How to download snapchat clips for iPhone

How to download snapchat clips for iPhone

How to download snapchat clips for iPhoneWelcome, dear visitors of the “” website. In this article, we will reveal to you how to download a video from Snapchat to iPhone in detail, as many users of the Snapchat application are looking for a way to download Snaps to the album or how to save a Snap story to the iPhone, and wondering how Download a clip from Snapchat or how to save pictures from Snap without knowing, and is there a way to save videos from Snap without the need for a program to save Snap clips.

Therefore, in this article, we will learn about a group of ways that enable you to Save Snap clips to iPhone for free Without searching for a program to save Snaps without the person’s knowledge, in an easy and legal way, so follow the explanation to learn the details.

How to download snapchat clips for iPhone

Many users of the Snapchat application love watching videos heavily, as well as those who like to share those videos on other social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, but the video is not shared without downloading it, and here many people will face problems in the download process, especially for users of smart devices that It works on the iPhone system, so many of them do not know how to download, and in this article we will present some of the most important ways to download videos in the Snapchat application, especially for the iPhone, continue reading.

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How to download your snapchat clips on iPhone

When you open the video, the shutter button will appear directly in front of you, long press until the video is recorded on the Snapchat application, then the preview screen will appear and you will find at the bottom left of the screen (left corner) the save button, click on it.

The application will automatically store the videos that you have saved within the application, and to access them, you must click on the card icon located next to the shutter button, and then it will open the option Memories, click on it and a “Snaps” section will appear in front of you, in which you will find the videos that you have saved.

After doing the previous step, long press on the video that you saved, where a list of options will appear, including the option to export, click on it, and then the option to share will appear, click on the “Download” option to save the Snapchat video in the internal memory of your phone in the studio.

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How to upload videos from your own stories?

If you are looking for a way to save snaps for iPhone that you have shared in your Snap story, you can do that as well. Follow the steps below to learn how to do this:

  1. Enter the application and open your profile and then click on the Bitmoji icon, you will see it in the upper left corner of the screen, then the title “My Story” will appear and in its right corner there are three horizontal dots, click on them, a screen will appear in front of you from the bottom with many options, select the “Save” option story” or “save store”.
  2. Then a confirmation message will appear to you that the application will save the entire story in the Memories section. Click Yes to confirm. In this way, all these stories will be saved in Memories.
  3. If you want to save unique stories, you must save them selectively by clicking on the one you want to save from the profile and then dragging to the top or by clicking on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the screen and you will see many options, including the option to save, click It has to save the story in the memories section as well.
  4. To download stories to your gallery, go to the Memories section and choose the story that you saved and that you want to download and press it long until you see the sharing options and the export option will appear between them, click on it and then click on the download option.
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How to download Snapchat videos from other users

How do I download a video on snapchat for the iPhone? It is possible for your friends from other users to send repeated videos on snapchat as the video has no expiration timer which enables you to save the video and download it to your gallery and here is how:

  1. Long press on the video that the user has sent to you and you will see the “Save in Chat” option, click on it, and this option may not appear because the video has been set to appear once before sending and when you save, the application will automatically inform the sender of that .
  2. After doing the previous step, you must press and hold again on the saved video and select the “Save in Camera Roll” option, and the application will automatically send a notification to the sending person informing him that you have saved the video inside your device. In protecting the photos and videos in chats.

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How to download videos with an expiration timer in Snapchat

It is known and popular among users that the application does not download videos sent with a temporary validity period as there is only one way and that is by recording the screen on your phone or downloading an application that is used to record the screen.

It is also known that the Snapchat application has added a feature to detect if you record the screen or take a screenshot. The screen before opening the application, but this method is not guaranteed, as it is possible that the application will also detect it.

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Finally, at the end of the article, we have presented the most important questions about how to download videos on the Snapchat application, and we hope that you will like the article.

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