How to profit from the Bayt website (a comprehensive guide to making thousands of dollars per month)

How to profit from the Bayt website (a comprehensive guide to making thousands of dollars per month)

In this article, we present to you one of the new ideas of profit from the Internet that has spread recently, which is: Earning from home The famous, as this site contains the affiliate program, which is one of the most profitable partnership programs in the Arab world.

Therefore, we advise you to read this article well in order to learn more about the Bayt website, where we will learn together the distinguished affiliate program within this site, and we will also remind you of the steps to profit from the Bayt website, and is the Bayt website guaranteed? And what are the tips to double the profits in the Affiliate Bit Program.

How to profit from the Bayt website (a comprehensive guide to making thousands of dollars per month)

After the large and rapid spread of the Internet, where the world has become a small global village, where the World Wide Web has gathered the whole world within a small and narrow scope from which people can communicate, work and fulfill all the needs that are far and difficult for the individual to spend, but the Internet has brought together a large number of people who are constantly seeking and looking for opportunities Work, especially for newly graduated from universities and colleges, where they need to have a lot of experience before going out and working in companies personally, as most of them turn to the Internet and work freely or with what is called “free lancer.” with him and earn hundreds of dollars a month.

What is a home site?

This site is classified as the largest recruitment site in the Arab world and the Middle East as a whole, due to the fact that the site was established a long time ago, as the time of its establishment dates back to the year 2000, which earned the site many experiences in the field of employment, and therefore the site has such wide fame among individuals and leading sites in employment .

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The site carries out the recruitment process through its work as an intermediary between the job seeker and the companies providing job opportunities. These companies are either inside or outside the Arab world, where the site is distributed until it reached 12 offices distributed as follows in Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Amman, Riyadh, Manama, Muscat, Jeddah, Beirut and Cairo Doha, Dubai and the Eastern Province.

The site includes approximately 41 million specialists in its field and contains approximately 40,000 clients from major companies. The site combines job seekers in all disciplines with companies that require employees for those specialties. in the Arab world.

What is Bayt’s affiliate system?

It is a special program for the site and provided by it, where the subscription is registered within the program of the site, where the mission of this program is to help users to obtain jobs. The system of work of the affiliate program is based on the following:

  • This program allows the marketer to obtain profits (commission) in exchange for the marketer to publish resumes on the site. The profits vary according to the location of the marketer, for example, if the marketer is in Egypt, the amount is approximately $1.20.
  • There is another way to earn money from the site’s affiliate system and it is by earning profits (commission) from other currency marketers who are invited to the site, and the profits can reach 20% of the marketers who are invited for the first 90 days and profits increase automatically whenever you invite More marketers.

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Why does the home site offer the affiliate system and why am I thinking of joining the site?

1. Subscribing to the affiliate program is free:

What is distinctive about the site is that subscribing to the affiliate system is free of charge, as the user does not need to pay fees within the site and payment is not made in the following stages

2. The profits are big and limitless in the site:

The profits are great within the site, where the more you put up a number of resumes inside the site, the more your profits will increase significantly inside it. It is not limited to resumes, but you can also profit through the companies and marketers that you bring to the site.

3. The sincere services provided by the site:

You will have a good reputation among your blog visitors, as it is distinguished on the site that all the services provided are real and honest services, as most users who publish their CVs get jobs through the site.

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4. Quick and Immediate Earning of Profits:

It is good on the site that the profits are calculated immediately since you brought the first client or company to the site and after registering and joining the affiliate system, the program will give you the freedom to access the gains achieved through reports that the site does.

5. Possibility of partnering with Bayt:

After the large size and wide spread that Bayt has obtained, the partnership with the site has become a distinct golden opportunity in addition to joining the affiliate program after classifying the site as one of the leading sites in the Arab world in the field of employment.

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How to profit from a home site?

Most users are looking for accurate steps and stages to profit from the Bait website, and in this paragraph we will provide you with the steps to profit through the site:

Create your own website

After reading and scrutinizing what was written above, it became clear to most of you that profit and taking profits are made through the affiliate program! Yes, but to reap profits and earn more profits, creating a website and announcing the jobs offered on the site will earn you a lot of profits.

Provide appropriate content to attract visitors to your website

It is very important for the content published on your blog to be very useful and attractive to users and pioneers of the Internet and electronic blogs. This is done through two methods followed by most of the famous websites, which are as follows:

Search Engine Optimization

This method is done by doing some things that make your website top the search results and thus the number of visitors to your site and the number of entrants to the home site increases.

Paid Marketing

It is that you publish the link to your site in exchange for paying money for the one who publishes the ads on your site, where the user will initially move to your site, and then the Bait site ads will appear in front of the user.

The most important tips to make more profits from the Bayt website

In the last part of the article, we will give you some of the most important tips to increase the percentage of profits from the Bayt website, which are as follows:

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Use other marketing methods with the website

If you want to increase profits, you must increase the marketing of your website and publish it among the largest number of users by publishing the website link on social media, for example, as the means of communication in our time are the largest marketer and attractive to users from all over the world, in particular the Facebook application and the application Youtube.

Draw users’ attention through the links you post

It is necessary to attract users and visitors to a home site to achieve greater profits and faster, by placing site links in places that are easy for the user to see and push curiosity inside to discover them without appearing as an advertisement, but know content that attracts the visitor to search for and search for a job. Visit the home site and search within it.

Features of the affiliate program from the Bet website

Some people wonder what are the advantages of the Affiliate Bit program and what are the things that make it distinct from its peers from the famous affiliate programs, and is it:

  • There are no limits to the profits from the Bait site: your profits increase unlimitedly from the Bait site the more CVs you submit or the increase in the number of companies that bring them to the site, so there are no limits to profit from the Bait affiliate program.
  • Subscribing to the Free Bet Affiliate Program: Subscribing to the affiliate program is completely free and there are no fees involved in the process of registering in the Bet affiliate program.
  • Instant Earnings: The great feature of the Affiliate Bit program is that the earnings are sent instantly from the moment you submit your first CV.
  • Achieving the benefit: It is true that you charge a commission for each CV that you bring to the site, but at the same time you are providing a service to the person with the possibility of obtaining a job opportunity for him.

Finally, at the end of our article, we have explained the most important details about the Bayt website and how to profit from the site, along with the most important tips to increase profit. We hope you will like the article.

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