How much is the balance of the Al Rajhi Signature Card and the conditions for obtaining it – platform

How much is the balance of the Al Rajhi Signature Card and the conditions for obtaining it – platform

How much is the balance of Al Rajhi Signature Card?The idea based on using this card is to grant financing through the bank’s usual methods that are compatible with the controls determined by Islamic Sharia, while allowing flexible payment through monthly installments for purchases, so that it relies on Murabaha financing to provide many unique advantages, such as Ease of electronic payment for local and international purchases with high flexibility. In this article, we explain how much the balance of the Al Rajhi Signature Card is.

How much is the balance of Al Rajhi Signature Card?

To illustrate an experiment Signature card The amount of financing is deposited in your card account to be used for purchases or cash withdrawals, and accordingly, the profit for this financing will range from 1.99% per month, which the bank will calculate when paying the card dues in installments:

  • The minimum purchase list for the Signature Al Rajhi Card is 10,000 Saudi riyals in a period of 60 days, in addition to a purchase voucher of up to 500 Saudi riyals.
  • Likewise, the Al-Rajhi Platinum card reached a value of 5000 Saudi riyals within two months, with a voucher rate of 3000 Saudi riyals.
  • There is also the Al-Rajhi card for women with the smallest purchase value of 10 thousand Saudi riyals within two months, with a voucher of 500 Saudi riyals available.
  • While the Al-Rajhi Infinite card has the smallest purchase value of up to 15 thousand Saudi riyals within 60 days of its issuance, and a voucher of up to 1000 Saudi riyals.

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Features of Al Rajhi Signature Card

The widespread demand for owning a card Signature no matter what price it is The card grants its owners points reward programs, through which the customer gets 5 points for every riyal in local purchases, as well as 6 points for every riyal in international purchases, and benefit from these points by converting them into many rewards, also there are many features of the card Al Rajhi Signature:

  • It provides meet and assist services at more than 500 airports around the world, at a discount of up to 0, with access to more than 1,000 waiting lounges, through the Lounge Key program.
  • Note that Al-Rajhi customers who own this card have access to a concierge personal assistance service in all matters of travel and flight reservations, as well as restaurants, hotels, car rentals, celebration tickets, and other unparalleled services.
  • Customers are given the advantage of KIWI COLLECTION, which is a service for luxury hotels, which is based on providing luxury services, most notably:
    • Free breakfast and late check out.
    • Hotel reservations are also upgraded to rooms automatically.
    • What’s more, there are free food and drink vouchers of $25 each.
  • The card is based on providing customers with the maximum degree of flexibility in the event of paying at least 5% of the amount due per month.
  • In addition, this card allows a maximum of 5 additional cards for the customer’s family members.
  • The customer also obtains, by owning the card, a program to protect purchases from loss or damage.
  • And most importantly, the monthly money installment feature is available for purchases with zero profits and no fees.
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Conditions for obtaining the Al Rajhi Signature Card

owning a card Signature is a very wonderful thing, but the matter is subject to several conditions in the event that the user thinks of possessing it, so studying the conditions with the ability to address the outstanding problems that prevent possession of it is important, and for more clarification we mention the conditions for obtaining the Signature Al Rajhi card:

  • The customer must be 18 years of age or older.
  • It is also necessary for the customer to have an active account with Al Rajhi Bank.
  • With emphasis on the customer’s acceptance of all terms and conditions related to fees and taxes imposed on the card.
  • For clarification, the customer must deposit the money that he withdrew from the card in the previous month before the 25th day of the following month.
  • It is also prohibited to request the customer to issue a check book for the card account.
  • In the event that the card is issued, the customer must go to the nearest branch of the bank and submit a written request to obtain a Signature Card.
  • In addition, the submitted application must be accompanied by a copy of the national ID for citizens, residence permits for residents, or a passport, provided that they are all valid.
  • The customer must submit a letter of identification provided by the employer in which he works.

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Al Rajhi Signature Card fees

With the availability of many unparalleled advantages compared to other credit cards, imposing a small fee on that card is something that does not burden the citizen in front of the large number of services that he will receive and wherever he goes. The following is an explanation of the card fees Al Rajhi Signature:

  • As the annual card fee: 790 Saudi riyals.
  • The number of free supplementary cards: 2 free cards.
  • The additional card issuance fees must be paid, starting from the third or more: 300 riyals.
  • While the card re-issuance fee: 50 riyals.
  • Likewise, the fee for issuing a copy of the purchase receipt: 150 riyals.
  • The cash withdrawal fee is 75 riyals.
  • As for the wrong objection fee: 50 riyals.
  • International transaction fees: 2.75%.
  • Note that the profit rate is fixed for each month for the financing accompanying the card: 1.99%.
  • Accordingly, the minimum monthly payment is: 100 Saudi riyals or 5%, whichever is higher.
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Al Rajhi Signature Card Services

The card is based on providing many services, the most prominent of which is the extent of influence service, so that it is available to card users to pay the value of their purchases, which amount to less than 100 Saudi riyals, through the electronic points of sale known to the bank. We also explain the most prominent services of the card Al Rajhi will be spread as follows:

  • It provides the service of superior three-dimensional security, through which the password for the card is written only once when shopping online, and it is for customers.
  • It also provides the service of selling goods in installments through the financing deposit in the card.
  • With the possibility of shopping through the card in international currencies.
  • Objection service in the event of not receiving an account statement or increasing the value of taxes within a period of 30 days.

Loss of Al Rajhi Signature Card

The card may be subject to loss and damage, and this is normal and very likely, so Al-Rajhi Bank dealt with this problem by providing simple methods through which the card is retrieved, and the most important thing is to destroy the card and stop it so that it is not in unsafe hands and exploiting the matter for cases of theft and fraud, so when Losing the Al Rajhi Signature Card There are several options, most notably the following:

Contact Al-Rajhi customer service

  • From within the Kingdom: 8880124800.
  • Also, from outside the Kingdom: 554492000966.
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Direct application to individuals

  • You must download the Al-Rajhi application for Android devices from here, and for iPhone devices from here.
  • After installing the application, it will open, then sign in to the lost card account.
  • At the bottom right of the main interface of the application, you will find a white space, please click on it.
  • At the top right of the new page, click More.
  • A new page will open with the option to report a lost, stolen or damaged card. You must click on it.
  • Write down all required account information on the next page.
  • Specifying the reason for which you want to stop the card.
  • Click on Next to stop the card immediately.

The difference between the Al Rajhi Signature and Infinite cards

The matter is not limited to the Signature card, but rather the bank is subject to many credit cards, and each card contains advantages and characteristics different from the other, and all of them work in the interest of the customer and obtain the maximum levels of comfort and future security. As for the difference between the Signature and Infinite Al Rajhi cards, we explain them through the following table:

The differences Signature card Infinite card
Card issuance fees 908.5 SAR inclusive of VAT 1138.5 Saudi riyals, including value-added tax
Fees for obtaining the third card or more 300 Saudi riyals 500 Saudi riyals
Foreign exchange fees 3.16% 3.16%
cash withdrawal 75 Saudi riyals 75 Saudi riyals
credit limit It varies based on the customer’s monthly salary It varies based on the customer’s monthly salary

How much is the balance of the Al Rajhi Signature Card, and perhaps owning one of the cards that fall within Al Rajhi Bank facilitates the performance and completion of many tasks, while enjoying the benefits and offers offered by these cards.

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