How to renew the Al-Rajhi ATM card through Mubasher Individuals 1444 – platform

How to renew the Al-Rajhi ATM card through Mubasher Individuals 1444 – platform

The method of renewing the Al-Rajhi ATM card through Mubasher Individuals, Al-Rajhi Bank is considered one of the most famous banks specialized in the banking field in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Customer data was hacked, and we explain below the method of renewing the Al-Rajhi ATM card through Mubasher individuals.

How to renew the Al-Rajhi ATM card through Mubasher Individuals

The Al-Rajhi ATM card includes many unique features that open the way to enjoy the conduct of many financial transactions, whether it is related to deposits or exchange operations, financial transfers and other banking services.

  • It is necessary to enter the official website of Al-Rajhi Bank by clicking on the following link: from here.
  • On the home page, click on the direct icon located at the top left of the page.
  • Also login by entering your username and password and clicking on accept.
  • After that, a temporary password will be sent to you, to be entered in the field provided for it, and then you will be logged in.
  • Also write the card’s 4-digit password, and click on customer information.
  • And automatically, you will be moved to another page that requires entering a set of data.
  • After entering all the required information, click on Renew Card.
  • After that, all the steps required for renewal are taken, and then the application is confirmed.
  • Finally, a message will appear stating that the card renewal process has been completed.

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Renewal of Al-Rajhi ATM card via phone banking

Dealing with the Al-Rajhi ATM card avoids the customer’s personal account from being hacked or stolen, so Al-Rajhi Bank provides maximum security and protection for customer accounts without exception, and we explain the following the mechanism for renewing the Al-Rajhi ATM card via the banking phone:

  • Calls are made from the mobile phone at 920003344 for bank customers, as well as at 8001248880 for private customers.
  • Also, enter the service password in order to access it.
  • Then click on number 1 to choose current account services.
  • Followed by clicking on number 1 again to choose to speak to the employee.
  • After that, the bank employee will be informed of your national address and contact information.

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Al Rajhi card renewal fees

Al-Rajhi Bank specified the Al-Rajhi card renewal fees that it imposes on customers, and it is symbolic. Note that Al-Rajhi Bank offers many types of cards such as the Safar Plus credit card, the Al-Fursan card, and the Infinite card, all of which have specific functions. Below are the details of the Al-Rajhi card renewal fees:

  • Al-Rajhi Bank customers must renew the bank’s card within two months before its expiry date in order to benefit from its services and also to avoid disruption of banking transactions for them.
  • It is renewed by going to any of the bank’s branches and submitting a renewal application to the concerned employee.
  • Note that the card renewal fee is 30 Saudi riyals.
  • While choosing to deliver the card to the home instead of receiving it from the branch, additional fees will be charged in addition to the renewal fees.

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Renewal of the Al-Rajhi card after its expiry through the Al-Rajhi ATM

Al-Rajhi Bank offers the service of replacing and renewing the Al-Rajhi ATM card from home electronically, as it is delivered to the home via the Al-Rajhi service, so if it is required to deliver it to the home, the customer will have to pay some additional fees to the transport contractor when it is delivered, and the following is the mechanism for renewing the Al-Rajhi card after its completion Through the Al-Rajhi teller:

  • You must go to the Al-Rajhi Bank ATM.
  • Then insert the expired ATM card.
  • The password for the card is also written.
  • Click on other options
  • Then choose the options submenu.
  • Click on the ATM Card Renewal
  • Then a text message containing the activation code will be received.
  • Then enter the activation code into the device.
  • You must choose the branch from which you want to collect the card.
  • Then enter your phone number again.
  • Finally, choose Update.
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Renewal of Al-Rajhi card through the self-service machine

The importance of the bank is that it conducts banking and investment business in a manner consistent with the provisions of Islamic Sharia. The bank also conducts banking and investment business inside or outside the Kingdom. We explain the following to renew the Al-Rajhi card through the self-service machine:

  • Go to the self-service machine of Al Rajhi Bank.
  • Click on Print a new card.
  • Click on Print Al Rajhi Mada ATM.
  • Then write the account number.
  • Also enter the national identity number.
  • Press Confirm.
  • Then enter the mobile number of the card holder.
  • Also enter the confirmation number sent to the mobile.
  • With confirmation of the customer’s fingerprint.
  • The new card will then be issued immediately.

How to request a Al-Rajhi ATM card from the application

There are many advantages that the customer gets when obtaining the card from the Al Rajhi ATM, such as paying the purchase transactions on credit cards in fixed and soft monthly installments starting from 3, 6, 9 or 12 months without a margin, as well as earning points for your local and international purchases using cards The bank and its exchange have a wide range of options, and the following is an explanation of the method for requesting the Al-Rajhi ATM card from the application:

  • First, download the Al-Rajhi application from here.
  • Then open the application and enter your bank account information in Al Rajhi Bank to log into your account.
  • Choose the Accounts and Cards options tab at the top of the app.
  • Click on the credit card and mada cards tab.
  • Click on the credit card word.
  • Also, click on the Submit Request option.
  • Fill in the fields with all required data.
  • Click on Submit, then the registration process for a credit card will be completed.
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Online renewal of Al-Rajhi card after its expiration

In line with the technical and technological development witnessed by all banking sectors around the world, Al-Rajhi Bank sought to introduce several electronic channels, in order to facilitate and complete banking transactions quickly and accurately, noting that it had the precedent in converting bank cards from magnetic cards to smart cards, with the help of With your developed electronic purchase to perform the various banking operations provided electronically by the bank, as for renewing the Al-Rajhi card after its expiration online, by following the following steps:

  • Click on Al Rajhi Bank website.
  • Clicking on the Direct option from the home page.
  • Login process by entering your username and password.
  • Click on the Login option.
  • Enter the temporary password sent to you on your mobile phone.
  • Click on the Customer Information option.
  • Fill in the information required to renew the card.
  • After completing the required data, click on the option to renew the card.
  • The request will be confirmed, and you will then be notified that the renewal steps have been completed successfully.

The method of renewing the Al-Rajhi ATM card through direct individuals, and we explained several steps through which the mechanism for renewing the ATM card takes place, as well as identifying the fees that the customer pays for that service.

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