How to earn from classified ads sites

How to earn from classified ads sites

How to earn from classified ads sites Classified advertising sites have recently formed a quantum leap on a large scale, both in the field of advertising and marketing all over the world, for all kinds of requests and offers for traded products and services. On the other hand, it in turn led to a decline in the shares of print advertising newspapers, as it was noted that many were attracted to advertising websites.

How to earn from classified ads sites

Classified ads sites have also become the best and fastest way for advertising, marketing and profit, in addition to reaching the target group without effort or time wasted during extensive searches.

Moreover, earning from classified ads has become a source of livelihood for many individuals, especially after the increase in Internet users all over the world. And in this article and across Masary siteIn this article, we will learn how to earn money from classified ads sites.

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How to create classified ads sites

How to create a classifieds site

Or not: Determine your ad niche

Determining the appropriate specialization from the beginning will avoid distraction, as it makes the appearance of your site consistent, more attractive, and trustworthy for followers and visitors alike.

secondly: Choose a suitable domain name for a classifieds site

It is the web address of your own website, which will appear to the followers at the top of the screen in the top bar. There are some guidelines:

  • Your domain name should reflect your website’s area of ​​expertise.
  • This name should be short.
  • The use of numbers, commas and question marks should be avoided.
  • Avoid imitating the names of other international sites.
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Third: Get good hosting for a classifieds website

There is some information that you should be aware of in order to design a classifieds website, as follows:

  • Hosting has a direct income in protecting your site from all hacking operations.
  • There is a close relationship between the type of hosting you choose for your site, and the speed of loading the site.

Fourthly: Choosing the best classified ads script supports good templates and mobile apps

Here, you must pay attention and choose well, because there are more than one scripts for classified ads, and most of them are not good and have defects. Therefore, through experiments, we have chosen the best for you, which is Flynax script.

How to profit from classified ads sites

How to profit from classified ads sites

  • Classified ads have become a profession for many Internet users and a source of livelihood, especially after increasing reliance on them to promote products.

Therefore, the person who works in this profession must possess talent and creativity, in order to be able to prove himself in the labor market. On the other hand, there are many people wondering how to profit from these ads. Is it possible to rely and make it a profession for an individual…?

As the answer is yes, and that is if the advertisement is placed in a professional and eye-catching manner, thus achieving a lot of high amounts.

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Steps to follow to make a profit from classified ads sites

  • Earnings from classified ads are made by posting them on websites, as these ads must be distinct and different. Also, the website where the ads are posted needs to have many visitors, as well as the people who place ads on it.
  • We notice that there are some individuals who are looking for a way to make a distinct and different advertisement, in order to attract the largest possible number of individuals and customers to them. As there are some people who search for distinguished people in this field. They will also pay to make their ad featured and on the watch list.
  • One of the most ways to attract the attention of the customer is the featured advertisement, so every person who owns a website must publish ads on it and benefit from it, and the more visitors and users of your website, the greater the number of visitors and users of your website.
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On the other hand, the higher the chance of earning you have by posting these ads. Where this is due to the people who want to put Advertising What, they search for the most used sites, with the aim of reaching the largest category.

Therefore, you must be at the top of the search engines, and try to excel in the content, in order to form a large association of customers for your site.

Move the ads to a special featured position

There are other ways by which you can profit from classified ads sites, by placing ads in distinct places on the site. Moreover, the customer can choose between a featured ad, an ad in a prime location, or combine them together to get the largest category.

On the other hand, the advertisement can reach a variety of different categories, and therefore it will be of great benefit to you as a result of a lot of demand on your site. Especially if your site has become one of the best sites, as we talked about earlier. Then the amount paid for one advertisement that you will publish on your site will increase.

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Advertising banners

  • The owner of the site can make advertising banners, in order to lead the search site, through which he can increase his profit through the Internet. Since every customer who wants to publish his advertisement is interested in the site that attracts people, especially if he wants to reach a specific group of individuals.
  • Continuously increasing ads and publishing them on your site benefits your site a lot, as it makes it appear that it is always updated, and this makes your site at the forefront.

Pay to post

There are a lot of sites out there that post for free, which make you unable to charge a fee. However, there are some cases in which profit can be made. which is next:

  • When the advertiser wants to reach a certain category, and he can only access through your official website. where you can charge a fee. On the other hand, when you have a large base of users and followers of your site, where a large number of people visit it daily, then you can charge.
  • The other case, when you are a creative and intelligent person at the same time, and you are able to come up with ideas outside the box that are useful to the user, as in this case many people are attracted to follow you, and you can charge fees.
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affiliate links

In the event that the classifieds site is for a specific domain, in this case you can sign an agreement with the sellers interested in it. You can customize a specific page on your website and use it to sell products, and you can set certain conditions, for example:

  • Pay when you bring in new visitors.
  • They charge a monthly fee just for posting their links on your website.
  • Get commission by submitting offers for their products.

Premium membership

You can give some of the features to users, for a monthly fee. So you can be as creative as you want, for example:

  • The ability to publish on your websites.
  • Monthly or annual subscriptions.
  • Discounts on any feature.

Examples of the most famous global and Arab ad sites

There are three Arabic sites dedicated to publishing classified ads sites, which are:

OuedKniss, Bezaat, OpenSooq

Disadvantages of designing classified ads

The idea of ​​creating a classified ads site is not as easy as we talked about earlier, due to some reasons, including:

  • You need to monitor ads permanently or choose not to publish them before being reviewed by the admin, because there are people who abuse it, as they publish some prohibitions. In any case, this work requires monitoring, follow-up, and commitment to a specific number of hours per day.

You will not be able to make a profit in the first year, and it is better not to charge any fees in the first six months. This is in order to attract the largest amount of ads.

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