How to create a page on Facebook

How to create a page on Facebook

How to create a page on Facebook? which is a free social networking website; Through it, the user can communicate with his friends and interact with them, and the site also allows users to share photos and videos with others, in addition to many other services.

How to create a page on Facebook

In case you are asking about how to create a page on Facebook? And you want to create a Facebook page, whether for entertainment or for the purpose of conducting a business, or for any other purpose, you can do so easily by following the following steps:

  1. Create a Facebook account If you do not have it then open
  2. Enter the first site that appears in the search results.
  3. On the creation page, the user will have two options (business/community or public figure).
  4. The type of page to be created must be selected; As there is an option for commercial activities, and another for public figures and the community, and this option includes all types of pages related to social or entertainment activities.
  5. Click on the “Get Started” button.
  6. A box will appear in front of the user to type the name of the page and another to select the page category, and as soon as the user types any alphabetic letter, a list of categories that start with that letter will appear in front of him. After selecting the category, the follow button will be clicked.
  7. Now Facebook will ask the user to add an image to the page, with the aim of making it easier for users to access his page, and the image must be square, meaning that the length is equal to the width.
  8. After that, Facebook will ask the user to add a special image for the cover, and to upload an image from the computer, click on the (Upload Cover Image) button, then choose an image from the device, then click on (Open).

Now the user has a private page on Facebook.

How to adjust the settings of the Facebook page

Now that we have finished explaining how to create a page on Facebook, we will start explaining the important settings and steps that will contribute to making the Facebook page appear more professional, and these settings are represented in the following points:

  • start inviting friends to the page, the user can send friend invitations to all friends and this option is incorrect; Where only friends who are interested in the content of the page should be invited, and to invite friends, this is done by clicking on the three-dot button next to the post, below the cover photo, and from the pop-up window, choose to invite friends.
  • Edit the page’s information by clicking on the three-dotted button at the bottom of the cover photo, and a small menu will appear, through which you will press (Modify page information).
  • Assigning assistants to the user to manage the page and publish content, and this is done by clicking on the settings button on the left above the cover photo, then starting to define the roles of people on the page, and this is done through the menu on the right, then entering the user’s email or writing the name , then select the role and click the Add button.
  • Activate the instant reply feature to messages; As the speed of responding to messages is one of the very important elements that contribute to gaining the confidence of followers, and this feature is called the response assistant, and by activating this feature, messages are sent to immediately respond to messages sent on the page automatically, and this feature is activated by clicking on the settings link and then Click on Messages, then go to (Send instant replies to anyone who messages your Page) and click the Play button.
  • Adding a button on the Facebook page and this feature is one of the wonderful features that allows the user to create a button through which to download his application, or go to the user’s site, and to add a button to the page, click on (Add button) and this button is located on the left side directly below the cover photos, A window will appear in which to choose the type of button, then click on Next, enter the required information and click on the Complete button.
  • Change the page link to appear professionally; As the default page link includes the page name and a number of numbers next to it, but the user can return the link to appear more professional, by clicking on the (About) heading on the right, then clicking on the link (create a user name for the page), taking into account The name must be written in English and without any spaces.

Tips for creating a Facebook page

After you have finished explaining how to create a Facebook page, there are some tips that you must follow to achieve the best results, and these tips are as follows:

  1. Be careful to choose the idea of ​​the page very carefully; The idea of ​​the page should be about something that is really important to the user.
  2. Care must be taken that the page is not repetitive and distinct, if the user really wants to succeed, he must stay away from repetition and theft of posts.
  3. Care must be taken to choose the name of the page with the utmost care, provided that it is a simple, expressive and easy name.
  4. Before starting to publish, be sure to prepare more content so that the user has a sufficient number of publications.
  5. The user should be careful to choose an appropriate image that reflects the content of the page.
  6. Care must be taken to understand how to market on Facebook to achieve the best results on the user’s business page.

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