How to use artificial intelligence to improve the user experience

How to use artificial intelligence to improve the user experience

Our use of the Internet depends almost entirely on search engines, they are the basis of all searches for sites, topics, interests, media and everything, and this in itself is a user experience and on the basis of which its algorithms are developed to improve the user experience.

Imagine the Internet without Google! You can’t imagine it, can you? Hence the importance of the Internet search feature. Therefore, the presence of the search box in websites and online stores is essential to ensuring the success of the site and providing a smooth user experience, as no one wants to browse the site for hours looking for the product or service they want without results. What if the search feature is related to the most important inventions of the twenty-first century? These are artificial intelligence search programs to improve the user experience in online stores.

If you are interested in improving your site and increasing its visitors based on improving the user experience, I highly recommend you to continue reading.

What is improving the user experience in the online store using artificial intelligence?

indicate Statistics to 74% Of the people who find it difficult to deal and buy from a company or website, they will go to another easier. Thus, it is very important for the site to have a search box, which will make it easier for users and visitors to reach what they want more quickly. What about if the search box that your site owns is smart and can provide what the traditional search box can’t do? Of course then you will get higher ratings and more visitors. To achieve this, you must make the search on your site linked to artificial intelligence.

AI-based search can provide very accurate and relevant results for the person doing the search. These results occur due to the ability of artificial intelligence to analyze several factors simultaneously and in real time and give results based on those factors such as the user’s browsing and purchase history, the intent behind the written words, and even common and intended misspellings.

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What is the importance of improving the user experience using artificial intelligence in the online store?

With the tremendous technological development that is happening at an accelerating pace, search engines have the ability to understand what the user wants by understanding what he means behind the words, instead of building search results on a literal match of the words, and all this happened thanks to artificial intelligence. This development has raised people’s expectations and made them so accustomed to these advanced features that they deplore the old research methods. This means that by activating these advanced features on your site, you will easily get ahead of your competitors. Here are the most important advantages that you will get when using artificial intelligence to search on your site:

  • Search engine optimization.
  • Better routing and customization.
  • Raising the level of customer satisfaction.
  • Increasing the number of clients.
  • Freedom from repetitive manual tasks
  • Override misspellings and identify synonyms.

The best artificial intelligence programs to improve the user experience in the online store

There are many companies that offer artificial intelligence search engines, and even choose the best in this field; We will present to you five of the most important of these programs:

1. Algolia

Known Algolia برنامج Program It provides the smartest search services in the global market, due to its reliance on a large database represented by trillions of searches. And all this is provided simply and without complication to users who wish to benefit from these services. Incorporating AI with on-site search requires a lot of effort and budget, but Algolia eliminates all those consequences and at the same time offers users a high degree of control and customization of what the end consumer will experience.

Among the services provided by the Algolia program are “Algolia Answers”, to answer the most difficult linguistic questions that customers ask, and provide the best answer to the user, and all this is done in cooperation with the most famous artificial intelligence companies in the world OpenAI. Another service is “Understanding Algolia”, which helps to understand what the consumer wants to get quickly, through advanced technologies such as Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Technology. In addition to analyzing the behavior of each consumer on the site and building an integrated personal profile for him, which helps to provide more in-depth and powerful results.

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the prices:

  • It has a free plan that is suitable for small businesses and supports up to 10,000 searches.
  • Paid plans start at $1.00 per 1000 searches.


2. Clerk

With more than 2,500 online stores around the world, and an improvement in sales by 15-30%, Clerk One of the best artificial intelligence search engines. The idea of ​​his work is to employ artificial intelligence techniques to attract more customers and improve the reputation of the online store. It also has full support for several languages, and support includes correcting spelling errors and providing synonyms in each language separately.

As with a real salesperson, Clerk can understand what the consumer wants as if he were a real human being. It is able to interpret intentions through context to provide the best search results for the consumer. Clerk offers advanced features in terms of customizing the search interface and options that you can offer to the consumer to make the search process faster and more accurate.

the prices:

  • It offers a free trial period.
  • Paid plans start at $89 per month.


3. Swiftype

Swiftype is based on cloud computing, which facilitates the provision of technical resources for artificial intelligence to provide the best possible results, and this feature also facilitates the installation and provisioning of equipment for users. and presents Swiftype Users have real-time, real-time analysis and insights into what site visitors are looking for in detail. Which helps to know what is popular with consumers and focus on it to increase sales.

The process of registering and getting started with Swiftype is very easy and uncomplicated. Once you enter the data, Swiftype will automatically associate your site with the AI-powered searches it provides, meaning no experience is needed in order to work on it. In addition, Swiftype’s search service has several essential features such as automatic search completion and spelling bug fixes. Just as Swiftype services do not require deep programming knowledge; It also provides services that suit professional developers by assigning them an integrated API that contains all the features they want to include in their sites.

the prices:

  • There is no free plan.
  • Paid plans start at $79 per month.


4. Searchspring

helps Searchspring Our online store is growing by making it easier for consumers to find the products they want through search and routing, by automating and simplifying complex searches and by providing AI-based analytics. Searchspring helps provide consumers with many options in order to find what suits them, such as arranging products according to their relation to the search phrase or according to the most demanded among visitors to the site. It also allows searching for products based on the required budget and specifications.

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Searchspring provides site owners with an integrated API that provides all services, and supports integration with many popular applications such as BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify Plus, Miva and others. Searchspring also offers options to fix misspellings, autocomplete, and the ability to understand synonyms and associate them with products that contain similar words. Searchspring users can improve their marketing campaigns by making suggestions for products with discounted prices or price cuts that suit customers and attract them to make more purchases.

the prices:

  • There is no free plan, but the developers of Searchspring invite startups to contact them for support, as they aim to support a certain number of new entrepreneurs.
  • Paid plans start at $499 per month.


5. AddSearch

known asAddSearch It is a program dedicated to supporting large companies due to the large number of features it contains. It supports working across all types of websites. It also offers a high degree of control and customization in all features, starting from the design of the search box and the results that will appear to users, and ending with the reports and analytics it provides based on customer behavior, purchases and preferences towards all your products. All of these features are backed by artificial intelligence that improves them and makes them more reliable and powerful.

The AddSearch dashboard is user friendly and easy to manage, as it contains all the information in one place. AddSearch also supports the ability to customize search results based on relevance, price, number of items in stock, special offers, and many other options. AddSearch allows its users to modify the smart suggestions that appear as a drop-down list at the bottom of the search box in real time with each letter that is typed in the search box, thus helping to achieve what the site owners want in the best possible way.

the prices:

  • There are no free plans.
  • Paid plans start at $25 per month.


In conclusion, I recommend using one of these techniques in online stores, and according to my personal experience with Algolia without trying other techniques, I found a noticeable improvement in sales.

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