Incentives and tax exemptions in the field of electronic commerce in Turkey

Incentives and tax exemptions in the field of electronic commerce in Turkey

You can find the important information you need to know about the incentives and tax exemptions granted to women entrepreneurs in e-commerce in Turkey from the continuation of this article.

What are the incentives granted to female entrepreneurs in the field of e-commerce?

Many female entrepreneurs aim to stand out from their competitors by setting up e-commerce businesses. “Incentives and tax breaks” can be cited as examples of factors that would facilitate a strong presence among competitors. The fact that the e-commerce sector is a new sector with high sales potential also increases the rate of incentives offered by the government. Foundations like Kosgeb and Tobb are taking steps to help women entrepreneurs achieve this goal.

The traditional KOSGEB program to support entrepreneurs

Many private and public organizations are preparing support programs with different benefits for women entrepreneurs. KOSGEB is the most well-known institution that provides state support to women entrepreneurs. KOSGEB. It is an institution that provides support programs for youth, women, the disabled, first-degree relatives of martyrs, and veterans. To provide financial support before and after setting up a business, to provide interest-free loans; It can be cited as an example. Furthermore it; Women under the age of 30 can benefit from an interest-free loan of 100.00 TL. The amount of the interest-free loan can reach higher amounts, provided that the business opened with a master’s degree has been operating for one year. In addition to all these support, performance support is among the forms of support that women entrepreneurs can get from Kosgeb. Performance support includes receiving support of 5,000 TL, excluding all support received. For example; If the company opened by a businesswoman has completed its second year and in the process, she can receive 10.000 TL to support the performance of the worker who has insurance.

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Those who want to benefit from the traditional entrepreneur support program, which is among the government incentives for e-commerce, must follow the online trainings prepared by KOSGEB and take the certification exam. In order to benefit from the support programme, it is necessary to obtain the traditional KOSGEB certificate for entrepreneurs. If the company incorporation procedures are carried out without obtaining this certificate, it will not be possible to benefit from the e-commerce state incentive program.

Supporting women entrepreneurs in e-commerce

Today, with the fact that the purchasing business is mostly done online, there has been a growth in the volume of e-commerce sales. Many female entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of this growth in sales turn to e-commerce to earn high income. An organization that we can cite as an example within the scope of supporting women entrepreneurs in e-commerce is Hepsiburada. Hepsiburada provides marketing support to women entrepreneurs who want to take an active role in the e-commerce system and transfer their business ideas to the e-commerce environment.

The following is the content of the support program prepared by Hepsiporada for women entrepreneurs:

  • For owners of limited or shareholding companies with a capital of more than 51.000 TL: Banner or advertising support up to 30.000 TL,
  • Banner or advertising support up to 15,000 TL, in partnership with a limited company with a capital of 10,000 TL and 50,000 TL, or in partnership with a man and a woman,
  • If you have a sole proprietorship and both partners are female entrepreneurs, advertising or banner support is provided up to 5,000 TL.
  • For women entrepreneurs who have a business idea but need support on some issues to realize it, Hepsiburada and KADİGER also cooperated. As a result of this collaboration, a training program for women entrepreneurs has been set up.
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Tax exemption for female entrepreneurs in the field of e-commerce

According to the income tax general statement, serial number 306 dated 3/15/2019 and number 30175, merchants were granted tax exemption for products produced by women at home and sold online. Women who produce at home are exempt from tax exemption when selling products such as handmade towels, blankets, sheets, woven carpets, rugs, knitting, lace, wicker baskets, brooms, mats, brushes, artificial flowers, ornaments, and handmade bakery products, provided Not to hire outside workers. They could benefit.

TOBB Women Entrepreneurs Council

TOBB Women Entrepreneurs Council offers career development opportunities to women in order to develop women entrepreneurs in our country. It organizes training events such as seminars to provide women entrepreneurs with the basic information they need and to create a roadmap. These events raise the awareness of women entrepreneurs about starting and maintaining a business. In addition to these studies, it also provides support to women entrepreneurs to do training alongside experienced entrepreneurs.

As a result, it is very important for women, who are an important part of the population, to take successful steps in e-commerce in order to boost the economy. The professional staff of Smart Trade is always with you as a supporter of the active presence of female entrepreneurs in the world of e-commerce.

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