How to work in Switzerland without papers 2023

How to work in Switzerland without papers 2023

Work in Switzerland without papers 2023. Searching for job opportunities in Switzerland for Arabs has become much easier than racing, especially in 2023. Therefore, in this article, we will learn everything related to immigration, how to obtain a work contract without papers in Switzerland, and how to obtain work in agriculture in Switzerland.

If you are wondering Is it possible to work in Switzerland without papers? What are the jobs or professions that do not require papers to work in Switzerland, and what are the job search sites in Switzerland without papers? Follow us to learn the details.

How to work in Switzerland without papers 2023

Switzerland is one of the countries that receives a large number of immigrants of various nationalities every year, where the goal of these immigrants is to search for suitable job opportunities.

In this article, we will talk about immigration to Switzerland and working there without regular papers, and about the most important sites that help in searching for job opportunities in Switzerland.

Why do foreigners prefer to work in Switzerland?

All young people, including young Arabs, prefer to emigrate and work in Switzerland because unemployment rates are almost non-existent, so it is very easy to find a job or a job in it, especially nursing jobs in Switzerland if you have a specialization certificate.

In addition to the many job opportunities in Switzerland and high salaries that help improve the standard of living, as well as to educate children in the best internationally recognized Swiss schools and universities.

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How is it possible to work in Switzerland without papers?

The state of Switzerland is considered one of the rich countries in the world, as it has a strong economy and a large labor market that makes it need great human capabilities, so the state of Switzerland has many job opportunities in different fields as well, and for this we find many people from different countries of the world who want to travel to it with the intention of obtaining A suitable job opportunity to secure their future.

However, these persons must secure regular work contracts that enable them to obtain a work visa in order to enter and work in Switzerland.

There are many professions that can obtain a regular work contract to work in, such as the medical profession, as this profession is one of the important and necessary professions everywhere and cannot be dispensed with, so regular work contracts for doctors are available in Switzerland, where the value of doctors’ salaries in Switzerland is With a minimum of 107,000 Swiss francs, and at a maximum, the salary of a doctor in Switzerland may be 492,000 Swiss francs.

But in the event of the inability to secure regular work contracts, these people search for job opportunities that do not need contracts, such as construction work, or agricultural work in the agricultural sector, as these jobs are sought by illegal immigrants who enter Switzerland in ways that violate the law. As a result, they are exploited by employers because they do not have official residence papers.

There are also other jobs that can be done without the need for residency papers, as there are many job advertisements for these specializations on employment websites via the Internet, and these specializations include:

  1. Programming engineering.
  2. Medicine in all its specialties, which is the most important profession in Switzerland.
  3. Craftsmen to work in the art of carpentry, as it is an important profession in Switzerland.
  4. Architecture is also one of the professions that provide many job opportunities.
  5. Workers in the agricultural field and agricultural work.
  6. Early school teachers.
  7. Workers for bakeries, services, accounting and money management.
  8. Technologies and information technology workers.
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Work in the agricultural sector and farming work in Switzerland

This profession is considered one of the most sought-after jobs in Switzerland, which is called “working in Switzerland without papers.” The profession of agriculture and agricultural work is characterized by its good salary, which amounts to approximately $30 per hour of work in Switzerland, but in order to get this good salary, you must You must have a work contract in Switzerland, so as not to be exploited by employers, and agricultural work is also considered one of the most available job opportunities, due to the small number of Swiss people working in this field.

How can I travel to Switzerland for work?

In the event that you want to travel to Switzerland in order to secure a job opportunity in it, and to live and reside in it, you must submit an application for obtaining a visa to enter Switzerland at the Swiss embassy in the country in which you reside, and the application must be accompanied by the following documents:

  1. Clear personal photos of the visa holder.
  2. The passport of the visa holder, which must be valid for at least six months.
  3. Having health insurance.
  4. A visa application form filled with the data of its owner.

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What are the working conditions in Switzerland?

There are several conditions imposed on people wishing to enter and work in Switzerland, and these conditions must be met by the applicant in order for his application to be approved. Among these conditions:

  1. That the applicant possesses the number of the guarantee certificate belonging to the sponsor.
  2. The presence of a health certificate confirming that the applicant has recovered from diseases.
  3. His passport must be valid.
  4. He must have a bank account containing more than 900 euros.
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Average salary in Switzerland

If you are wondering how much are salaries in Switzerland. Salaries in the Swiss labor market start at 31,300 Swiss francs, according to 2022 statistics, and they are constantly increasing, and can reach more than 550,000 Swiss francs, with an average wage of about 124,000 Swiss francs.

And since Switzerland is considered one of the countries that do not accept the establishment of a legal minimum wage for workers, now that the owners of the labor market have agreed to set a minimum wage estimated at about 4000 Swiss francs per month, and this figure is the highest minimum wage in the world.

Trade unions in Switzerland are working to bind employers to agreements that guarantee the right of their workers.

The best sites to search for work in Switzerland

There are many employment sites in Switzerland through which you can search for a job opportunity in Switzerland and obtain a work contract in Switzerland, as these websites display available job vacancies and existing job opportunities. To search for the job that suits you, and from these sites:

  • Coptic website
  • popup site
  • the local
  • linkedln website

Thus, we conclude our article after providing an explanation of the most important areas that provide job opportunities in Switzerland, how to travel to them, and the most important sites that help to find job opportunities available in them, as they are among the first economic countries that provide many and large job opportunities.

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