How to get a work contract in Finland 2023

How to get a work contract in Finland 2023

How to get a work contract in Finland 2023Welcome, dear visitors of the “” website. In this article, we will learn how to obtain a work contract in Finland, how to migrate to Finland for work, what are the job search sites in Finland that grant work contracts in Finland, and what is the work system in Finland?

As working in Finland may be the easiest way to reach Finnish territory, but in order to be able to work in Finland, you need to submit all papers and documents with employment contracts in the State of Finland in order to be able to immigrate safely and securely, and therefore it is important to have work contracts in Finland, so The topic of our article today, we will learn how to get a work contract in Finland and what professions are required in Finland.

How to get a work contract in Finland 2023

Many people are looking for an opportunity just to get a work contract in Finland, where the country has many job opportunities that young people are looking for in order to seize them, travel and get a work contract as soon as possible. This longing is due to the reason that Finland is one of the richest European countries, where it has been Its classification as the eighth most expensive country in the European Union, and therefore many people aspire to obtain a work contract, in addition to the fact that the laws provide freedom of work for foreign workers.

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In order to reach Finland, citizens who are not from European countries must obtain a work visa, as the visa allows its holder to stay in Finland for a period of up to 90 days. Therefore, most people search and investigate all information related to the work contract in order to obtain it. .

How to apply for a work contract in Finland?

The foreign worker can submit an application to obtain a work contract in Finland as soon as he receives the job, through the electronic service provided by the government on the websites, in addition to providing applications for electronic services, as it saves time and effort, and it is also possible to apply through paper.

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What papers and supporting documents must be submitted to obtain a work permit in Finland?

In order to obtain an employment contract, the following personal documents are required:

  • The applicant must possess a valid passport for a period of not less than 6 months.
  • Submit a copy of the applicant’s ID card.
  • Provide color photos of the passport with all the information on it.
  • Submitting personal photos of the applicant, making sure that they conform to the conditional bulletin evidence.
  • All proofs of your place of residence must be submitted in the country from which you submitted the application, in the event that the applicant is outside his country of origin.
  • Provide a sample of the MP-1, if the applicant is from Finland.

What is the duration of a work visa in Finland?

There are two types of visas offered by the executive authorities, which are as follows:

  1. Type B visa: It is a temporary visa with a validity period of one year only.
  2. Type A visa: It is a continuous visa as long as the worker is still working in Finland.
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Noting that the duration of the issued visas usually lasts for a year from issuance to the worker.

How to obtain a residence permit to work in Finland?

The permit is obtained through the Department of Immigration Affairs, which decides to grant or reject the license in the event that the professions in which the employee works require a residence permit in addition to the partial decision that must be obtained from the Labor and Living Materials Office in Finland, and most workers in Finland need residence permits Such as house servants, cleaners, and cooks as well. Besides, there are many jobs that foreigners work without obtaining a decision from the Labor and Living Resources Office. There are also some other jobs in Finland that require a residence permit, which are as follows:

  1. Social expert job.
  2. Employment in vocational training.
  3. Get a job as a researcher.
  4. position of a social expert.
  5. Corporate manager position.

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Is it possible to extend a work contract in Finland?

The foreign worker has the right to extend the contract according to the type of contract he holds. If the contract is of a temporary type, it may be renewed every year. If the contract is continuous, it can be renewed every four years, and the worker must submit the application three months before the expiry of the work contract. If the employee Has continued to work with a continuous permit for a period of not less than 5 years. He can submit an application in order to obtain a valid contract for an unknown time, unless there are reasons that necessitate the cancellation of residence.

Is it possible for a foreign employee to switch jobs in Finland?

The foreign worker is not entitled to change the employer and work on the basis of the old work permit, but a new application must be submitted for a new permit in order to change the employer. upon receipt of written items.

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What are the costs of a work visa to Finland?

The visa costs differ according to the method of submission. If the application is by paper, the cost will amount to 690 euros. If the application is submitted via electronic services, the cost will amount to 490 euros.

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When can a foreign employee apply for Finnish citizenship?

A foreign employee has the right to apply for Finnish citizenship after completing 5 years of continuous living and working in Finland, in addition to that the employee must have a continuous permit in order for his application to obtain Finnish citizenship to be approved.

Professions in demand in Finland

Below we will take a look at the most demanded professions in Finland with vacancies in Finland for the year 2023:

  • Sales and customer service staff.
  • Experts in social work
  • nurses.
  • Physical therapists.
  • Information security analysts.
  • software developers
  • cooks.
  • teachers of young children
  • web developers.
  • Health service officials.
  • Office cleaning workers.
  • Dentists.
  • Construction sector and related fields of work.
  • sales representatives.
  • Welders.
  • civil engineers.

In conclusion, we have explained to you today the most important information about obtaining a work contract in Finland, in addition to the necessary papers in order to obtain the contract, with all information about visa costs, as well as how to obtain residence permits in the aforementioned country, and many other information about work in Finland.

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