Inquiry about the validity of a resident’s identity with residence or border number 1444 – platform

Inquiry about the validity of a resident’s identity with residence or border number 1444 – platform

Inquiry about the validity of the identity of a resident with residence or border number 1444, The Saudi Ministry of Interior launches electronic platforms to save effort and time for citizens and residents, as well as speed and performance in improving all government services, and most importantly, reducing cases of forgery and forgery, which a wide segment of those in the Kingdom is exposed to, so the Absher platform and other platforms that contributed to reducing It is difficult to be in government headquarters, and in this article we review a query about the validity of the identity of a resident with residence or border number 1444.

Register on the Absher portal website

One of the electronic systems launched by the Saudi Ministry of Interior, which facilitates all transactions and procedures electronically without the need to visit government departments, including Saudi citizens and residents.

  • Go directly to the Absher platform from here
  • Click on the New User option from the home page.
  • Also, enter the ID number and mobile number in the designated fields.
  • Enter the username and then enter the password with confirmation.
  • Also, enter your email address and confirm it.
  • It is necessary to choose the preferred language and then enter the visual verification code
  • Confirm the acknowledgment after reading it and press Next.
  • The verification code sent to the mobile must be entered.
  • Click on the green registration option.
  • Click on the account activation link.
  • You must choose the preferred method for activating the account from the list.
  • Follow all the instructions that appear to activate the account.
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Inquiry about the validity of the identity of a resident with residence number 1444

Perhaps this is one of the most important inquiries facing a large number of residents on Saudi lands, in order to verify the legal status and eligibility of their passport or residency within the Kingdom, so it is necessary to familiarize themselves with all the laws in force in Saudi Arabia without exposure to legal accountability or even paying financial fines, and we explain The following is a mechanism for inquiring about the validity of the identity of the resident of residence 1444:

  • Go directly to the official Absher platform.
  • Complete the platform login mechanism.
  • Click on Inquiries from Sponsored Services.
  • Inquiry about residency validity is selected.
  • Also, enter the residence number, then write the visible code.
  • Click on the View button to see all the details.
  • With the need to check the expiration date of the residence permit.

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Inquiry about the validity of a resident’s identity with border number 1444

It has become possible to inquire about the border number registered in the passport system, noting that this service is available to all citizens within the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, as well as visitors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and in these steps we explain how to inquire about the validity of the identity of a resident with the border number 1444:

  • Register on the Absher online platform via the link shown above.
  • The username is also recorded in its own field.
  • Then enter the password in its field.
  • Also record the verification code sent to your mobile phone.
  • You must choose to inquire about the validity of residence by the border number.
  • Then register the border number and the verification code, and later the validity of the resident’s identity appears.

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Query about the validity of residence without entering Absher

It is necessary to have a valid residency, especially since the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is emphasizing these laws, so it has become easy to do a lot of services without being limited to one platform, especially since many do not have an official account on the Absher platform, and by following the following steps, you can inquire About the validity of residency without entering Absher:

  • By entering the website of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development from here.
  • Then choose the e-services portal to work.
  • Individuals portal is also selected.
  • Click on New User.
  • And enter the residence number.
  • You must choose the calendar (Gregorian – Hijri).
  • Then write the date of birth according to the chosen calendar.
  • Followed by entering the verification code.
  • Click on Next.
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Inquire about the expiry date of the residence permit number

It is clear that the electronic systems provided by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia contribute to solving many obstacles that stand in front of citizens and expatriates. Below, we explain the mechanism for inquiring about the expiry date of the residence permit number:

  • Go to the official website of the Absher platform, and click on Absher Individuals.
  • The username and password are written.
  • Then write the verification code and click on login, in order to access the user’s personal account.
  • service option.
  • Also, choose to inquire about the validity of residence.
  • With the residence number written.
  • Also, write the verification code.
  • You will be automatically transferred to a new page that contains all the information related to the residency and the expiration date of the residency during it.

The value of the fine for the expiration of the resident’s identity

It is important to know that the Saudi Ministry of the Interior relies mainly on the Hijri calendar in most of its legal transactions and procedures, especially in determining the validity period for expatriate residency, so expatriates must pay the financial fine imposed by the Ministry of Interior in the event of delay in residency renewal, which amounts to 500 riyals, and rises The value is up to 1,000 riyals when you are late again, knowing that the fine reaches 1,000 with forcible deportation from the Kingdom in the event of a third delay.

Conditions for renewing the resident’s identity

The General Directorate of Saudi Passports revealed the most important requirements that must be met to obtain a renewed resident identity, whether for a family member or a domestic worker, as renewal can be done through the Absher platform, as from other government electronic platforms, this service enables residence for a family member or domestic worker. Legally without legal prosecution and paying a fine, the following are the conditions for renewing the resident’s identity:

  • Iqama renewal fees and a late fine are required to be paid, if available.
  • As well as paying the traffic violations recorded on the worker.
  • It is necessary to register a fingerprint and a photo of the worker and his family members who are over 15 years old, in case they are with him.
  • The validity of the worker’s passport at the time of renewal.
  • The presence of the worker is required within the territory of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • It is stipulated that the worker is not registered in the system as absent from work.
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Residency renewal amount

Many residents in the Kingdom seek to renew the ID card related to them or a family member, before the date set for the end of the residency, especially with the conditions and developments added by the ministry to the renewal law and an update of prices according to the period or entry and exit visa. The following is an illustration of that:

  • Iqama renewal for dependents:
    • Including dependents under the age of 18: They are not entitled to pay renewal fees.
    • Also, dependents who are 18 years old or over: 500 Saudi riyals in addition to the financial fee.
  • While the renewal of residency for companies and institutions is: 650 Saudi riyals.
  • As for the renewal of residency for domestic workers: 600 Saudi riyals.

Inquiry about the validity of a resident’s identity with the residence number or borders 1444, identifying the mechanism for renewing the resident’s identity, with the conditions that must be met upon residence, avoiding many risks that a resident or visitor in the Kingdom may be exposed to, such as a financial fine, and this is what we have explained in this article.

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