How much is the self-employment salary and what are the professions in the self-employment document –

How much is the self-employment salary and what are the professions in the self-employment document –

How much is the self-employment salary and what are the professions in the self-employment document, It is issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development with the aim of practicing self-employment, as the Ministry launched it in order to give all individuals specialized in practicing a number of activities free of charge, as well as working independently to contribute to financial stability and the development of creativity among a wide segment of society, and the most important thing is that it It gives the beneficiary the opportunity to open a bank account, and in this article we provide details of how much the self-employment salary is and what are the professions in the self-employment document.

What are the occupations in the self-employment document?

The self-employment document is an official document that can be submitted to the concerned authorities for approval by the Ministry of Human Development. The self-employment platform has developed a group of professions that can be used to obtain appropriate work that meets the desires and inclinations of many, and we mention in the following what are the professions in the document Self-employment:

Calligraphy. Sales management and promotion. Fashion design and tailoring.
Journalistic editing. Data Entry. Graphic Design.
Marketing, promotion and advertising. Molasses production. Print design and drafting.
photographer. Production of vegetable oils. Design, installation and maintenance of computer networks.
embroidery. Complete government transactions. Design and development of electronic games.
prospecting and data mining. Marketing Research – Research and Analysis. Developing electronic payment systems programs.
Sweets and citrus. Marketing Research – The Mystery Shopper. Mobile application software development.
Attracting job talent. Information systems programming – Oracle major. Gift wrapping and distributions.
Secretarial and office management. Information systems programming – SAP specialization. Detailing modern shawls and furs.
Cloud computer networks. Programming and developing websites. Food travel details.
Drafting and language revision. Computer software. hospitality distributions.
Kites and paragliders. Resource planning software. Modern upgraded shoe stitching.
Printing on garments. Drying fruits and vegetables. Sewing clothes.
Public relations. Business analysis – planning. business intelligence.
Coffee and its blends. Business Analysis – Development. Business networks and economic and commercial affairs.
Writing – copying, formatting and printing. Check data entry. Handmade furniture.
Administrative assistance. Written translation. Smart devices maintenance.
Traditional Foods. Audiovisual translation. Dates treasure.
Baked goods, pastries and pies. interpretation. Information technology systems.
Carpentry and non-traditional wood products. lighting design. seals industry
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Terms of the self-employment document 1444

Resorting to issuing the self-employment document does not require full-time dedication to the field of self-employment, as workers in any sector can work to increase income and annual profits, and within this framework, the Ministry of Development and Social Resources has identified a set of conditions that must be met, and we explain below the conditions of the self-employment document 1444 :

  • The self-employment document must be valid for one year, and then it is renewed for free.
  • The self-employed worker can also obtain several documents for the activities he engages in, provided that the maximum number of documents is five documents for different professions.
  • The applicant must be a Saudi national.
  • The age of the applicant should not be less than 18 years.
  • With an activated Absher account for the applicant.

Terms of the Directed Transfer Support Program

  • The applicant must be a Saudi citizen.
  • The applicant must hold a valid national identity card.
  • Also, the age of the applicant should not be more than 60 years, and not less than 20 years.
  • Also, the applicant should not occupy a public or private position.
  • Also, the applicant should not be a regular student.
  • The applicant must not be retired or have a commercial registration.
  • Also, the applicant must have a valid and valid IBAN number.
  • Possession of a valid self-employment document from the self-employment portal.
  • The applicant must fulfill all the requirements and conditions for qualifying Saudi individuals and their private vehicles to provide the transportation service through the vehicle guidance applications service provider.
  • Also, the applicant shall not be benefiting from any of the programs offered by the Human Resources Development Fund to support employment and training.
  • The beneficiary must adhere to a certain number of trips, which is at least 42 trips.
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How to issue the self-employment document 1444

The self-employer can open his own bank account related to the document, after the document is officially issued. It is also possible, through the self-employment document, to use all digital payment channels to obtain profits, and we explain in these points how to issue the self-employment document 1444

  • First, log in to the Freelance website directly from here.
  • Click on Register with Us at the top of the home page.
  • The data required to create a new account must also be entered, which are:
    • Mobile number.
    • and ID number.
    • password.
  • You must choose the category of work, including:
    • Specialized services.
    • Free directed transport.
  • Then agree to the pledge.
  • Click on Create New.
  • The account is also verified by entering the following:
    • Identification Number.
    • Or through your date of birth on the Absher electronic platform.
  • Then you must enter the provisional confirmation number sent to your mobile phone
  • Then complete all required information.
  • You must choose the field of self-employment, and document it by adding a pdf file, or the URL of your business.
  • Click on Document Version.

Freelancing platform login

The Social Development Bank launched a clarification about the work platform, announcing the possibility of providing unemployed people or those in need of increasing income with financing products, in order to work in one of the activities that help them to financially earn for the breadwinner of their families as well as meet all their necessary needs. Below we mention the self-employment platform sign in:

  • You must go to the freelancing platform directly
  • Click on the Single Access Login tab.
  • Then go to the national single sign-on page.
  • The user’s data is also entered into Absher, including:
    • user name.
    • password.
  • Click on login.

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Method of canceling the self-employment document 1444

Self-employment has been called that because it gives freedom to those who provide the service to choose the field that suits him, as well as choosing the method through which he provides that service without being supervised by anyone or receiving orders or being bound by conditions, and sometimes the customer is forced to cancel the document due to circumstances What, therefore, the Ministry of Development and Social Resources made it possible to cancel the self-employment document 1444 by following the following steps:

  • You must go to the freelancing platform directly.
  • Then login.
  • Through the control panel, the applicable certificates are selected.
  • It also requires clicking on Cancel Document, thus confirming cancellation.

How much is the self-employment salary?

The self-employment document came to work to raise the level of work in the Saudi market, while providing the largest number of job opportunities, thus reducing the rate and prevalence of unemployment, and in cooperation with the Human Resources Development Fund, as well as the Communications and Information Technology Commission, the Ministry of Human Resources has stated about providing the self-employment salary For working individuals, with a monthly amount of up to 3,000 thousand Saudi riyals.

The validity period of the self-employment document is 1444

The Undersecretary of Emiratisation at the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, Eng. Majid Al-Dahwi, for the issuance of approximately 1.85 million work documents since the launch of the self-employment platform until the end of the third quarter of 2022. Also, 1.65 million freelance workers were registered during the same period, and more than 270 professions were included in the self-employment platform in partnership with several entities. Governmental, and the self-employment document is valid for a full year, and after the expiration of the period, it must be renewed through the website of the self-employment platform, which is free of charge.

How much is the self-employment salary and what are the professions in the self-employment document, and we explained many steps through which the self-employment document is issued, as we clarified the most important conditions that must be met before issuing the document and other important information.

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