Insect Control Company – How do you top the first search results in Google?

Insect Control Company – How do you top the first search results in Google?

Insect control company It is one of the most important – if not the most important – fields that compete and struggle with each other vigorously in the Middle East and North Africa to publish not only the first pages on the search engines, but also the search results on the first page!

So, Seo Master will accompany you on a long journey and a detailed explanation from the SEO perspective to learn the keys to success that Arab pest control companies rely on in the competition, and how you can keep your site away from being a dead body on the second, third and fourth Google pages.

We will also give you the detailed steps to build a website to sell pest control products, in case you want to create an online store, or create an educational website about these services to enter the fierce competition market with steady and confident steps!

A case study topping Google with the word “insect control company”

We also know that the field you plan to start in is a very difficult field to compete, and therefore you must be long-term and able to withstand and make your greatest effort to achieve results in the least possible time and apply the site ranking factors in Google.

Of course, the results of newly created websites usually appear after 3-6 months of continuous work on the site in terms of providing distinctive content, programming the site, designing a unique WordPress template, and working on the internal and external site SEO as a whole.

We conclude from here that the first obvious steps that you need to take is to create a website on WordPress.

1) Create a WordPress website

Some website owners think that they are unable to create their own website because of their lack of programming experience, hence the idea of ​​WordPress, which helps you create your own website in simple steps without having to adopt a programmer to start from scratch.

Rather, your need as a website owner will be for the programmer to handle errors that may appear later on the website and can affect your site’s ranking in the first search results.

You can read this comprehensive guide from the professional creation platform about Create a wordpress website From scratch with detailed steps and photos, using the most powerful web hosting, which is Bluehost hosting Bluehost.

2) Using the Rank Math Pro أداة

WordPress offers us a lot of free and paid SEO tools that help us discover and address site errors related to SEO, and although it is not a sufficient indicator to ensure the quality of site content and SEO, it is great at applying the basics of SEO.

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So we recommend a tool Rank Math Pro It is the paid version of the free RankMath. The premium version includes many additional features, the most important of which is the AI-based Content AI feature, which helps you find keywords and synonyms related to your content.

Rank Math SEO is also distinguished by being able to target the local audience, focus on local SEO, and tip the scales in ranking your site on search engines in a particular country.

Why Rank Math is better than Yoast SEO for your website?

Adding Yoast SEO sometimes causes the site to slow down as it is an artificial intelligence tool (AI Tool), it is made up of lines of code that includes codes, of course, and the number of lines of code in it reaches more than 80 thousand lines, while the number of lines of Rank Math does not exceed 51 thousand software line.

Therefore, Rank Math is more lightweight on the site than Yoast SEO, and therefore does not affect site speed. Yoast SEO’s zip file size is about 8MB, while RankMath has a file size of about 3MB.

Not to mention that RankMath’s free plan includes many more features than the premium version of Yoast SEO! RankMath also uses Schema for whatever type of content or structured data, and this feature will save you the task of constantly improving content to ensure you stay on the first pages.

How do I add a Schema using the Rank Math tool?
  • The first step: Click on Edit a page of your site or a specific article, and scroll down to the RankMath settings, you will see a section called Schema. Click on it, then fill in the required data and wait for Google to display the structured data in the search results.
Leading in the word pest control company
Skima Rank Math Tool
  • The second step: Click on the type of content you want to create organizational data for, here I have an article and therefore I choose Article, then click on Schema Generator.
Leading the word pest control company
Rank Math for SEO
  • The third step: You will be presented with other options for the organizational data that Skima RankMath provides to you.
Leading the word pest control company
Get front pages with the help of RankMath Tool

3) SEMRush Content Template

The SEmrush Content Template tool helps you build unique content for your site with a systematic and thoughtful plan by studying the keyword that you target locally in a specific region, let it be Saudi Arabia, as in the example below. Follow the steps to use this free tool from Simrush:

