How to buy a domain from Google 2023

How to buy a domain from Google 2023

we present to you How to buy a domain from Google 2023 after that Google introduced the ability to buy a domain through it, which made many users not go to other exploitative sites that offer this service at high prices.

How to buy a domain from Google

Users can purchase a domain through the Google website, according to the default settings in Google Domains. The method for buying a domain from Google is the following steps:

  • The user must search for the available domain that he wants to buy and choose the name that suits him.
  • Click the button that says add domain to cart.
  • You should then click on the button that says View items in shopping cart.
  • It is possible to remove a domain by clicking on the trash can icon next to the domain name.
  • There are some domains that may request additional information such as the CA domain, and the US domain.
  • Click the field containing the word Enter Information. Then click on the privacy option.
  • default setting in Google Domains It is automatic renewal so it can be turned off. But it is better to leave it so that the user does not miss a payment and thus better preserves the range.
  • Select the payment at the bottom of the shopping cart.
  • Enter all contact information requested by the site.
  • In this step, the user chooses the payment method that suits him.
  • Click the box that says “Buy”.

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Features of Google Domain

After we explained to you how to buy a domain from Google, we will discuss another topic that is no less important than how to buy a domain from Google. It is the advantages that accrue to the user from buying a domain from Google.

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Some of the features of Google Domain are as follows:

  • Google Domain can cover all personal information and data requested by the customer. And enjoy as much privacy and protection as possible, as the data cannot be viewed by anyone other than the customer.
  • The Google domain contains all the domains that the customer needs.
  • Google Domain has a very secure and fast infrastructure.
  • Google Domain also has 24/7 support available.
  • Users can also create their own sub-domain through Google Domains.
  • Also, the user can merge the domain with the site and redirect it again.
  • The tools used in domain management are very simple to handle.

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What are the types of domains?

There are several types of domains available that can be purchased, and we will list all available types and their uses in some detail as follows:

  • Additional domain: It is any domain that is hosted on the same account, and files are hosted Location master as its own folder.
  • Primary domain: It is the domain used in the login process, in addition to dealing with technical support and hosting control. It is worth noting that no hosting account can have more than one primary domain.
  • Subdomain: The sub-domain link must contain the main domain, and the sub-domain is used for many things such as blog hosting services. In addition to the possibility of creating a sub-domain for tablets or for the mobile version, it can also be used on sites that contain many languages.
  • The suspended domain: The parked domain name or parked domain is given to all domains that are reserved but not yet used.

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What are the types of domains?
What are the types of domains?

Google Domain

After knowing how to buy a domain from Google, you must know the different extensions that are used globally, namely:

  • .com: There is no doubt that there is no one who does not know about this extension due to its many and common uses. It is also good for the user to choose this extension for his site, as many people prefer it.
  • .org domain: This is a type of extension that has gained wide popularity in recent times. There are major sites that prefer it over the rest of the supplies and their use, the most famous of which is Wikipedia.
  • .net: A common requirement that many websites rely on.
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google domains service

There are services in the google domain that are not found in the domains of other companies, for example, Godaddy and Name Ship, and these are the most important features:

  • google domains offers user privacy protection for free.
  • For example, when someone searches for your location using Whois, they won’t be able to see your personal information or data.
  • The payment or purchase fee is fixed and you can renew it every year. Or you can pay a subscription for five years less or more at no additional charge. Unlike Godaddy and Name Sheep, which is growing year by year.
  • For example, if the price of a domain is $13, its price will remain fixed upon renewal the following year.
  • The domain works using Google’s DNS, which is very important. As you know, the job of DNS is to translate your domain into a digital form so that browsers can quickly understand it.
  • You can also create an email for your domain and more than one subdomain to create multiple sites with the same domain.
  • The advantage of displaying reports and figures on the number of visitors, the country and the browser from which they entered visitor As found in Google Console and more.

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google domains service
google domains service

How to buy a domain from Google and tips for reserving a domain

There are many tips and suggestions on how to buy a domain from The Google Which we dictate to you in the following points:

  • Try to choose the .com extension because it is considered the best of them all, and it is the best domain in terms of credibility and stability in the mind of the user.
  • Don’t overdo the length of your domain name, it’s better to have a domain name that’s short and easy to remember. Here we recommend that you keep your domain name to less than 15 characters because the user will not remember more than that. Which makes users more prone to misspellings What causes them to stray to a page that says the website doesn’t exist, or to a site other than you.
  • Make it easier to pronounce and spell: especially if you plan to use your own domain name to create professional email addresses for your business. It is important that the domain name be smooth and uncomplicated in spelling or pronunciation.
  • Avoid double letters: In how to buy a domain from Google, we must recommend that you avoid domains with double letters because they reduce the chances of traffic on your site due to frequent misspellings.
  • It’s smart to choose a domain name related to your industry because it gives visitors an idea of ​​what your website is all about, but don’t limit your options too much.
  • Use Domain Generators: Many website owners feel puzzled while querying a domain, as there are currently more than 360 million registered domain names. This leads to some despondency and the belief that all good domains are already taken and it may take a lot of searching for you if you search alone, so try searching first for the name, domain name generators are used.
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