distribution during the first half of 2023. This came after the historic jump in the proportion of revenues and gains witnessed by Aramco, and perhaps the rise in global oil prices contributed to this success, as well as the political and economic events that took place in In the first half of this year, it boosted production capacity in the energy sector to ensure the supply of local and global markets. In this article, we review the percentage of Aramco’s shares.

How much is Aramco’s dividend percentage?

The profits of the second quarter of the current year 2023 came in contrast to all expectations made by experts and economic analysts, as it exceeded all records achieved by the company throughout its long history, as the Arabian Oil Company, Aramco, recorded $48.4 billion, and with that number it exceeded all record results, which achieved during the past first quarter, which amounted to $39.5 billion, noting that this figure is the highest among the company’s annual profits since the Saudi government offered for public subscription in the stock market in 2019.

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How do I calculate Aramco’s dividends?

Saudi Aramco has expanded its activities to include its presence all over the world, especially in the three global energy markets in the continent of Asia, Europe and North America, and the value of Aramco has reached two trillion US dollars, and with this number it has taken the lead in the first company to break this barrier. During which you will know the profits of Aramco shares. Below is an explanation of that

  • Where the number of shares is multiplied by 0.35 halalas, in the event that you own 500 shares, then it is multiplied by 0.35, so that the profits are 157 riyals.
  • As for the mechanism for calculating the return on capital for any company, it is as follows:
    • The annual earnings are divided by the capital and then the result is multiplied by 100.
    • For example, a company with a capital of 1.5 million riyals has made annual profits of 300 thousand riyals.
    • Then 300,000 divided by 1,500,000 = 0.2, then 0.2 times 100 = 20.
    • The return on capital should be 20%.
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Aramco’s fourth quarter dividend distribution date

Aramco follows a specific approach when distributing profits to shareholders by 1.28 riyals, and during the first half it distributed 1.44 riyals, so the company continuously seeks to cover all its obligations to shareholders with more than the target, knowing that Aramco has a clear strategy and vision towards investing in capital projects In the event of a surplus of profits, the following is the date of Aramco’s fourth quarter dividend distribution:

Payment Date Distribution eligibility date the condition Dividends (SAR) distribution period
June 18, 2023 May 21, 2023 Normal 0.3518 Saudi riyals The first quarter of 2023
August 31, 2023 August 11, 2023 Normal 0.3518 Saudi riyals The second quarter of 2023
November 30, 2023 November 9, 2023 Normal 0.3518 Saudi riyals Third quarter of 2023
March 31, 2023 March 18, 2023 Normal 0.0738 Saudi riyals Fourth quarter of 2023

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Aramco shares

It is clear that Aramco’s share price will witness a strong recovery if crude oil maintains its fixed price in the market, as expectations by analysts of the global stock market indicate that the stock will return to reap more profits, and perhaps the most prominent reason for this is the company’s possession of support elements, the most important of which is the increase in demand Oil is in a big way amid the decline in supplies, and the following table shows Aramco Tadawul stock:

The last price 42.95
the change 0,05
the change (%) 0,12
opening 42,80
lowest 42,65
the above 43,10
previous close 42,90
change (3 months) 20,34%
Change (6 months) 19,17%
trading volume 4921116
turnover 211197906
The number of deals 9275
Market value 8,590,000
M. Trading volume (3 months) 11547198
M. Turnover (3 months) 472630076
M. Number of deals (3 months) 13214
change (12 months) 21,02%
change from the beginning of the year 19.83%
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Aramco free shares distribution

The eligibility to obtain free Aramco shares for the shareholders who own the shares will be announced at the end of the trading day of the extraordinary general assembly of the company, as well as those registered in the register of shareholders of the Depository Center Company, it will be at the end of the trading days following the date of the assembly, and the Saudi company has announced that in the event of fractions Shares As a result of the increase in the capital, the fractions are collected within one portfolio of the shareholders entitled to the fractions, after which they are sold at the market price before being distributed to the shareholders, each according to his share in it.

The best dividend distribution company in the Saudi market

Profits are distributed in the Saudi market based on the material returns that companies reap from investment operations and general trading. This constitutes a strong incentive for customers wishing to invest in order to obtain more profits resulting from stock trading and share repurchase. We explain below the best dividend distribution company in the Saudi market :

The Company’s name stock number trading sector distribution method distribution date Dividend earnings per share
Where, good 4090 The main market Account transfer 2021/12/05 4.00 SAR
Also, Bupa Arabia for Cooperative Insurance 8210 The main market Account transfer 2021/07/08 3.40 SAR
Also, the sandwich house fast food restaurant company, Burgerizzr stock 9520 The main market Account transfer 10/14/2021 3.20 SAR
Also, SABIC Agro-Nutrients Company 2010 The main market Account transfer Unavailable 3.00 SAR
Also, the Saudi Dairy and Foodstuff Company, SADAFCO 2270 The main market Account transfer 2021/08/05 3.00 SAR
Also, Abdullah Al-Othaim Markets Company 4001 The main market Account transfer 04/01/2021 3.00 SAR
In addition, the Saudi Dairy and Foodstuff Company, SADAFCO 2270 The main market Account transfer 2021/01/25 3.00 SAR
Likewise, the Eastern Province Cement Company 3080 The main market Account transfer 2021/04/28 2.50 Saudi riyals
Southern Province Cement Company 3050 The main market Account transfer 2021/04/25 2.50 Saudi riyals
Also, Mouwasat Medical Services Company 4002 The main market Account transfer 2021/05/09 2.50 Saudi riyals
Then Jarir Marketing Company 4190 The main market Account transfer 2021/03/31 2.35 Saudi riyals
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Buy Aramco Al-Rajhi shares

The shares of Saudi Aramco are considered among the ordinary shares in one category, in which the shareholders enjoy many advantages, such as voting in the company, attending all meetings, and the shareholder gets profits announced by the company, and the Saudi government entered this company as the largest shareholder, Aramco was able to possess a record It has been involved in social development for a long time, as well as in caring for the environment and educational services, and has led its projects strongly by developing infrastructure, caring for orphans, and others. We explain the following how to buy Aramco Al-Rajhi shares:

  • By going to the official website of Tadawul Al Rajhi Capital by clicking on the following link: from here.
  • Then log into the customer account.
  • Verify the required number via the mobile number registered in Absher.
  • Click on electronic trading.
  • Click on Buy, then choose Aramco shares.
  • Also, write down the amount of shares to be sold.
  • The order type is also determined by the market price or a price to be determined by the client.
  • You must agree to the terms and conditions, then click on the submit icon.

How much is the percentage of Aramco shares profits? In this article, we discussed how to buy Aramco Al Rajhi shares, as well as the mechanism for distributing Aramco free shares, how to calculate Aramco shares profits, and other details related to Aramco shares profits.

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