How to become famous on Tik Tok quickly

How to become famous on Tik Tok quickly

Always and forever, and the most important step to quickly become famous on Tik Tok is to determine your target audience. The Tik Tok celebrity knows how to attract the attention of the follower to a particular topic by knowing the things that attract his followers, and he constantly updates them.

But there are other cumulative factors that contribute to making you famous because Tictum is the one who decides who becomes famous or not through algorithms and without human intervention, so you should read this article to know exactly what you need.

What is the Tik Tok algorithm?

The Tik Tok algorithm represents a complex system that displays videos suggested by it to users of the platform on the main page of the application known as the “For You (FYP)” page.

It is not possible for two accounts on the Tik Tok platform to display the same videos on the home page, because the videos shown are different from one person to another based on very many factors that collectively make up the suggestions that the algorithm offers you.

In addition to the videos of accounts that the user follows, the way the TikTok algorithm works will make the account home page full of videos of new creators that they have not heard before, because it believes that the user will like their content.

Therefore, understanding the mechanism of the Tik Tok algorithm will inevitably answer the question of how it became famous on Tik Tok.

How does the Tik Tok algorithm work?

Social media platforms and websites usually do not disclose their working algorithms, as these algorithms come as a result of a lot of effort and money until they have reached what they are. In addition, the way each algorithm works is what makes the platform unique and different from other platforms.

The algorithm that works on the TikTok platform is how this platform attracts users to stay on it and browse its content constantly. Therefore, fully exposing how the TikTok algorithm works to everyone will allow fraudsters and malicious intent to reach users more and spread their bad content easily; And that is precisely the most important reason why the algorithm is not fully available.

But this complete secrecy on the algorithm did not succeed completely, especially after the question of how it became famous on Tik Tok spread from many users who really wanted to achieve fame on the platform. Under the pressure of demanding voices, Tik Tok has revealed some of the basics of its platform’s algorithm next:

1. User Interaction

Like in Instagram, the TikTok algorithm makes its suggestions to the user based on his interaction with the content on the platform. Interaction includes anything that may indicate that the user likes or dislikes the video that appears in front of them; There are many things that prove this, including:

  • accounts he follows.
  • Content creators whose content you have hidden.
  • Comment on the videos.
  • The videos you liked or shared on the app.
  • The videos he added to favourites.
  • Videos marked as ‘not interested’.
  • Videos flagged as inappropriate.
  • Watching videos to the end (known as the video completion rate).
  • Re-watch the video more than once.
  • The type of content that he creates on his own account.
  • Interact with hashtags.

2. Video information

While all ways of interacting with the content are one of the algorithm’s inputs to make content suggestions that the user might like, the information of the videos being watched or searched for in the search bar is the second most important way the algorithm depends as well.

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The video information includes the following:

  • The cabin.
  • pings.
  • hashtags.
  • influences.
  • trending topics.

3. Device settings and Tik Tok account

These settings are complementary to the previous two entries to optimize the results of the algorithm. Since “user interaction” and “video information” are considered continuous inputs to the algorithm, the algorithm takes “device settings and TikTok account” into account only once; And often at the beginning of creating a Tik Tok account.

This means that your device and TikTok account settings do not have as much influence on determining suggestions as they do with user interaction and video information. The settings of interest to the algorithm include:

  • Language settings.
  • Country of residence settings (You may see content from people in your country).
  • mobile device type.
  • Categories of interest that you defined as a new user when you first created your account.

Types of content that TikTok’s algorithm doesn’t suggest

The following types of content are not suggested by the TikTok algorithm to users on the platform:

  • Duplicate content.
  • Previously viewed content.
  • Content that the algorithm determines as spam.
  • Content that may be disturbing to some users, such as videos of medical operations or videos mentioning illegal products.

The good news is that The Tik Tok algorithm does not depend on suggesting your videos to users on the number of your followers or on previous videos that have achieved wide spread.; This is good news for all users of Tik Tok, especially new accounts that do not have a large number of followers.

It is undeniable that the large number of followers will contribute to making the video spread faster and larger, and this is normal since users basically want to see more videos of those who follow them constantly. But when you create a high-quality video with desirable content, you will be equal with the largest accounts on the platform in the chance that your content will appear on the “For You” page of user accounts as a suggested video that may interest them even if they are not your followers or have never heard of you before.

So what distinguishes the way the Tik Tok algorithm works is that it always tries to suggest new videos to users on its platform from accounts other than the ones they follow, regardless of whether these accounts are famous or not, in order to try to make the home page of the application constantly renewed and varied, and in order to give users the opportunity to Discovering new types of content, accounts and content creators, which makes managing this algorithm our entry to the question of how to become famous on Tik Tok.

How to become famous on tik tok

How do I get views on Tik Tok?

Based on what was previously explained, we can conclude that the answer to the question of how he became famous in Tik Tok lies in the continuous attempt to deliver your content to new accounts that may be interested in it, in order to increase the popularity as much as possible. And to achieve this is done by following the following steps:

1. Go to a professional Tik Tok account

Tik Tok provides a feature called “Professional Account”, of which there are two types, one for companies and the other for content creators. Switching your TikTok account to a professional account will not help your videos reach new users, but it will help you understand the TikTok algorithm and direct it to serve your account.

The professional account gives you access to analyzes and metrics, the results of which will determine your business strategy on Tik Tok. For example, these analyzes and metrics help you understand your target audience by informing you of the times when they are active on the platform, and by showing what type of content they prefer.

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Here’s how to convert your Tik Tok account into a Pro Account:

  • Head to your account at the bottom and far left of the screen.
  • Press the ≡ button.
  • Now click on “Manage Account”.
  • In the “Account Control” tab, click on “Switch to a professional account.”
  • The app will ask you to choose either a business account or a creator account.

