How to improve the SEO of the online store exclusively .. My successful experience

How to improve the SEO of the online store exclusively .. My successful experience

considered process Improve your online store’s seo (Search Engine Optimization for Online Stores) One of the most important reasons for the success of the store, because with the increase in its improvement, the search engine raises your store and puts it on the first pages in searches for the products available to you, which increases sales and profits without funded ads.

I explained it in a separate title because the search engine optimization methodology for the online store differs from other sites that do not specialize in selling products. But before continuing, I advise you to read the basics of search engine optimization, and this article is considered a supplement that is only specialized in online stores. Here’s a way Online store seo tuning:

What is SEO optimization for an online store?

It is a set of actions and steps you take in the store code, interface and user experience that will make a site appear on the first pages of search engines for free without paying for funded marketing campaigns, and this will help you more in your success and reach the largest possible number of customers with zero periodic marketing cost.

Which is more important to improve the SEO of an online store, the rating page or the product page?

Always prioritize optimizing your site’s content for ranking pages, and not for the product page, because the products are most likely not stable, their manufacture may stop or their name and version change, but the rating page remains and thus make the content of the ratings optimized for search engines more than the product page. This, in turn, improves the visibility of existing product pages within the improved rankings pages in Google and other search results.

Why is the ranking page more important than the product page for search engines?

When I asked John Mueller, a Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Guide) which is the most important product or rankings in SEO for online stores in particular, he assured me that the most important is the rankings page for the following reasons:

  • Often the product page does not have a large content and is limited to brief information about the product.
  • The product page has high competition with the rest of the stores that use the same product name and the same description, which is often copied from the manufacturer.
  • There may be several pages in the same store for the same product with a difference in color, size or shape, which causes internal competition between these pages and this is not a good thing.
  • Product pages shift, change, stop, and run out of stock, while category pages contain descriptions of the category, its content, brands and products, and this makes the content of the rating page the best for ranking.
  • Getting a backlink to a ratings page is easier and has a greater chance than a backlink to a single product page.
  • Most online shoppers add the product to the cart from the category or brand page without entering the product page.
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How to choose keywords for online stores

Since the goal of the store is to sell, of course, you should use keywords that reflect the intent to buy in the pages of categories and manufacturers, and focus on long keywords with high or low search volume.

for example”The best type of smart screen in Saudi Arabia“A long keyword that reflects the intention to buy a smart screen in a specific country and it is the same country that you are selling to, and does not depend on short keywords even if it has a high search volume such as”Smart screen“Because you will fall into the trap of high competition for this word and most searchers for it will not be willing to buy.

How do I optimize a product keyword within the rating page?

Of course, the name of the product will be on the categorization page, not just the product page, and therefore the targeted links in search engine optimization should be the rating page or the manufacturer’s page that contains this product, especially when obtaining a backlink.

This is because the search engine optimization process depends on a period of time that may extend for months to reach the first Google search results page and thus the product release may end from the market and a new version comes, for example, and you will start again for the new version page, and this is cumbersome as a carrot and stick.

So make your focus on the most stable pages in your online store, such as the pages of ratings and manufacturers (brands), and this does not mean that the product pages will not appear on the search engine page, but on the contrary, the power of the rating page is what raises the ranking of the product pages inside it automatically as they are linked to each other with links Internal transfers the power of the pages between them.

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It is preferable to consult a specialist in conducting a search for the appropriate keywords for your store in order to provide you with useful words for your store and greatly benefit users by reaching their goal accurately from the Google search engine or others.

Improving the user experience in the online store

  • The goal of search optimization should be to make the user experience easier because a good user evaluation and spending more time in your store makes your store ranking progress faster and better. Any search engine optimization process that does not facilitate the user experience is a failure And do not forget to add the option to evaluate the products, as Google is very interested in this part. In addition to linking your store to Google Merchant Center It gives you the opportunity for your store’s products to appear in the Shopping tab of the Google search engine.

google merchant results

  • Another important part to improve the user experience is search barIt is the most used part in electronic stores and therefore it must be programmed with high efficiency to facilitate the visitor’s access to the product he is looking for In as few clicks as possible Therefore, try to use software based on artificial intelligence, such as Algolia It helps you in improving the user experience, increasing sales, statistics, and automatic product suggestion as well as predicting the customer’s intention in the search bar. For more information, you can read about how to take advantage of artificial intelligence in electronic stores
  • Don’t forget to use the search filter on the ratings, manufacturers and search results pages. I repeat, if the user experience is not easy, there will be a high bounce rate from the first page of your store, and therefore Google will see that your online store has problems and does not deserve to get a high ranking in the search results, and this gives priority to your competitors.
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An example of a great user experience in a store that integrated artificial intelligence into it, try the search process by typing some letters such as trans and do not complete the word transistor (because it is a store specializing in electrical circuits) Circuit Rocks

How to improve the home page of the online store

The home page of the online store must contain:

  • At first the search and navigation bar and then the specials sliders.
  • The most popular and requested products and special offers, because they are the gateway for the visitor to enter other pages and reduce the percentage of bounce, the strongest offers should be at the top of the home page of the online store.
  • An eye-catching, flawless design is a very, very important element of your homepage. Pay attention to the smallest details and make them professional so as not to distract the visitor.
  • Do not forget to add the badges and logos associated with the available payment methods, delivery methods, shipping and guarantee information on the paid money and returns are free, the customer should feel safe towards you.
  • The footer or the invoice must contain the name of the company to which the site belongs, the address and the customer service number, and this information is read by Google and gives greater reliability to your store.
  • Make the total words on the home page not less than 700 words and not more than 2000 words.

eCommerce homepage

Best SEO software for online stores

Using the online store SEO plugin or program is very important because it will make the search engine optimization process easy and under your control through the control panel using pre-programmed plugins according to the online store program that you use, and you can find them in the stores that sell plugins for each program.

I mean here the online store program such as OpenCart, Magento, Shopify and others, and these software or add-ons make controlling the content dynamically much easier than the manual method and you will not need a programmer to implement the store optimization in terms of search engines often.

Here I chose the best SEO programs for online stores based on their comprehensiveness and ease of control without overburdening the store:

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