How to get TikTok coins for free and the prices of currency packages –

How to get TikTok coins for free and the prices of currency packages –

Who are the supporters on Tik Tok?

We always hear the word supporters, especially when using the TikTok platform, and it is possible for users to become supportive by purchasing virtual gifts for other users. These gifts are usually given as a way to show support or appreciation for a specific creator or its content, and the user who He receives the gift during a live broadcast and challenges between individuals, and then he can exchange it for real money through the application, and accordingly, TikTok supporters are individuals who enjoy content created by a specific person and want to support them financially as an expression of their admiration and love.

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How to get free tiktok coins

There are many ways through which free Tik Tok coins can be obtained, and some methods may be by completing tasks such as watching videos, following other users, participating in challenges, and downloading mobile applications, and it is possible to buy Tik Tok coins from the App Store or receive them as gifts from users Others, we also explain how to get Tik Tok coins for free through the following:

  • They can be received as gifts from other users who appreciate your content
  • Also by participating in TikTok Challenges and potentially receiving coins as a gift
  • By increasing your TikTok followers and getting more coins as a result
  • It is possible to use third party tools such as TikTok Coin Adder.
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How to buy tiktok coins 2023

All social media applications have virtual currencies, perhaps the most prominent of which is TikTok, as the application has spread widely and has a special digital currency as a source of income and livelihood for many users. We explain below how to buy TikTok currencies 2023:

  • Open the TikTok app and go to your profile.
  • Click on the option available to you to open the settings.
  • Also click on Settings and Privacy.
  • The balance is determined.
  • Click on the shipping option.
  • Then the user can choose to buy as many coins as you want.
  • The following website will also ask you to confirm your purchase.

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How to charge tiktok coins for less

The TikTok platform has become available in 155 countries as well, with the presence of 75 different languages, where the vast majority of its users are located in America, India and China, and it also allows the creation of effective targeted advertisements that resonate greatly with regional audiences around the world, we explain in these points how to charge Tik Tokens Tok at a lower price:

  • It is by purchasing directly from the TikTok website instead of the application, and this gives you a 7% discount
  • VPN is also used to connect to the TikTok website and select Brazil as a country, it will give you a 15% discount
  • Also, by purchasing in large quantities through an American VPN, it gives you a 31% discount.

What are the prices of Tik Tok currency packages?

Before dealing with the Tik Tok currency packages, we mention that the platform management has imposed a condition that the user is over 18 years old, and without that he will not be able to charge the Tik Tok balance on his own, nor can he recover the money if the purchase is made, as for the prices of the Tik Tok currency packages We mention them in those points:

  • Whereas, 65 coins for $0.99
  • Also 330 coins for $4.99
  • 660 coins for $9.99
  • Also, 1321 coins for $19.99
  • 3303 coins for $49.99
  • Also 6607 coins for $99.99
  • 16,500 coins for $249.99
  • Also, 500 TikTok coins equals $5.
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How to get 1000 followers on Tik Tok for free

The fact that there is no specific way to get 1,000 followers on TikTok for free, but following the criteria for success and fame, thousands of followers can be obtained, perhaps the most prominent of which is through creating interesting and attractive content, as well as using popular hashtags, and following other users in your field of specialization. Moreover, you can promote your account on other social media platforms or through paid ads.

Disadvantages of Tik Tok

The dangers and disadvantages of Tik Tok increase specifically for children and adolescents, especially since this segment has more free time than others, and therefore they are looking for videos of fun, fun and electronic games, and they also show great passion in following new songs, celebrities and influencers on social networking sites and applications. We explain the most prominent defects of Tik Tok as follows:

  • Where the use of the TikTok application, like other social media applications, leads to the loss of family cohesion, as a result of the preoccupation with watching videos, interacting with them, and following the audience from friends and followers.
  • The TikTok program is also a source of cyberbullying, insult and slander, as well as extortion, sexual harassment, the spread of nudity, and everything that contradicts family and community customs.
  • It is also difficult for parental control over children, because it is an open platform and it is impossible to control it or control its content. This, in turn, exposes their children to inappropriate, harmful or pornographic content.
  • The platform also includes millions of users from all countries of the world with different cultures, religions, customs and traditions, and this in turn may cause risks of transmitting cultures that are contrary to the customs of our Arab society and the teachings of the Islamic religion.
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The cost of buying TikTok gifts

The procedure for determining the price of TikTok gifts is carried out by the administration responsible for the application in the store for coins, as it is characterized by the ability to charge them in exchange for dollars. We explain the cost of buying TikTok gifts as follows:

  • Panda represents: 5 coins worth $0.065, and diamonds worth $0.0325.
  • As for the Italian hand: 5 coins worth $ 0.065, and the value of diamonds $ 0.0325.
  • While Love Bang: 25 coins worth $0.0325, and the value of diamonds $0.1625.
  • Sun cream: 50 coins worth $0.65, and diamonds worth $0.325.
  • Rainbow Vomit: 100 coins worth $1.3, diamonds worth $0.65.
  • Also Prom: 500 coins value $6.5, diamonds value $3.25.
  • Also, I am very rich: 1000 coins worth $13, and diamonds worth $6.5.
  • Drama Queen: 5,000 coins, worth $65, and diamonds, worth $32.5.

How to get Tik Tok coins for free, the most important details of Tik Tok coins we have provided, especially with regard to the shipping currency at a lower price, as well as learning about the prices of Tik Tok currency packages and the cost of Tik Tok gifts.

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