A creator account is suitable for creators who provide personal content, while a business account is suitable for brands or those who own a business.

2. Find Approved Communities

Finding categories of users who are interested in the content you provide on your account is a must-do on all social media platforms; But doing this on the TikTok platform is more important than the rest of the platforms because this is related to the ability to control the TikTok algorithm.

The reason why it is so important to find communities lies in the way TikTok platform works, as users in it spend their time not only browsing the content of those they follow, but also browsing the For You page recommendations.

Communities on TikTok are centered around hashtags (which we’ll talk about next). If you can find hashtags that represent the communities that have an interest in your content, you will have the ability to significantly inflate your audience.

3. Use the best hashtags

It must have become clear to you by now that the answer to your question how he became famous on Tik Tok is centered on hashtags. Algorithm hashtags help understand your content to show it to those interested, and users can find your content by searching for related hashtags.

There are basically two types of hashtags that you should use in your content in order to create viral videos:

  • Optimized hashtags for search engines

The name of these hashtags indicates how they work, as you have to search for keywords related to the content of your videos and then include them as hashtags in the caption. By using this method, you will gain more audience not only from Tik Tok, but also from Google; Google is showing Tik Tok videos in search results as well.

You can check out our guide to learn how to find the right keywords for better results.

  • Popular hashtags

Hashtags are everything on TikTok, and anything that goes viral on TikTok goes with an appropriate hashtag. Participating in trending hashtags is a great way to gain customer trust, as she indicated study Made by Tik Tok.

You can search for popular hashtags by visiting TikTok Creative Center Which gives you detailed results by country, date and ranking. Add to that the ability to see the most popular voices, videos, and content creators.

Popular hashtags

4. The first moments are the most important

Literally all the content on Tik Tok is based on speed. Although it is a platform for displaying videos, it is not a place for long videos that can contain an introduction before displaying the content of the video. On the contrary, Tik Tok videos should start directly with the hook that attracts the user to continue watching the video, otherwise he will continue to scroll the screen to move to another video.

The first seconds of the video are the most important, and the more engaging the better. According to TikTok itself, a video that begins with a “shock of feelings” such as a surprise at the beginning is 1.7 times more popular than a video that does not contain anything flashy at the beginning.

5. Write an interactive captcha

TikTok gives you only 150 characters to write in the description of the video or what is known as the Caption, including the hashtags. So you should act wisely when it comes to the cappation. A unique description that says the video must be watched increases engagement with the video and increases the video completion rate.

The answer to the question of how he became famous on Tik Tok often lies in the interest in writing the capschen in an attractive way that arouses curiosity for the user, such as asking him a question about the video to answer in the comments.

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6. Create high-quality videos specifically for your Tik Tok account

Although this is obvious, it is an important thing to focus on. Low-quality and low-resolution videos will never find their way to spread. And don’t think that you need a computer and powerful equipment to do that, all you need is in your hands now; It’s your phone!

All you need is lighting, a good microphone, a holder for your phone, and a few quick edits to your phone with a video editing software, and your video is ready to go. The length of the video in Tik Tok ranges from 5 seconds to 3 minutes; But try not to exceed a minute of video in order to maintain a great interaction with users.

16:9 vertical videos have 6 seconds higher viewership than horizontal videos; This is understandable since vertical videos fill an entire screen size.

One of the most important conditions for fast-spreading videos is that they contain audio accompanying the video, whether the sound of the video itself or background music, according to 88% of Tik Tok users. Accelerated video audios that operate at 120 bpm and above also have a higher end-to-end viewer rating.

You can search for popular sounds when adding a video to your account in the Sounds section. For more accuracy, you can see the popular voices among your audience through the analytics of Tik Tok in the professional account under the “Followers” ​​tab.

Tik Tok provides many effects that can be added to the video that not only makes it more interesting and attractive, but also helps the algorithm make it more popular and reach your pages for new users.

You can achieve a greater impact and a more rapid spread of your videos by testing the most popular trending effects, which you will find under the same list of effects in a separate tab.

How do I get views on Tik Tok?

7. Post your videos at the right time to your followers

This method is known as one of the most important basics that are mentioned when figuring out how to become famous on Tik Tok and in all other social media platforms as well; But in the case of Tik Tok, it is more important. Posting at times when users are active means more engagement, and higher engagement tells the algorithm that the content is great to share with more users.

To see when your audience is most active on the app, check out the analytics that a professional account offers you as follows:

  • From your profile page, tap on the three dots icon at the top right of the screen.
  • Then click on Business Suite, then Analytics.

How do I get views on Tik Tok?

8. Interact with other accounts on the platform

Commenting on other Tik Tok accounts helps you gain the trust of users, according to reconnaissance Conducted by Tik Tok itself. There are three ways that Tik Tok provides to interact with other users on the platform besides commenting:

  • Duets: This tool allows you to create a duet video in what is known as a duet. Where the screen is divided into two halves longitudinally, one half displays a video belonging to another account on the platform and the second half is for you to talk about or comment on the video.

Just as you can use the above tools to interact with other users on the Platform, anyone can use your content in the same way. However, if you want, you can disable the ability to use your content in any other videos in the privacy settings, but we do not recommend that. Anyone using your videos in their content will definitely increase your audience and popularity.

Thus, we have come to the end of our article in which we answered the question of how he became famous on Tik Tok by explaining the mechanism of the Tik Tok algorithm and how to deal with it so that it can produce fast-spreading videos and get a larger audience on the Tik Tok platform.

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