How to create a website for free 2023

How to create a website for free 2023

How to create a website for free 2023Welcome, dear visitors of the “” website. In this article, we will learn how to create a free website on the Internet, and how you can create a free Arabic or English website, as creating a website is a passion for many people and business owners.

If you have a desire to create a free or commercial website, and are wondering how to create a website for my page or how to design my own site, we invite you to read this topic through which you will learn how to create a free website on the Internet.

How to create a website for free 2023

How to create a website on the Internet for free

Many people are looking to set up a free website without having to pay huge amounts of money, as creating free websites on the Internet is not difficult and this matter does not require great effort or time wasting, as websites today offer many free services to create websites electronic.

It is necessary to keep working on the free websites as the rewards for branding ads can be a bit unsatisfactory but in the end it is a free website and you have to wait to generate high profits, and in this article we will introduce you to the most important websites to create a free website .

The most important websites for creating a free website

Below we will give you the best platforms for creating a free website on the Internet.

1. Platform weebly

If you are looking for the best website to create a free website on the Internet, the weebly platform is one of the most popular platforms for creating websites, and it is an easy platform for those who want to work on it, as creating a website on it is a simple matter.

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The site also has many advantages and disadvantages in terms of allowing the site to create difficult and complex sites, but of high quality, in addition to the fact that the number of pages that can be created is unlimited, which is one of the basics in designing a website. As for the negatives, the site does not provide open flexibility and some features Free as these features are only available paid and not for free.

2. Platform wix

This site is classified among the options suitable for beginners to design a website, free of charge, in two different languages, Arabic or English.

The site also offers many features where you can start creating a site from the beginning of work. The site also enables you to use basic search engine optimization tools. It also performs permanent tests and analysis to test your site. Free.

3. Platform jimdo

The jimdo platform is one of the famous platforms for creating free online stores in addition to creating free websites. It is one of the famous sites for designing websites professionally for free.

4. Platform site123

This platform helps users to create completely free websites without relying on a specific time to design the site. The platform is also classified among the list of simple and easy to use platforms, but it is not as popular as other platforms due to the lack of basic educational courses for education on creating a free website.

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How to create a free website using online platforms

Below we will remind you how to create a website for free using the most popular web design platforms.

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Create a free website using the platform weebly

  1. To create a free website, you must log in to the site and then sign up to get your own account.
  2. After that, you classify the site in one of the two options, either a commercial site or a website for personal use.
  3. After that, you will be presented with many templates, you have to choose the ratios between them in order to determine the way your site works.
  4. Then the platform will transfer you to the main interface for editing, where you will find paid options and free options according to the features provided by the site.
  5. To modify the general external appearance of your site, you must go to the top of the site in the top tab, you will find the word them, where from this window you can specify the colors and different types of fonts designed for the main interface. The site also offers you the ability to switch between light and dark mode on your site.
  6. After completing the modification of the main screen and moving to the pages tab to add new pages, and if you want to add modifications to the pages through the drag and drop system.
  7. If you want to add new features through applications, you can do so by moving to the Applications tab, then the screen will be divided according to what is required of it, where the features will be cleaned either free of charge or in a paid way, where you can choose what you want to do and search for the required and appropriate tool for your site.
  8. After completing these steps and making sure that they are completed, you must click on the Publish button to publish your websites. You can also return to your site and make new modifications or add new content.
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Create a free website from the platform Wix

  1. You have to register on the site for a free account, where the platform will ask you some questions about creating an initial site and build it based on the answers provided by you.
  2. You will then be killed to edit the home page of your website and the site will give you two editing options either using wix or wix ADL, where you can go directly to the wix editor to customize the site, and the wix ADL editor helps you with artificial intelligence.
  3. It is preferable to use the Wix editor, as it gives you the flexibility to control your site, unlike Wix AD, which is less flexible than the first editor because it controls your options by artificial intelligence.
  4. After completing the previous step, 500 free templates will appear for you. After you choose your template, the site will automatically move you to the editor.
  5. In the editor tab, two separate menus will appear for you. To change the screen, you have to choose the right menu, then the site will automatically provide options to adjust the main settings such as colors and font type according to the template you have chosen.
  6. If you want to add additional pages to your site, you should choose the right menu and then the pages tab.
  7. Finally, wix offers many free features and apps along with some paid options.

In conclusion, we have shown some platforms for creating websites, where websites today are an integral part of the Internet, and in this article we have presented some platforms that can be worked on in order to create a website.

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