How to obtain a Kuwait work visa for Egyptians 2023

How to obtain a Kuwait work visa for Egyptians 2023

How to obtain a Kuwait work visa for Egyptians 2023 We present it to you via the “” website. Many brothers who want to travel to Kuwait for work do not have sufficient information about the Kuwait visa for Egyptians, such as what are the conditions for obtaining a Kuwait visa for Egyptians, and how long does it take to obtain a Kuwait visa for Egyptians? and other additional procedures.

As we know that Kuwait is considered the best destination for the Arabs in terms of providing life from the availability of many job opportunities, high wages, etc., especially after the crises that Egypt has been suffering from recently, such as the collapse of the economy, which led to many young people thinking of traveling abroad in search of an opportunity. better life.

Therefore, it is necessary for a person to know, before applying to work in Kuwait and obtaining a work contract in Kuwait, to know the conditions for applying and what are the necessary procedures in the country, so what should I do to travel to Kuwait? And when does the Kuwait visa open? This is what we will learn about in the topic of our article today.

How to obtain a Kuwait work visa for Egyptians 2023

The young generation always aspires to secure its future and improve its conditions, especially the Arab youth who live in some Arab countries that suffer from economic problems and the inability to secure a labor market that includes the human capabilities present in it. Therefore, we note that young people who graduate from their universities do not find opportunities in their countries A job commensurate with the degrees they hold, so they tend to travel to other countries where they find job opportunities with good salaries that enable them to secure their future.

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The Arab Gulf countries are the first destination for job searches, as they have many job opportunities in all fields, especially the State of Kuwait, where we notice great interest in knowing information about job opportunities in them and how to obtain a visa to travel to them.

In this article, we will talk about how to obtain a work visa in Kuwait for Egyptians, what are the necessary conditions for that, and what is its cost.

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Advantages of traveling to Kuwait

After the crises that the Arab Republic of Egypt suffered from, and the economic problems it faced, which led to high prices, the high cost of living, and the inability to secure job opportunities, Egyptians headed to travel to the State of Kuwait by obtaining a work visa and traveling according to it. Egyptians want to travel to Kuwait as a result of the advantages it offers to expatriates working within its territory, which are:

  1. The State of Kuwait is considered one of the countries with a low cost of living, and prices are not high.
  2. Salaries are high compared to other Arab countries, as the salaries paid to workers are good and suitable for living in them.
  3. It contains many job opportunities for the self-employed, and for holders of degrees such as doctors, engineers, pharmacists, and teachers.

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What are the conditions for obtaining a Kuwait work visa for Egyptians?

There are several conditions imposed by the State of Kuwait in order to obtain a work visa within its territory, and these conditions are:

  1. You must secure a legal sponsor that guarantees you in the State of Kuwait during your stay in it. This sponsor can be a bank, school, hospital, or any business institution whose owner can sponsor you, or a family member or friend who has a legal record in the State of Kuwait who can sponsor you.
  2. Existence of an official work contract provided by the sponsoring authority in the State of Kuwait.
  3. You must specify the type of this contract (as there are two types of contracts in Kuwait, either civil contracts or government contracts)
  4. In the event that the contract is governmental, the owner of the contract cannot change the profession in the contract.
  5. In the event that the contract is civil, the type of work can be changed based on the request of the owner of the contract or the sponsor.
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What are the papers required to obtain a work visa in Kuwait for Egyptians?

When submitting an application to obtain a visa to work in Kuwait for Egyptians, the application must be attached to the following papers in order to be studied and approved, and these papers are:

  1. You can apply for a work and residence visa in the State of Kuwait at the Kuwaiti Embassy in Egypt, by filling out the residence application form with your information.
  2. The presence of an effective passport of the visa holder, and it must be valid for a period of not less than 12 months.
  3. The presence of a clear personal photo of the visa holder, the background must be white and the size is 6 x 4.
  4. The presence of a copy of the passport of the sponsor who is in the State of Kuwait.
  5. The presence of the sponsor’s civil ID, and a copy thereof.
  6. The presence of a copy of the work permit for the visa holder, which is obtained from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in Kuwait.
  7. The presence of a health certificate confirming that the visa holder has recovered from diseases and that he is free from hepatitis and AIDS.
  8. A copy of the health insurance registration for the workplace owned by the sponsor.
  9. The presence of a document of good conduct attested by the Ministry of Interior of the home country of the visa holder.

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What are the conditions for obtaining a work permit from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in Kuwait?

To obtain a work permit, the visa holder must meet the following conditions:

  1. He must submit a form to obtain a job at the Kuwaiti consulate in Egypt, in order to then obtain a work permit and entry accordingly to the State of Kuwait.
  2. The visa holder must not hold any judicial record and possess a clean civil record free of criminal suspicions.
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What is the price of a work visa in Kuwait?

In the State of Kuwait, there is a so-called black market for visa prices, where the price of a work visa with a sponsor is lower than the price of a regular visa, and it is obtained by a broker or the sponsor, according to the agreement between the employer (the sponsor) and the owner of the visa (the worker).

Where the value of the fees for obtaining residency in the State of Kuwait for one year is approximately 787 US dollars, which is paid by the sponsor, since the worker will work for him or by the owner of the visa.

In the event that an intermediary is introduced to obtain this residency, he will receive approximately the same amount, which will be paid by the visa holder.

Thus, we come to the end of the article, after we explained the conditions for obtaining a work visa to Kuwait for Egyptians and how to obtain it and its price. We hope that you will benefit from this article and find answers to your questions regarding this subject.

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