How to renew Al-Rajhi ATM card 1444 through the application – platform

How to renew Al-Rajhi ATM card 1444 through the application – platform

How to renew Al-Rajhi ATM card through the applicationAl-Rajhi Bank is considered one of the most important banks operating in the Saudi exchange market, as it has experience that extends for more than 50 years in providing commercial and investment activities, as well as providing banking business that is needed by a wide segment of people, whether inside or outside the Kingdom, knowing that it is engaged in banking business in general In compliance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia, in this article we review the method of renewing the Al-Rajhi ATM card through the application.

How to renew Al-Rajhi ATM card through the application

Al-Rajhi cards are characterized by a high level of flexibility so that they are suitable for all customers to cover their needs and requirements. Application:

  • Where to download the Al-Rajhi Mobile application for Android from here.
  • You can also download the Al-Rajhi Mobile application for iPhone from here.
  • The Al Rajhi Mobile application opens on the customer’s mobile phone.
  • Then the process of logging in using the username and password.
  • The authentication code sent to the customer’s mobile number registered in Absher must be entered.
  • Click on Renewal Card from Al Mubasher Al Rajhi option.
  • Fill in the required card renewal data and confirm the renewal request.
  • It is required to choose a 4-digit password for the card after renewal.
  • The customer receives a text message on the mobile number registered with success in the Al-Rajhi ATM card renewal process

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Online renewal of Al-Rajhi card after its expiration

The Al-Rajhi credit card is designed to obtain a special lifestyle for the customer as well, to fulfill his aspirations and meet his desires, whether when traveling or wherever the customer is. Therefore, obtaining a renewal of the card frequently asks him, so we explain below the mechanism for renewing the Al-Rajhi card after its expiration online:

  • You must enter the official website of Al Rajhi Bank
  • Also, direct login for Al Rajhi individuals with the username and account password
  • Then click on login.
  • The authentication code sent to the mobile number registered in Absher must also be entered.
  • Also choose customer information from the account interface in Al Mubasher for Individuals.
  • Fill out all the data for renewing the Al-Rajhi ATM card.
  • Verify the request to renew the Al-Rajhi ATM card.
  • At that time, the customer receives a text message through which he updates the account information and renews the Al-Rajhi ATM card.

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Al-Rajhi card renewal through self-service

Al-Rajhi Bank provides all means to facilitate the conduct of transactions and all procedures for customers, as it is possible to renew the ATM card through self-service, which is spread throughout the Kingdom, without the need for a long wait, and the following is an explanation of the renewal mechanism:

  • You must go to the nearest self-service machine to the customer’s place of residence.
  • Then insert the Al-Rajhi ATM card in the designated space.
  • Write down the expired card’s 4-digit password.
  • Also, click on Print digital mada card as shown in the figure below.
  • The customer must choose to renew or replace the Al Rajhi mada card, as shown in the image below.
  • Then enter the authentication code sent to the registered customer’s mobile number.
  • Click on the Continue button.
  • With a view to the Al-Rajhi ATM card renewal fee after expiration, which is 0 Saudi riyals.
  • Click Confirm.
  • The expired card must also be withdrawn and the new Al-Rajhi ATM card must be successfully printed in the self-service machine.
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Al-Rajhi card renewal fees after its expiry

In the event that the Al-Rajhi ATM card is renewed two months or 60 days before its expiration, the renewal is free of charge, while the fees for replacing the Al-Rajhi ATM card or the fees for issuing a replacement for a lost Al-Rajhi ATM card amounted to 30 Saudi riyals, with the tax being paid from the ATM.

How to activate Al-Rajhi card after renewal

Al-Rajhi Bank customers, especially those who have new cards, must activate them, in order to ensure their validity and the ability to benefit from the services and offers provided by the bank to all its customers. The following is a presentation of the method for activating the Al-Rajhi card after renewal:

  • You must go to one of the Al Rajhi Bank ATMs.
  • Then insert the new Al Rajhi card in the space provided.
  • 4 numbers must be written randomly.
  • Click on other options from the ATM interface.
  • It is also chosen to activate the ATM card renewal request.
  • Also, enter the Al-Rajhi ATM card activation code sent to the customer’s mobile number.
  • Click Confirm.
  • It is also necessary to choose the personal number of the Al-Rajhi ATM card, which consists of 4 digits.
  • Confirm the personal number by entering it again.
  • Later, a notification will appear on the ATM screen to activate the card.

How to get a new Al-Rajhi ATM card

The ATM card gives its holders many advantages, especially while shopping, while paying all their purchases in a safe and easy way, with the ability to travel around the world while using the card with ease, also obtaining the exclusive card for Thames account holders and much more, and the following is an explanation of the method for obtaining a new Al-Rajhi ATM card :

  • In the beginning, go to the official page of Al-Rajhi Bank website.
  • On the home page, click on the credit card section.
  • Click on the field that says Apply Now.
  • A page will appear asking you to enter a set of data.
  • Writing the name, nationality, gender, and the rest of the information listed in front of the client.
  • All data and financial information of the customer are also entered.
  • Finally, click on the Submit Application box and wait for the appointment.
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Types of cards in Al Rajhi Bank

There is a wide range of types of Al-Rajhi ATM cards, which it provides to customers in order to obtain various banking services with ease, immediately without waiting, and most importantly, they are subject to Islamic law. We explain the following types of cards in Al-Rajhi Bank:

  • Where is Safar Plus card.
  • Also, Platinum Card.
  • Low balance cards (Insan).
  • and Signature Card.
  • Also, selective credit.
  • Infinite card.
  • Add to that low balance cards (shopping).
  • Also credit cards (monthly discount)

How to stop Al Rajhi Bank card

The Al-Rajhi Bank card is characterized by insurance on all personal information and data related to financial accounts, but with the great development and the ability to hack bank accounts, fear has come to many, so they may stop the Al-Rajhi Bank card, by following the following steps:

  • It is possible to contact Mubasher service, which is part of Al Rajhi Bank services.
  • Also contact the customer service of the bank or send a message to the technical support service of Al-Rajhi Bank.
  • The person can also call the phone banking service number of Al Rajhi Bank: 00920003344.

The method of renewing the Al-Rajhi ATM card through the application. In this article, we learned about the method of obtaining a new Al-Rajhi ATM card, as well as the fees for renewing the Al-Rajhi card after its expiration, and other details about the Al-Rajhi ATM card.

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