  • The first step: We go to the site directly through the direct link here: SEMRush Content Template. The page appears like this, so we type in the search box for the keywords the word pest control company.
  • The second step: We choose the country we want to target, let it be Saudi Arabia, then the name of the governorate, then the name of a specific region, and here I chose Riyadh.
  • The third step: We choose the language, and of course the keyword is Arabic and the country we are targeting is Arabic, so the language will be Arabic.
  • The fourth step: We choose whether we want to search for the keyword on desktop or mobile. Of course, the results differ between both options, because some of the results may be suitable for the desktop only without the mobile phone, and here I chose the desktop.
  • Fifth step: We click on the word Create Content Template in the green box after completing the above data.
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Keyword pest control company
Search for keywords
  • Sixth step: The first 10 results on Google for keywords and websites will appear on the first and second pages on Google, to study your competitors and what they provided in their content so that they were able to lead on Google with the word pest control company.
Case study of a pest control company
Seamrush Tool for Webmasters
  • Seventh step: The tool will also give you a set of words related to the content and can also be adopted as other keywords in your content, these words also target Saudi Arabia and Riyadh depending on the country we selected. You can take advantage of these words by writing them in the titles of pages, articles, and content in general. Of course, provided that it is distributed in the content fairly and without tampering so that it is written naturally and is not interrupted in the text.
  • Eighth step: In the second box shown in the image in red color, a group of Backlinks appears that you can also study while building backlinks to your site in order to bring more traffic to your site and publish your site links to trusted parties with a high authority domain.
  • The ninth step: In the third rectangle colored red in the image, the average readability rate for the first 10 results topped on Google with the word “Insect Control Company in Saudi Arabia” appears, and the average here was only 50. In general, all that is required of you is to write content in an optimal format in terms of using headers and text splitting.
  • Tenth step: In the last rectangle marked in the image there is a suggestion of the average text length used by your leaderboard competitors, as the figure shows here is 1710 words. Therefore, you must write an article or a page of at least 1,700 words in order to be eligible to compete with them.
Search for keywords
Keywords on Semrush
  • Eleventh step: You will be presented with many suggestions about how your competitors use the word pest control company in their content as it appears on Google, and of course the suggestions are not only as they appear in the image, but a very long list of competitors.
The best pest control company in Saudi Arabia
Synonyms of the best pest control company in Riyadh

4) Create website pages

One of the most important stages in building your website is building the website pages one by one, and these pages must express the services, products, and so on that you provide for your site in an insect control company.

Here are suggestions for page names for your website, note that the page title must be in the H1 header, and beware that you use the H1 header on the same page more than once, but only once.

  1. Home page: The best pest control company in Riyadh (header H1).
  2. Our services: Sub-pages about them (insect control, cleaning houses in Riyadh, spraying pesticides for trees).
  3. Our products: Sub-pages about it (agricultural insecticides, organic insecticides, hand sprayers, Italian pesticides).
  4. About company.
  5. Connect with us.
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The importance of the website’s pages lies in the fact that it is an introductory and educational content about the company, which creates in the same customer confidence, reassurance and incentive to communicate with your site as it is a pest control company in Riyadh that provides reliable services.

And of course, one of the most important secrets of the success of any business is the continuous posting on the site, providing unique and uncopied content, targeting the right keywords, taking into account the search intent and improving the user experience.

In other words, you must be fully aware of the way your customer thinks, as you must study your target audience and know how to search on Google for a pest control company in Saudi Arabia in order to be able to target and reach them.

General SEO tips for building a website for a pest control company

  • Interest in writing an attractive introduction to your site’s pages or articles.
  • Completely shy away from black hat SEO practices.
  • Adopt white hat practices on a pest control company’s website.
  • Paying attention to the search structure, user intent, writing content and choosing keywords on this basis.
  • Provide real value in your content to your audience and stay away from copied content from other sites.
  • Pay attention to the internal linking of the site.
  • Work on backlinks on your site.
  • Ensure that your content is easy to read, simple and seamless.
  • Take advantage of specialized chrome add-ons for SEO analysis and troubleshooting of your site.
  • Do not repeat the use of the keyword more than once within your site.
  • Target long-tail keywords if your site is new.
  • Find synonymous keywords and add them to the content.
  • Avoid clutter and misspellings.
  • Attention to seoing images, and adding images that are not copyrighted or designed with artificial intelligence.
  • Add any external links that are useful to the user in your content and make them Dofollow.
  • Write titles in the form of questions and take advantage of the frequently asked questions that will appear on Google.
  • Don’t cheat on Google!

Summary of ideas about a pest control company in Saudi Arabia

Even with the many companies competing in this field, you can top your distinguished site on the list of the best pest control companies in Saudi Arabia and maintain this arrangement by working hard and continuously with your site team.

Of course, the experience of each site owner differs from the other in achieving success and leading search engines, some rely on building backlinks professionally and focus on them, others are interested in providing unique and distinctive content, and so on, but in the end you have to take care of all these aspects, control them and follow them up to ensure that Your site is a competitive brand in the market.

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