How to earn from Local Guides with Google Maps

How to earn from Local Guides with Google Maps

1 Profit from local guides

Profit from local guides
Profit from local guides

Dear reader, if you want to know the ways that you can earn a lot of money while sitting at home, you can do so through the Google Map site, as this site provides the feature of local guides and by providing this service you will earn a lot of money and we will show you how to use This feature.

2 Local Guides feature

Some people think that this feature is very difficult, but it is very easy. All you have to do is put pictures of some places on the map of your country or in the area in which you live or in any other area close to it, in addition to some data about these institutions and roads, and through You can earn up to $100 from Local Guides.

3 Terms of profit from Local Guides

There are some conditions that must be met in order to be able to profit through this feature on Google Map, and we will show you the most important of these advantages as follows:

  • The information you put on Google Map must be true and accurate.
  • You must have a Gmail account.
  • You must add all data related to this place.
  • You must learn how to put the map in its correct category, for example if you intend to enter information about a new property put it in the category of properties.
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4 What are Google’s guidelines for local guides?

To help you work in this field, Google has provided tips and guidelines for people who want to work in this field and what they should do in order to get a good evaluation to be the most in demand.

When the Local Guides come to a specific area and search for people who are interested in profiting from the Local Guides, they select the area and the Local Guides show them to that area and next to each person their ratings from the people who have treated them before.

So you should make sure that your evaluation is good in order to be more a doctor.

You can learn more details about the tips and guidelines that Google has provided for people who want to profit from local guides by clicking over here .

5 Key Features of Local Guides

There are a large number of advantages that this feature is unique to others and that made many people go to it in order to earn a lot of money through it, and we will show you the most important of them through the following:

  • Working in this field qualifies you to become one of the members of groups and private sessions in Google Map.
  • Anyone who works in this field can send them some videos and photos.
  • You can easily work in this field by answering a few questions about the place, or through your assessment of a particular facility.
  • Allows you to use Google Map with or without the Internet.
  • Once you reach level 4, the site offers you the first mentors package to appear, and this badge will appear next to your name as a sign of your recognition.
  • This site enables you to qualify to attend many important conferences on an international level.
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6 Ways to earn from Local Guides

There are several ways that you can profit through this feature, which is very simple and you can do it with ease and will not get tired, where you can write a comment on a place, or you can make sure to evaluate where you were, and not only that, but you can add one of the ways The new ones are not on Google Maps, and you can add an image on the site, or answer a special question about a place or a route.

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