How to change the mobile number in the National Commercial Bank 1444 online – platform

How to change the mobile number in the National Commercial Bank 1444 online – platform

How to change the mobile number in the National Commercial Bank 1444, It acquired the title of the largest financial institution in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with a market share of approximately 30%. It also owns 90.71% of the shares of Al-Ahly Financial Company, the leading company in investment banking. The bank provides its banking services within the scope of Islamic law, as it is the best provider of financing services. Al Islami for Charitable and Investment Projects, in this article we explain how to change the mobile number in the National Commercial Bank 1444.

How to change the mobile number in the National Commercial Bank 1444 online

The bank offers many distinguished facilities in order to satisfy all its customers, whether citizens or residents in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, especially that it has many branches in the Kingdom that include 13 thousand employees in customer service, and we mention the method of changing the mobile number in the National Commercial Bank 1444 online:

  • You must enter the official website of the electronic services of Al Ahli Bank from here.
  • Then log in to the Al Ahli Bank account with the username and password.
  • The program also requires writing the verification code sent to the customer’s mobile number registered in Absher Nafath.
  • Click on the option to update and adjust data.
  • Click on the Communications tab.
  • Clicking on the mobile number on the Contacts update page.
  • The customer’s new mobile number is entered in the designated section.
  • Then click on Update Profile.
  • The site also requests entering the secret code for operations.
  • Followed by clicking OK.
  • Thus, the mobile number associated with the customer account is successfully changed.
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How to open an account in Al Ahly Bank online

Opening an account in Al-Ahly Bank is free of charge, as the customer does not pay any riyals when opening the account, but rather it is subject to specific conditions, the most important of which is that he has placed a financial balance inside it since the first month, and there is no requirement for a minimum balance, but rather the goal This is to ensure that the customer is serious about using the account safely during the coming period. The following is an explanation of the method for opening an account in Al-Ahly Bank Online:

  • It requires access to the Al Ahli Bank page on the Internet.
  • Click on the Individual Services icon.
  • The Accounts and Deposits icon must also be selected.
  • Click on the icon to open a current account.
  • All conditions required by the account are verified by registering on the Absher platform, or registering at the national address with the ID number.
  • Also fill in the required personal data
  • Click on the icon to agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Type the visual verification code.
  • Write customer information.
  • As well as writing the national address information, job data, as well as financial data.
  • Make sure to review your data and information.
  • Click on the continue icon.
  • The system will automatically refer you to the Absher platform
  • Then log in with the username and password.
  • Then write the verification code visible on the screen.
  • Write a message with a code on your phone.
  • Click on the policy approval icon.

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Registering for the National Commercial Banking Phone PIN Service

The customer is required to go to the nearest branch of the bank, in order to open a personal account for him and call the unified number 00966920001000 for customer service to complete the registration process, and the instructions provided by the automated response must be followed in testing the required language, whether it is Arabic or English, then click On the number 9 to speak with the customer service staff, after that, click on the number 2 and enter all its data to register through the mobile phone, and in the case of an ATM, by tracking the following:

  • An ATM card is required.
  • Then choose the language.
  • You must enter the card’s four-digit password and click on accept.
  • Click to select other operations.
  • Determine the choice of AlAhli Banking phone.
  • Then choose to issue or change the password.
  • Click on the accept button.
  • You must enter the password for AlAhli Banking phone.
  • Click on the OK button.
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I forgot the 4-digit National Banking phone number

All Saudi citizens are allowed to open an account in the National Commercial Bank, as well as foreign individuals, as well as institutions and students who have reached the age of majority, and minors under the guardianship of the parents, and as announced by the National Commercial Bank, and we answer the following to the most frequently asked question, I forgot the National Banking phone number 4 digits:

  • So that the unified Al Ahli Banking phone number for customer service is called 920001000.
  • Then go to speak with a customer service employee by phone banking.
  • The customer has to inform the customer service agent of forgetting the 4-digit banking phone number.
  • Then the customer service employee asks the customer to provide him with the national identification number.
  • The validity of the data entered by the customer is verified.
  • You must follow the instructions of the customer service employee to solve the problem of forgetting the 4-digit banking phone number password.

How to update the data in the National Bank through the banking phone

The National Bank grants its customers a free ATM card that is used all over the world, as well as obtaining a free monthly account statement, as well as obtaining free SMS notification service. Data can be updated in the National Bank via the banking phone by following the following steps:

  • Calls are made on the unified banking phone number of the National Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia, which is 920001000.
  • Then include the required information during the call, which is:
    • Customer’s account number.
    • Likewise, the status card number or the valid residence number.
    • The customer account password.
  • Also choose the service to speak with customer service.
  • Requires answering employee questions to confirm account ownership.
  • Then a message containing an activation code will be sent to the customer’s mobile number registered in Absher and the bank.
  • The customer service employee is given the exact code sent.
  • Then it is necessary to update the data after verifying the entered data via a message to the customer’s mobile
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Changing the AlAhli ATM card PIN number through the self-service machine

There is no doubt that the National Bank was a wonderful model in financial, investment and electronic management, as it won the award for the best electronic banking for individuals in the Kingdom, and in the system of money transfers and real estate, as it includes a segment of clients with wealth that exceeds 30 million dollars, and we review the following method Changing the AlAhli ATM card PIN number through the self-service machine:

  • Go to the nearest Al Ahli Bank ATM.
  • Then insert the debit card in the specified place.
  • Also, enter the old 4-digit AlAhli ATM card password.
  • Press continue.
  • Click on Change Password
  • The password must be consisting of 4 non-repeating digits
  • Followed by re-confirming the new AlAhli ATM card PIN.
  • Click on Finish, and the AlAhli ATM card PIN change process will be completed successfully

Methods of communication with the National Bank in Saudi Arabia

The total number of bank branches in the Kingdom is 400 branches, all branches offer Islamic and electronic banking services, and the bank has provided customer service to answer all inquiries related to opening a current account in the bank, or the process of money transfers and others, and it is possible to communicate with the National Bank in Saudi Arabia through the following methods next:

  • Customer service number: 966920001000.
  • Also the number to inquire about financing products: 920000891.
  • While numbers of complaints, inquiries and communications
    • From within the Kingdom: 8001160131.
    • From outside the Kingdom: 666 279 126 966.
  • Also, email: [email protected]

The method of changing the mobile number in the National Commercial Bank 1444, a pioneering and unique institution, and most importantly the services it provides to a wide range of customers, whether inside or outside the Kingdom, we have provided many answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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