How to convert a link into a QR Code barcode

How to convert a link into a QR Code barcode

Nowadays, many companies have resorted to using encryption in their applications by converting the used link into a barcode (QR Code) format. This method is usually used to ensure confidentiality and privacy in the use of these applications. This process is done by scanning the code called (Quick Response Code) by other devices to decode it and obtain the information it contains. Follow us on this article Masary sitelet’s learn How to convert a link into a barcode The correct format.

What is a QR Code barcode?

A barcode (QR Code) is an optical code that is read by scanning it using another device. This code contains the necessary data in order to preserve the confidentiality and privacy of this data. (QR Code) is nothing but an abbreviation for the term (Quick Response Code), which means a quick response code. It is a coded symbol that takes the form of a square and is composed of squares in its corners and longitudinal and transverse lines in the middle. What distinguishes this code from others is that it can accommodate more than 800 characters and many information related to websites and many, many more. And based on the world’s tendency to use barcodes in various fields, it is better to learn how to convert a link into a barcode and know how to use it.

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What is a QR Code barcode?
What is a QR Code barcode?

How to convert a link into a QR Code barcode

The sites that help you convert the link into a QR Code barcode vary, as there are many of them, but the method is the same and does not differ from the other. However, the sites differ from each other in terms of features, as each of them has characteristics that differ from the others in terms of ease, tools, and the method of converting the link into a barcode. Here we mention some of these sites for you:

Convert the link into a barcode via the QR Code monkey website

This site is one of the most popular sites that help you convert any link into a barcode. This site is characterized by the ability to control the shape and color of the code, and add a logo to the code. The method is as follows:

  1. First you have to go to the Google search engine.
  2. Go to the site you want and copy the site link at the top of the screen in the search engine.
  3. enter location (QR Code monkey) specialized in converting the link into a barcode.
  4. You will find many options, paste the link of the site that you copied in the first box on the left (your URL), in order to convert it into a barcode.
  5. Followed from the bottom by the (Set Colors) field, through which you can change the color of the code and choose a background of another color.
  6. Then it is followed by (Add Logo Image), where you can add the logo image according to the content of the link, if it is for a video, put the YouTube logo and so on.
  7. And the last field is (Customize Design), in which you can change the fine lines inside the barcode, the squares in the corners, and others.
  8. Then go to the right of the screen and press Create QR Code, to get the shape of the code that you designed.
  9. The last step, after completing the design of the code, you will want to get it in an image format, then click on (Download PNG).
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This process takes place if you want to convert a website link into a QR Code barcode, but if you want to include a file or image from the cloud or (Google Drive) in the barcode, follow the following:

Convert an image or file link into a barcode via the QR Code monkey website

  1. Enter the Google Chrome search engine.
  2. Open (Google Drive) in a new window.
  3. Right-click on the file for which you want to create a barcode.
  4. Click on (Get Link) from the menu.
  5. go to website (QR Code Monkey), by opening it in a new window.
  6. Click on (Your URL) field, then paste the link that you copied.
  7. You can change the background color of the code from the (Set Colors) field, but white is considered the best.
  8. Since this link includes a file, it is better not to put a logo, but to choose the file image from the Add Logo Image field.
  9. You can complete other shape formats for barcodes as we mentioned earlier.
  10. Now choose Create QR Code.
  11. After you have finished designing the code, you can download it to your device in (PNG) format from the (Download PNG) field.

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Convert the link into a barcode via the Barcode generator website

This site to convert the link into a QR Code barcode is easy to use, as it does not depend on the complexity of the steps required of you to complete the process. Also, if you scroll down the page, you will find that all types of codes are present, in addition to a simple explanation about them, the reasons for their use, and their fields. To convert the link you want into a QR Code, follow the following:

  1. Enter the Google Chrome search engine.
  2. open site (Barcode Generator).
  3. Choose the type of code from the first field at the top, and here we want to create the type (QR Code) specifically.
  4. This site gives you many options for what you want to convert into a barcode, choose from the available options (URL), which means a link.
  5. Copy the link you want to convert to the (Website URL) field.
  6. At the bottom of the link field, you can choose whether you want the barcode to be static or dynamic.
  7. Now click on Create QR Code.
  8. At the top right of the code after you have created it, there is an option to design your code (Design your code), which enables you to design its shape as you wish.
  9. Now choose to download the code or as it is called (print it) in any format you want by pressing the (Download) button.
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If you want the design of the code to be flexible and adjustable after printing it, choose (Dynamic), but (Static) it cannot be modified.

Convert the link into a barcode via

This site is no different from the previous sites in anything, as it provides you with the same features and tools, and you have the freedom to choose between them. Here is how to use this site, we mention it to you as follows:

  1. Open the Google Chrome search engine on your computer.
  2. enter the website (
  3. You will find many options to convert it to a barcode, choose from them (URL).
  4. If you want to modify the color, size, or others, choose (Embed).
  5. If you want to add a logo, select (Add Logo) at the top right of the barcode.
  6. After you have finished designing your barcode, click on Download to download it to your device.
  7. Now you have a barcode bearing the link to your website, account, or whatever you want to convert.

How to read a QR Code barcode

The barcode is one of the most important and best inventions that have spread widely recently, as it is a simple way to save important information and ensure the efficient conduct of business operations. With the spread of dealing with barcodes, many programs have also spread that facilitate reading by scanning them with a camera on a computer or device Mobile. Here are the easiest ways to read a barcode (QR Code), and to learn how to read the code on mobile systems, follow the following:

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How to read barcodes for Android systems

In order to be able to read the barcode on the mobile device, you need special programs to scan it, and for this purpose, here is how to read the barcode for Android systems:

  1. Enter the play store application, or any site to download programs.
  2. Find QR & Barcode Scanner app.
  3. Download the program to your mobile device.
  4. Open the app and point the camera at the code until it is fully visible to the camera.
  5. Scanning the barcode will take a few seconds after you point the camera at it.
  6. After completing the scan, the application will take you directly to the information contained in the barcode, or it may ask you to click on a link to take you to the site.
How to read a barcode
How to read a barcode

How to read barcodes on iPhone and iPad

iPhone and iPad systems have the ability to use the built-in camera feature to read a QR Code without typing the name of a website. To learn how to read barcodes on iPhone and iPad, follow these steps:

    1. Open the Camera app on your iPhone or iPad.
    2. Tap on the back camera to open it.
    3. Point the camera at the barcode so that the theme picker at the top of the screen shows you the QR code.
    4. After you capture the code and your device recognizes it, you will see a notification.
    5. Open the notification to open the link attached to it that leads to the information contained in the barcode.

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These were the most important sites that introduced you to How to convert a link into a QR Code barcode Which is considered one of the most important features of commercial technology nowadays.

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