How to work at Amazon 2023

How to work at Amazon 2023

Many young people are looking for How to work on Amazon 2023, where Amazon is one of the most important e-commerce sites, and Amazon was established in Washington in 1994 AD, and it is one of the largest retail stores that rely on the Internet, and it is one of the most sites that enable individuals to achieve the highest percentage of profits.

How to work on Amazon

Amazon is the first solution and the perfect door to get a job. You have to visit the site and search to see if there are vacancies or not.

The site also provides many Searches Such as specifying the job title or job location you are looking for.

With the ability to specify the vacancy and if you want to view vacancies in general without a specific title.

You can also do this through the View Open Jobs button, which allows displaying all vacancies in various fields.

Including fulfillment centers, student programs, and remote jobs with Amazon, the main site has a section dedicated to teams where you can learn about departments at Amazon.

As for Amazon, as a successful company with future visions, it does not allow employees to always search for it. But it is also looking for employees through recruitment programs.

Where she attends a ceremony honoring the top students in the Faculty of Informatics Engineering at a university and contracts with students during their studies, provided that they work with Amazon for a certain period of time.

How to work in Amazon and time according to the terms and agreement where you believe company The importance of employing those golden minds.

Of course, this is one example, but employment programs include all categories and all sectors, as they always seek to attract the best expertise from all categories and segments.

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It selects these employees by attending annual conferences, cultural events, and scientific and technical exhibitions. Which, if we conclude from this, that Amazon has an actual and strong presence in the field of employing and investing mental energies in its favor.

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Profit from Amazon through affiliate

Amazon has provided a huge opportunity for online marketers by allowing merchandise to be sold on the site, for a profit rate of 10 to 15%.

How to work on the Amazon site through the affiliate is the following steps:

  • Open Amazon.
  • Log in to Amazon Affiliate.
  • Subscribe button is pressed.
  • Then the e-mail that will be subscribed to is entered on the site.
  • Some personal information such as residential address and phone number are entered.
  • The personal website or Android app through which Amazon products will be marketed will be added.
  • In the absence of a personal website, a link to the Twitter account is placed, but in this case it is required that the account be large and have a large number of followers.
  • The store that the person wants to market to is added to Amazon. Description of the site, goods and products that the person wants to market and profit from Amazon.
  • After doing all these steps, the person will be asked to activate the account with the phone number through a phone call or enter the code.
  • You will then receive a confirmation message to approve the account and you are now an official Amazon marketer.
  • After that, the sale takes place by choosing the product and clicking on it, and from here a page will appear showing the product with its image and details.

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Profit from Amazon through affiliate
Profit from Amazon through affiliate

How does Amazon work?

Amazon is proud to provide Amazon jobs and employment opportunities including students, military and workforce.

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Amazon hourly jobs come with competitive wages, benefits, andopportunities For career advancement and more.

There are many types of jobs offered by Amazon, and applicants can find them on the official Amazon website.

It is possible to profit from Amazon by creating an online store. This method is one of the ways to earn money and profits from the Amazon website, which are internet pages that include products from the Amazon website.

Through it, the customer opens the products offered on these pages and chooses what he wants from them.

And when he makes a purchase, the owner of the online store will receive a commission on the sale made through his store.

Profit from Amazon by selling products

This method is the most difficult to earn and how to work on the Amazon site, because it requires a lot of experience and capital to be able to test and experiment.

However, it is a very profitable method and has made many millionaires.

Amazon is a very big online mall, in the mall anyone can open a simple store and start selling their products.

Benefiting from the large number of people who visit this mall every day, provided that they conclude an agreement with the mall management.

This is a simple example of an Amazon store, it is made up of many sellers and owners of different products and brands, who sell their products in what is called Amazon FBA.

Most of these sellers import products from China after they are packaged and prepared in a certain way, and then sent to Amazon warehouses that handle the shipping for you.

Of course there are global brands that rely on Amazon. And there are factory owners and companies everywhere in the world, who only benefit from Amazon traffic to obtain sales, and not all sellers depend on importing products from China.

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Work at Amazon

By the way, if you are making any product or handicraft then you can sell it in your country using shops e Such as Souq and Jumia in Egypt.

This method is not for beginners, and requires relatively large capital. Because you have to search for products in order to choose a new and suitable product so that you can beat the fierce competition in Amazon.

Then after that you need to contact suppliers and factory owners in China. (Through many sites and the most popular one is and ask them for trial samples.

Test these products on Amazon or through paid traffic to see how people respond. Then you order certain quantities of that product and send them to Amazon.

Then you photograph the product or create videos and compile the description and features of the product. (everything you see on any product page on Amazon) so you can compete properly.

So if you are a marketing savvy or have at least $1000 you can risk learning it. You may lose it in several months and not win anything, I advise you to try it.

There are a lot of experts in this field from Arabs on YouTube that you can learn from or contact them for help.

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Work at Amazon
Work at Amazon


In this context, we find that How to work on Amazon In many ways a person can do it. If you cannot get a job on Amazon, you can earn through self-employment, whether affiliate or creating an online store.

You can also profit from Amazon by selling e-books and printing T-shirts with distinctive designs. Upon request, you print them on T-shirts and sell them to the customer through the Amazon website, which is one of the unique ways for beginners.

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