How to activate the bank phone of the National Bank 1444 online – platform

How to activate the bank phone of the National Bank 1444 online – platform

How to activate the phone banking of the National Bank, One of the most prominent services provided by financial institutions, especially the National Commercial Bank, through which customers can conduct financial transactions over the phone without the need to come to the bank’s branches spread throughout the Kingdom, and the customer can view and manage his accounts at any time and around the clock, knowing that the bank Al-Ahly is the largest and oldest Saudi and Arab bank. In this article, we explain how to activate the Al-Ahly Bank phone banking.

How to activate the phone banking of the National Bank

The customer, through the bank phone, inquires about the balance of his personal account, as well as inquires about the latest banking transactions, with the possibility of paying all bills or fees for government and public services. As for the method of activating the bank phone for the National Bank, we explain it as follows:

  • An account must be created at the National Commercial Bank, so that one should go to the nearest branch to create a bank account.
  • Also, call the service phone number 920001000.
  • Then press the number 1 to choose the Arabic language, or click on the number 2 in the case of the English language.
  • Press number 9.
  • Also enter all required data.
  • The customer must have the mobile number registered in his account data.

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Activate the National Banking phone via the ATM

There are approximately 400 branches of the National Commercial Bank in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which are based on providing Islamic banking services, and the number of ATMs operating through the bank throughout the Kingdom has reached more than 3,488 devices serving a wide segment of the Kingdom’s people, and we review the following The mechanism of activating the National Banking phone via the ATM:

  • In the beginning, the ATM bank card is entered.
  • Also select Arabic or English as desired.
  • The customer must enter the card’s PIN number, which must be 4 digits, and click on acceptance.
  • Click on the Other Operations button.
  • Choose AlAhli Banking Phone from the list.
  • Click on the OK and acceptance button.
  • Enter your passcode.
  • Confirm the password, then press the OK button.

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Forgot AlAhli Online password?

One of the most common mistakes that customers make is forgetting the password, given the sensitivity of confidential information, especially financial and managing personal accounts for customers. It takes extreme accuracy when retrieving or obtaining a new password, and in these lines we offer the ideal solution in case you forgot the Al-Ahly Online password Line:

  • You must enter the official website of Al Ahli Bank from here.
  • Click on forget password.
  • Enter the username of Al-Ahly.
  • Then enter the ATM card number.
  • Also enter the ATM card PIN.
  • Followed by clicking OK.
  • Also enter the secret code to enter.
  • With confirmation of the secret code to enter
  • and clicking OK.

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How to change the password for Al-Ahly Online service

The National Bank was able to employ all computer and electronic technologies by providing its services to customers, so that entry does not require going to the bank and submitting inquiries. online:

  • In the beginning, the customer must go to the official website of the National Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia
  • Then go to the home page and choose banking services.
  • Click on Login through the Al-Ahly Online Service page.
  • The site will automatically transfer you to the service registration page, and click on forgetting the password.
  • At that time, the user name and the number of the customer’s bank card must be written, and the card’s password must be entered.
  • After filling in all the data related to the customer’s ATM card, it is necessary to click on OK.
  • Then the customer enters the new password, through which he logs into Al-Ahly Online, and at that time the number must be written to confirm.
  • Clicking on the word “OK” and then the customer can access Al-Ahly Online with ease.
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AlAhli Banking phone number consisting of 4 digits

A large number of customers benefit from the National Bank’s phone banking service, whether inside or outside the Kingdom, and when entering into the process of registering for the service, the customer is given a private password consisting of 4 numbers, and this number is used to conduct all financial transactions, while in the event that this password is forgotten Or loss, a new number can be obtained through customer service via the number 920001000, at which time the customer service employee confirms the identity of the customer by asking him personal questions and is given the number.

Customer service number of the National Bank of Saudi Arabia 1444

The bank acquired many international certificates and leadership in the field of social responsibility, as it was able to provide a large number of investment projects and support them for a wide range of youth and job seekers. It also provided charitable facilities and all facilities to its customers by providing distinguished customer service to answer all inquiries. And complaints:

  • The number for the Dammam region, the Eastern Province: +966138340088
  • Also, the customer service number of the National Bank of Saudi Arabia 1444, Riyadh: +966114787877
  • Also, the fax for receiving complaints at Riyad Bank: 920007778
  • Customer service special tasks from outside and inside Saudi Arabia as follows:
    • Within the Kingdom: 8007600000.
    • Outside the Kingdom: 96626049808
  • Quick Pay customer service: +966-920000330
  • New accounts service and product marketing: 8002441005
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Automated services available in phone banking

The bank drew its legitimate plan to provide the largest number of banking services, as it set strategic goals through which it was able to obtain the title of the best bank electronically by providing its various services, and for 68 years and more it contributed to bringing about growth and progress for the better, as its customer list exceeded 5.9 million As a customer, we present the most prominent automated services available in the banking phone as follows:

  • Quick Pay service: through which the customer can perform money transfers through an ATM.
  • Underwriting services.
  • As well as obtaining credit cards, with the ability of the customer to pay all dues related to the Visa and Master Card credit cards.
  • Bank account services.
  • Possibility of paying general bills.
  • Money and transfer services.
  • In addition, the service provides the customer with the ability to obtain a check book, which is received by visiting the nearest branch of the National Bank of Saudi Arabia.
  • Also, the customer can inquire and inquire about all the information and details related to the loans, as it is possible to know the dates of the installments and the remaining amount that will be repaid.

The method of activating the banking phone of the National Bank, the banking phone offers many services that benefit a large number of customers and shareholders in the National Bank, so continuous activation is required while verifying its password.

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